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How to make a YouTube video that hits the mark?

It’s the big day: after weeks of tracking marketing trends, you (finally) embark on the adventure of video. And not just any old way!

Bold at heart, you want to play with the big boys by investing in the world’s No. 1 video platform: YouTube. After all, if 88% of marketers plan to take on Google’s affiliate, why would you stay in the shadow of your competition?

Yes, but there you have it, a question constantly torments you: ” How to make a YouTube video that will make an impression? “

So stop scratching your head: in this tutorial, walk through the critical steps to making a (really) compelling YouTube video. And who knows, to become the new brand that all-YouTube is snapping up?

Five good reasons to make a YouTube video ?

Are you still doubting the power of YouTube to host your videos?

Are you still doubting the power of YouTube to host your videos? So leave your uncertainties in the closet: the following statistics will fully convince you to integrate YouTube into your marketing strategy. Do we bet?

  • YouTube is the epicenter of online video: 720,000 is the number of hours of videos added daily to Google’s platform. Even more impressive: 80,000 videos are watched on YouTube every second!
  • YouTube has one of the largest audiences in Web history: more than 2 billion people use the online video platform every month, or 1/3 of Internet users. Do you see them, all these potential customers?
  • Mobile users are crazy about YouTube videos: no less than 37% of global mobile traffic comes from YouTube (by comparison, Facebook represents 8.4%)
  • YouTube is suitable for your SEO: it is the 2nd most used search engine and the 2nd most visited site globally. The icing on the cake: Google’s preserve requires 80% of the videos referenced in the SERPs (search results) hosted on YouTube. If you wanted to gain visibility, you’ve got it!
  • YouTube boosts sales: average revenue per visit from YouTube is € 0.60. The opportunity to seriously increase your turnover ?

Are you so convinced? Gorgeous. But for your brand to enjoy the benefits of the # 1 video platform, you still need to design your YouTube video properly.

How to make a YouTube video? ?

From concept to publication, shooting and editing, learn all the critical steps to making your YouTube video successful.

# 1 Develop your video strategy on YouTube ?

Determine the purpose of your YouTube video

Question for a champion marketer: how to make a good YouTube video without an explicit marketing strategy?

No need to look for the untraceable: it is simply impossible. And for a good reason! Launching a video campaign without a marketing objective is like baking a cake without flour: you think you save time and money … But in the end, the result is indigestible. Worse, your time is wasted, and your budget is wasted.

To create a YouTube video effectively, first, take the instinct to develop a video marketing strategy. To help you set your goals, nothing like the AIDA method  :

  • Attention: around which message do you want to unite your target audience? Your values, the launch of a new offer, a hot topic?
  • Interest: what (s) benefit (s) does your audience can take your YouTube video?
  • Desire: What factor might encourage YouTube users to invest in your product or service?
  • Action: What do you want your audience to do after watching your YouTube video?

Define your target audience

Your YouTube video should be carefully thought out for your target audience, like all good content. Yes: what is the point of making a YouTube video intended for a young audience if your core target is made up of CAC 40 companies?

Before even thinking about the video content itself, first focus on your target audience: knowing them inside out will help you make a YouTube video that grabs their attention. And when we know that Google puts forward YouTube videos that retain users to the end, the stakes are high!

In addition to the traditional persona or Ideal Buyer Profile, take an interest in these two criteria to maximize the engagement of your audience:

  • Video Consumption Habits: Does Your Target Audience Prefer Watching Videos on Mobile or Desktop? Is he a fan of short films, or instead of snack content (ultra-short content)?
  • Potential problems: what problem (s) does your offer respond to their daily life?

Define the subject of your video

Do you know your target audience like the back of your hand? Good game. From now on, it is a question of finding the subject or the video theme that will most closely match your interests.

To do this, use these three tips without moderation:

  • Type whatever ideas you can think of into the YouTube search bar to identify highly (or poorly) exploited topics. Here, it’s the opportunity to find an original subject or angle: something to differentiate yourself in the ultra-competitive jungle that is YouTube!
  • Use a keyword generator like TubeBuddy to find ideas for relevant topics for your YouTube clips.
  • Please look at the comments under your competitor’s videos: customer needs and issues are sometimes suitable under our noses. Also, remember to check the Facebook groups and forums, natural treasures of ideas.

And after that, be sure to make a YouTube video that (really) resonates with your audience’s interests!

Write a script and storyboard.

With your topic in mind, it’s time to get down to your YouTube video’s key message. And what better than a video script to list and organize, shot by shot, the points you want to cover?

And for a good reason: like Hollywood scenarios, the script will provide a coherent and transparent whole to your YouTube video. In the form of a bulleted list or detail, write the content of what will be said in your video.

But beware: Internet users have an attention span limited to 8 seconds. To make your YouTube video memorable, ban the wordy Gustave Flaubert script, and get straight to the point!

By the way, speaking of visuals … Once your script is finalized, don’t forget to make an illustrated version of it, called a storyboard, which will serve as reference support during filming and video editing. In particular, you could include:

  • An illustration of each scene, along with a brief description
  • The type of shot (close-up, long shot, etc.)
  • The special effects for installation in assembly
  • The sound wraps background music, voice-overs …
  • The skins graphics: color illustrations (photos, GIF), typography …
  • The text covers subtitles, verbatim, keywords …

There is no need to complicate your task: a properly illustrated PowerPoint document highlighting your crucial message will do fine. It’s your turn!

# 2 Choose the correct type of video ?

Making a YouTube video that appeals to your target audience is good … Creating a video that resonates with all-YouTube is even better!

When choosing the format of your masterpiece, bet on one of the six best performing types of videos on YouTube:

  • The video tutorial: YouTube star format, the video tutorial has seen its popularity explode. And for a good reason, if searches for tutorials on YouTube increase each year by 70%, educational videos alone register more than a billion views on the platform! You could, for example, make a tutorial or a demo video of a product: the perfect opportunity to detail the features of your offer, while demonstrating your sector expertise ?
  • The vlog (or “video blog”): other format flagship of the country YouTubers the vlog is a more intimate format, ideal for revealing the scenes of your company, tell stories about your brand … or why not integrate humorous sequences, much appreciated by users of the platform in search of entertainment
  • The video interview: do you want to cement your credibility and your audience’s confidence in your brand? Don’t hesitate to capture interviews with industry experts or influencers: 90% of consumers trust opinion leaders’ recommendations in an advertising video.
  • The video series: are you dealing with a dense or complex theme, which can be broken down into several videos? Opt from the start for a web series that presents, episode by episode, your most daring initiatives
  • The witness Video: 88% of consumers trust video testimonials, and 2/3 of Internet users say that a video customer testimonial influences their purchasing act. So don’t think about showcasing your satisfied customers, asking them to explain why your brand is so fabulous in front of the camera.
  • The video spot: if you don’t have an idea for a specific YouTube video, you can always go for the 15 to 30-second short commercial. A classic … But after all, the best soups are made in old pots.

No matter what type of video you set your sights on, keep in mind that the style of your YouTube video should always reflect your brand and values.

Typically, if your brand is meant to be fun and quirky, vlogging will do just fine. Conversely, if you represent a financial company, it is better to bet on a more “formal” video, such as a video interview.

# 3 Invest in the right equipment ?

Video marketing strategy? OKAY. Choice of video type? OKAY. Nickel: you can (finally) get down to business … Starting by investing in the equipment needed to make your YouTube video.

Here, rest assured: no need to empty the boxes to shoot a professional quality YouTube video. 3 or 4 essential types of equipment are enough :

  • A microphone to capture sound. Choose a wireless lavalier microphone as part of a video interview or customer testimonial.
  • A tripod to stabilize your lens. A word of advice: go for a mechanical point stabilizer, like the Glidecam HD-2000, which does not require a battery to recharge.
  • An illuminating light to properly illuminate your subject. LED panel, ring lamp … it’s up to you to see what best suits your needs
  • And, of course, a camera (GoPro, Canon or Nikon reflex …) or a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung …) to capture the image. Here, whatever the model, always prefer the capture in 4K (full-HD), necessary to differentiate yourself among the millions of amateur videos of YouTube.

One last tip: don’t hesitate to invest in multiple video devices. Indeed, the multi-camera capture will allow you to diversify your shots, and therefore to breathe more latitude into your video editing. Enough to create a punchy YouTube video!

# 4 Shoot your YouTube video like a pro ?

Driiiiing: filming time has come! Script and storyboard in hand, the budding YouTuber (or YouTuber) that you are is ready to shoot his video … or almost.

Before you hit record, soak up these few tips for shooting your YouTube video like a boss :

  • Take care of your decor: to convey a professional image, your background must be spotless and tidy. And as part of a screen recording? Close superfluous apps, deactivate your notifications and choose a neutral and professional wallpaper: your kitten is too cute, we avoid!
  • Optimize the light: shoot in a bright room, preferably in daylight. Also, avoid backlighting: always place yourself (or your guest) facing the light.
  • Limit parasitic noises: chewings-gums during filming, that’s no! As part of an interview or a video, consider adding a Rycote to the microphones to reduce mouth noise.
  • Choose an appropriate outfit: your clothes should highlight you and convey a professional image. After all, it’s your branding that’s at stake! Also, make sure you stand out from the background, for example, by wearing a dark top if the location of your video is light.
  • Respect the rule of thirds: to guide the viewers’ gaze, place your subject in the center of the visual field (between the upper third and the lower third)
  • Speak in a loud and clear voice to make your video audible and optimize sound quality. If using a microphone, speak about two inches to avoid sizzling. In any case, do not hesitate to try several times to find the right speed and the right vocal power!

# 5 Take care of your video editing ?

Is your video in the box? Perfect. Now, your mission, should you choose to do it: to create a punchy and creative video montage that will capture the undivided attention of the YouTube community.

To help you edit your YouTube video like a boss, follow these few best practices:

  • Talk about the purpose of your YouTube video from the first 3 seconds: a long intro would encourage users to drop out!
  • Highlight your logo, preferably in the upper right corner of your YouTube video, to make it easier to remember your brand
  • Add background music, or even an introductory and outro jingle: in addition to setting the tone for your video, adding a soundtrack will act as an emotional stimulus for your audience. To do this, invest in a music license via a site like PremiumBeat, or use a bank of royalty-free music ( SoundBlend, Jamendo, Au bout du fil, the YouTube audio library, etc.).
  • Integrate subtitles to allow viewing without sound on social networks, and more generally on the Internet
  • Keep it short: Although the average length for YouTube videos is 14 minutes and 50 seconds, keep it short (around 2 minutes) whenever possible. After this period, 60% of Internet users may stop watching your video!
  • Be creative: without falling into the aesthetic bidding, do not hesitate to add illustrations, 2D / 3D animations, motion design … Also, diversify your shots and make dynamic transitions: your final rendering will be even more stimulating!
  • End with an end screen including a call to action (CAT): buy the product, contact you, subscribe to your newsletter … What is your final marketing objective?

# 6 Publish (and optimize) your video on YouTube ?

Hey, oh, are you still here? One last little push: Now that you’ve done the hard work, it’s just a matter of posting your video to YouTube.

Promised, it’s fast:

  • If you haven’t already done so, create your YouTube channel by logging in via your Google account: your YouTube profile will be automatically generated.
  • Then go to the YouTube Studio from your computer (or click on the “Upload a video” button in the drop-down menu)
  • Drag your video file onto the arrow to import the content, then select “Public” for all users to have access to it

However, to give your clip the millions of views it deserves, don’t forget the last step: optimizing your YouTube video. Yep, after so much hard work, you wouldn’t want your work to be as invisible as Casper?

To maximize your visibility on YouTube, add these four elements when posting your video :

An enticing miniature

Your thumbnail, or cover image, is the first impression people have of your YouTube video. As much to say to you that the stake is crucial! Here are some tips for creating an adequate YouTube video cover  :

  • Create a visual that is faithful to the content of your YouTube video: if the goal is to attract the eye, your thumbnail should not mislead the user.
  • Respect the horizontal format (dimension 1280 x 720 px)
  • Include the title of your video directly on the image: but be careful; your visual must be readable and straightforward at a glance. If your video title is too long, include only the main keyword (s)
  • Choose colors and typographies that reflect your graphic identity: remember, your video coverage is an extension of your brand image.

If Photoshop and Illustrator aren’t your cups of tea, the free Canva tool will do just fine.

A catchy and relevant title

  • Write a title in 100 characters maximum: just like the thumbnail, your title must capture attention without falling into exaggeration. One watchword: be informative
  • Include relevant keywords, guarantee you optimal positioning on search engines: and for a good reason, YouTube’s algorithm analyzes the video titles!

A short and compelling description

Write a description that gets to the point: If YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters, it’s best to avoid lengthy phrases to keep users’ attention. After all, description is not an academic exercise worthy of a Baudelaire.

  • Ask a question to encourage people to engage with your video
  • Include relevant keywords: yes, YouTube also analyzes descriptions!
  • Add links to the products you mention. Also, remember to include a link to your social networks, newsletter, and ebook …

Strategic “tags”

Tags are popular keywords related to your topic that appear under your YouTube video. A bit like hashtags on Twitter or Instagram, that’s right!

To find the correct “tags,” consider installing the TubeBuddy extension. The tool will then offer you dozens of popular keywords related to your theme, enough to maximize the reach of your YouTube video. Smart, isn’t it?

standing ovation is in order: you officially have all the cards in hand to create and publish your first YouTube video like an ace. And why not become the Squeezie of video marketing?

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