How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

When we create a website, its goal is to generate traffic. This goal may seem difficult to achieve a priori, but it can be achieved with an excellent reference to a WordPress site, the most widely used CMS today. Using this system, you can get to know your platform. What about it? “Or” what? There are practical and simple SEO techniques that can be implemented. Some take time to show their effectiveness; others do not. This article reveals the most effective ways to cite WordPress sites naturally.

Choose the theme of the site to be optimized.

The selection of a theme is a priority step when properly citing a site. In addition to being developed to perfection (no approximations in SEO), the theme chosen must respect optimization rules. You can benefit from the few SEO options available for WordPress sites by selecting a poorly coded theme.
The result is that the platform will not be well-positioned in the search results. On the contrary, you will increase your search engine optimization with a good theme. But which theme to choose? There are two main options. The first is Divi. This theme is especially suitable for people who do not have programming skills.

It has customization tools and a visual editor. Its optimized code promotes fast page loading. The second possible formula is Genesis. Unlike Divi, it is aimed at professional SEO. It runs with or without design. In addition, if you wish, you can buy themes derived from Genesis. They are used to refer to WordPress sites.

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?
How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

Allow search engines to index the site.

By default, the platform is developed in such a way as to prevent search engines from indexing it. This method is designed to block access to Internet users before they can operate. This has proven to be useful in many ways.

In most cases of poor SEO on WordPress sites, some SEOs forget to disable the blocking option. However, this action is still essential. It is necessary to grant websites access to search engines to classify them in SERPs.

To do this, click on Settings in the administration interface. Then, we go to the Reading tab. Uncheck the “Ask search engines not to index this site” box. Finally, we save the changes for better SEO of WordPress sites.

Modify the search engine block file

WordPress has a search engine block file. It is located under the name robots.txt. Its task is to prevent Google’s algorithm from accessing certain parts of the site. Obviously, by keeping this state, we penalize SEO. the chances of being indexed by search engines are very low or even non-existent.

To deactivate the robots.txt file, go to the SEO section of the plugin and select “Tools.” Then click on “File Editor.” In the “Robots.txt” section, we enter the instruction “User – Proxy:*” and then below this mention; we write “Disable.”

Choose which plugin can refer well to the WordPress site?

There are countless plugins available to perform natural referencing for WordPress. There are several of them, and they offer different functions. We are not looking for the most fashionable tool, but for the one that meets your site’s needs.

You can use, for example, WP Rocket, which takes care of the code reduction and caching system. It also helps to reduce the number of requests between the server and Internet users. Many SEO experts recommend it. However, Yoast SEO is the plugin that seems to be more suitable and still most used. It offers many possibilities for WordPress website SEO.

By using it, you can create title and meta description tags, create breadcrumb paths for your site, optimize post content, and more. You can also generate sitemaps.

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?
How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

Creating a sitemap for SEO

A site map or sitemap file works similarly to a house floor plan. It provides search engines with information to understand the platform’s structure, architecture, and page organization. Thus, its development amounts to a practical improvement in its referential nature. We entrusted the entire platform to Google’s algorithm.

To create sitemaps to improve the SEO of WordPress sites, we use a plugin. Yoast SEO proved to be the perfect tool for this purpose. The webmaster goes to the SEO section and clicks on “Sitemaps XL.” He selects “Enable” to turn on the “XML sitemap feature.”

The next step is to save the changes. Once Yoast has saved the changes, a link appears on the screen. It leads to the sitemap file.

Integrating websites into Google’s Search Console

It is not enough to create a sitemap file to benefit from good positioning; Google needs to confirm the existence of this file. To do so, report to him by integrating the site into Search Console, a free SEO tool that even a fool can use and provides valuable statistics about the positioning of the platform.

To synchronize the tool with the website, you need to connect to your Google account. Then, we click Add Properties. Enter the URL address of the platform you want to optimize. After completing this process, select an HTML tag in the “Other methods” section.

The next stage of the WordPress website SEO process may seem complicated. However, this is not the case. It is necessary to.

Copy the code that appears in quotation marks after content;
Go to the SEO section and then to “Dashboard and tools for webmasters.”
Paste the previously copied code into the Google Search Console field.
Save the changes;
Return to Search Console to “verify.”
Cite the site by optimizing its content
For traffic to a website to be necessary, it must have content. Without content, there are no visitors and therefore no references. Thus, creating a platform that wants to be well-positioned on search engines ensures that it is equipped with content. Each content must meet the following four criteria: uniqueness, relevance, originality, and clarity.

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?
How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

Insert tags in the text

The goal is to achieve an excellent reference to the WordPress site; once the content is written, you must find a title. It should be eye-catching but not unnatural. Regarding the development of the article, we make sure that it is structured by using HTML tags.

They are distributed in 6 levels: from the primary heading h1 to the subheading h6. Inserting tags allows you to handle the structure of the article and make it flow. The ideas are well organized and coherent, and the reader will be able to access the content without getting lost. Thus, we have succeeded in producing free WordPress SEO.

Publish content regularly

This is arguably the most logical advice for WordPress website SEO. You need to produce and publish content regularly. Posting an article every two weeks does not contribute to optimizing the platform, even if the article is of high quality. It would be best if you were regular. We can publish at least two articles per week. The goal is still to breathe life into the platform. The more regular content you have, the more you will gain in SEO.

Position your website on effective keywords

Keywords are the basis of SEO for WordPress websites. They are used to position them on the key expressions. Internet users use. But for them to be effective, they must be relevant. It would help if you aimed for quality rather than quantity. What we necessarily get in a citation is not by multiplying the keywords on the site.
You can use several WordPress website SEO tools to find keywords. For example, Google AdWords is one of the programs that generate keywords. You will find the words commonly used for your target if you optimize your search. Here, we must pay attention to two elements: the selected words must have a large search volume but a low level of competition.

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?
How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

Build internal and external linking strategies

These links appear in the list of critical elements of SEO for free WordPress sites. They do not require a considerable budget. Well, yes, a little, especially if you want to do a paid backlink campaign. But first, consider a foolproof method: internal linking.

Creating an excellent internal link

This method of referencing WordPress sites involves building paths between pages. Links connect to content that complements each other. Internet users can consult information on one page and discover other data related to the topic on another.

In this case, internal links provide a pleasant user experience. However, this experience is still vital for search engines. The more good user experience a website offers, the more it gains in SEO.

Internal linking techniques also have the advantage of distributing “link juice” between pages. In this way, large and deep pages due to the site’s content can benefit from a boost. Internal networking is essential for natural WordPress citation.

Generating inbound links

Incoming links are URLs that appear on the domain page, not its page. However, they point to a page on its platform. They are also called inbound links, return links, or backlinks. Like internal links, backlinks are crucial for your WordPress website SEO strategy. They allow you to gain popularity (citation flow) and trust (trust flow).

Many methods can be used to generate quality backlinks. One example is registering sites to be optimized in directories related to their activity. You can also write guest posts. This is used for other platforms but includes hypertext links to their domains.

Another strategy for SEO for WordPress blogs from backlinks is to interview influential people in their industry. You can also organize contests by collaborating with other websites. Finally, writing press releases is one of the effective ways to do this.

How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?
How to make a good SEO for WordPress website?

Don’t ignore social media

There is no doubt that social networks are a powerful way to communicate today. They can be used to cite WordPress sites. Search engine algorithms consider the popularity of platforms on these networks to define their position in the search results.

There is no doubt that domains that enjoy an excellent reputation will benefit from better positioning in SERPs than unfamiliar platforms. How to generate an audience on social networks? You can write official press releases to inform your community about the launch of your website. Spreading information in our focus groups has proven to be beneficial.

In addition, it is mandatory to participate in forums or register on Q&A platforms. We can insert links when discussing topics on which we have content. It must be natural and not a misplaced advertisement for WordPress site SEO.

References to WordPress sites are necessary to improve their visibility. If you do not invest in SEO activities, you can use inexpensive techniques: develop sitemaps, optimize your content, publish regularly, create internal links, choose relevant keywords, etc. These techniques help generate quality traffic.

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