How to know which WordPress theme has a page?

How often have you been surfing the internet and found a website built with WordPress, and you think, what WordPress theme will this website be using? Knowing which WordPress theme a page has can sometimes be tricky. We have made this brief guide where you can follow step by step the methods that we use ourselves.

Given a large number of WordPress themes available on the net, it is tough to know which theme a website is using and much more difficult if you want to go only by your intuition.

Let’s see the easiest methods to find out which theme has been used on a particular site.

How to know what theme a WordPress site uses

The most straightforward technique to detect which theme a WordPress site uses is the so-called WordPress Theme Detector.

There are numerous tools on the market to detect a WordPress theme; below we show you the best known:

· WordPress Theme Detector, which we will focus on today to detect a WordPress theme.

· WPSniffer

· IsItWP

· ScanWP

· What Theme by CodeinWP

· What WordPress Theme Is That

If we go to the detector website, we will see a search bar where you can enter the URL of the WordPress site to check which theme you are using; it’s that easy, nothing else is necessary; after a few seconds, and when the tool does its magic, The name of the topic we are looking for will appear.

In the example screenshot above, we did a test using, and as you can see, the tool correctly detected the theme used.

Through the provided results, we can see the name of the theme used (with the link to the theme author’s page), the theme author, the description, the theme version, the tags, and the screenshot (if the there) of the WordPress theme.

The tool only works with sites created with WordPress, if we enter a site that has not been created with WordPress, an error message will appear.

WP Theme Detector is entirely free, it does not require registration, it is easy to use; you just have to enter the URL of the

How to know which theme a WordPress site uses manually

There is also another method to find out what theme a website uses. This method may be less practical than the previous one, but it is still valid and helpful in most cases.

It involves looking at the page’s source code and finding the theme’s style sheet where all the references to the music used are written.

First, we go into the website where we want to know what theme is being used; we right-click on a random spot on the website and click on “View Page Source.”

Once we have reached this point, a new tab will open with the page’s source code, where we can see the page’s HTML code.

In this HTML page, we will need to use the « Find » function of our browser by pressing CTRL + F if we are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera; doing this will open the internal search field of the page.

We write the following text « wp-content/themes/ » to highlight all references to the theme within the web page in the search field.

During the search, you may see more than one string within the source code. But the one we are interested in is only one, and it ends with “*.css”.

If, among the different highlighted strings we find the one that ends in “*.css”, we will have to select it and copy it. The URL will be of this type « «

At this point, you have to paste the previously copied URL into the navigation bar of your browser. This URL will open the theme’s main style sheet (style.css), which, in addition to the theme’s style rules, will also contain all the information about the theme itself. In our case it is the following:


Theme Name: Divi

Theme URI:

Version: 4.4.6

Description: Smart. Flexible. Beautiful. Divi is the most powerful theme in our collection.

Author: Elegant Themes

Author URI:

Tags: responsive-layout, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, four-columns,

left-sidebar, right-sidebar, custom-background, custom-colors, featured-images,

full-width-template, post-formats, rtl-language-support, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready

License: GNU General Public License v2

License URI:


The first lines of this page (style.css) will contain all the information about the theme used. We’ll have the theme name, theme page URL, author, description, version, and other information available.

As we can see in the style sheet data, we have the « Theme URI » that contains the address to take us to the WordPress theme developer page.

Some problems with the manual method

Unfortunately, the manual method explained above may not be as simple as shown. Sometimes, when inspecting the page’s source code, we may not be able to get the referrer URL of the theme (style.css). However, if we look carefully, it always starts with style.

This happens when the site we are examining uses a caching plugin. Cache plugins tend to “rewrite” element URLs as they are compressed and concatenated to form a single style sheet.

Typically, in cases like these, theme detectors can find the theme’s name used.

Another case that could create confusion is if the site we are looking at uses a child theme. In this case, you have to ensure that the URL containing the style.css is not that of the child theme but that of the parent theme. Because the theme data is only included in the parent theme, ensure that the theme folder does not contain the word “-child” inside it.


In this brief guide, we have seen two methods to know if a page is made in WordPress, one using an online tool with which we can detect WordPress templates automatically, and the other will be by viewing the source code.

And you? Have you managed to find out which WordPress theme that site you love so many uses? Have you encountered difficulties? Leave us a comment.

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