How to increase your subscribers on Youtube? 7 tips

How to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube? Seven Tips

In this article, we’re not going to tell you how to buy subscribers on youtube or give you a miracle recipe that allows you to go from 100 subscribers to 1000 subscribers in a week… But instead, how to naturally increase the number of subscribers on your youtube channel? Today, we’re sharing some natural tips with you.

We’re going to reveal the seven best free, concrete, and accessible tips for everyone to increase the size of their youtube community. To succeed, you’ll need a little patience and goodwill, that’s all!

But before we get to the heart of the matter, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t buy subscribers…
Don’t buy subscribers on YouTube.
Due to lack of time or motivation, you have probably already asked yourself: “Why not buy subscribers on youtube?”. You may have even been canvassed about it… But you were right not to give in! This method, although tempting, is only poison for your channel:

The subscribers you buy are just robots
They don’t generate engagement
Worse, they reduce your engagement rate. As a reminder, the engagement rate is the ratio between the number of interactions and subscribers. It’s mathematical. If you generate as many interactions but your community grows, your rate will decrease.
You take the risk that youtube will suspend your account.
If your subscribers or customers realize it, you risk disappointing them, and your brand image will pay the price…
As you can see, YouTube is not fooled. The platform prefers to value channels that contain well-optimized, exciting videos that don’t cheat. Let’s see how you can increase your number of subscribers, in all honesty, and without spending any money!

How to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube? Seven Tips
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Seven Tips to Increase Your Number of Subscribers on YouTube

Let’s go through our seven tips!

1. Ask visitors to subscribe to your channel

And now you’re thinking, “Is this your trick to increase my community?”
Yes, sometimes your visitors need a reminder to remember to subscribe to your channel! If you look in your stats, you may notice that many of your viewers are not subscribed. This is an opportunity to be seized! It’s a good thing. There are many ways to invite your audience to subscribe to your channel on Youtube:

From your channel:

in the video trailer of your channel
on your banner
in the description of your channel
From your videos :

At the end of the video, orally or via an end screen.
Thanks to the watermark in your videos in the description of your video.
By the way… If you haven’t already (👀), subscribe to our channel by clicking right here.

2. Tease your upcoming videos

Second tip: create anticipation to increase your subscriptions. At the end of your video, don’t hesitate to promote the following video you’ll publish and why they shouldn’t miss it. Because you will offer them innovative content, answer their problems, reveal techniques… Visitors will be more inclined to subscribe (and activate the little notification bell).

Be careful, though. If you announce a video, you must stick to it! It’s up to you to organize your video broadcast schedule.

How to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube? Seven Tips

3. Publish news content

Publish news content
Think about publishing some videos related to current events.
By surfing on current trends, you will attract a large audience and increase your visibility. Moreover, these videos generate subscriptions more easily: viewers want to be systematically kept up to date with the latest news, so they subscribe!

For example, if you specialize in political communication, you will react to the latest affairs, debates, political buzz… Why should your visitors subscribe to your channel? So they don’t miss your latest analysis and stay up to date.

Of course, this applies to all sectors of activity: fashion, decoration, digital, science… It’s up to you to surf on the trends!

How to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube? Seven Tips

4. Take the time to interact with your community

In this sense, YouTube is a social network and a platform for exchange. Interact with your visitors and subscribers: reply to comments and comment on other videos, like and subscribe to other channels… You take a step toward others and increase the visibility of your channel.

Interactions are valuable to increase your community. Visitors will appreciate seeing you active and will see the interest to subscribe to your content. By connecting with other creators, you may even have the opportunity to do collaborations.

In case the idea crossed your mind… Forget about posting mass comments like, “Please subscribe to my channel!!! In exchange, I subscribe and like ten videos”. Even back in the Sky blog days, we couldn’t stand those!

5. Organize contests

Organize contests
This technique aims to give a boost to your channel. For example, you can make people win a product, a month of subscription, a service… in exchange for a comment and a subscription. Of course, the main goal of a contest is to reward the community that follows you. Think especially of making them win a prize that has value in the eyes of your subscribers. Otherwise, the participants will be rare.

However, to avoid abusive contests, creators must obtain written authorization from YouTube before launching a game.

6. Celebrate subscriber milestones

When you reach a milestone, don’t hesitate to thank those who helped you reach it. There are no small victories: 100 subscribers, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000… Show your appreciation!
YouTube even encourages you to share the information on social networks, as you can see in the email below sent to our team for the 500 subscriptions milestone:

How to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube? Seven Tips

7. Promote your channel

Last but not least, promote your YouTube channel via an email campaign, on your various social networks (by publishing a teaser video of your track on Twitter or by sharing a link in your Instagram bio), or even by posting a video on your blog.

By giving it visibility and explaining to your audience the benefits of following you on YouTube, you’ll manage to increase the size of your community.
If you are in a company, encourage your employees to subscribe. In addition, they will naturally create engagement on your channel.

Here you have the most accessible techniques to increase your number of subscribers on YouTube for free. Of course, you’ll need to be patient and consistent for all your efforts to pay off. By combining these tips with those of the VSEO, while publishing quality content, you will have great chance to see your channel take off.

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