Do you want to succeed on YouTube®? Do you want to earn enough income to make a living from your channel? Would you like to boost your business or personal brand through this social network?The first thing you need to do is get your videos seen!

How to increase views on YouTube® by positioning your videos

Do you want to succeed on YouTube®? Do you want to earn enough income to make a living from your channel? Would you like to boost your business or personal brand through this social network?The first thing you need to do is get your videos seen!

If you don’t know how to increase your YouTube® views, these steps will help you grow, improve and position your channel.

How does YouTube® count views?

Many people wonder how YouTube® calculates views.
Is one click enough? Do you have to watch the whole video for it to count?

On YouTube®, views are counted 5 seconds after the video has started playing, and if the video is viewed several times from the same computer, only one view counts.

How is our user identified for this to happen? Thanks to cookies!

It takes 30 minutes for the information recorded by the cookie to be deleted from the user. After this time, a new user session will be created and can be taken as another reproduction by the counter.

Do you want to count several views of the same video in short blocks of time? The only way to do this is to clear your cookies or use a different browser. Is it possible for YouTube® to count plays of videos embedded on other websites?

Yes, but for them to be counted, the video cannot be set to play automatically when the page loads.

Another condition that must be met for the views to be counted is that the software used to play the embedded videos must be the same as YouTube®. If you use another one, the pictures will not be registered.

How to increase views on YouTube® by positioning your videos

Ten foolproof steps to increase YouTube® views

Did you know that it is possible to increase views on YouTube® through various techniques within YouTube® itself?

Any person or business that applies an SEO Strategy can increase on this platform, and since few YouTubers use these tools, you will be able to gain views faster than you can imagine.

Is it a complicated process? Quite the opposite! But it requires two things: the application of a proven methodology and constant work.

1 Soak up YouTube® SEO

Little official information is available about YouTube® algorithms. What is known for sure is that it has changed and has become an unpredictable neural network.

The data we have obtained have resulted from research and experimentation for several years.

The first thing you should know is that YouTube® SEO, or the workflow required to grow in this network, is a combination of steps that must be applied to both the channel and the videos.

It is not very different from the SEO used on blogs or websites to position them in Google.

2 Make your videos for a specific niche

Finding a specific niche will help you give your viewers what they want to see and help you gain views on YouTube®, especially if you’re starting.

Have you noticed that YouTube® recommends similar videos in the sidebar? They use this method to keep people on their platform to make money from advertising.

If you have videos on your channel with the same theme, this will increase your chances of increasing your videos’ views and give you credibility with your subscribers.

Having a clear and specific niche will allow your subscribers to feel confident with the type of content you publish. The smaller and more focused your subject matter is, the better chance you have of gaining and retaining your audience.

How to increase views on YouTube® by positioning your videos

3 Choose popular topics

Before starting a YouTube® channel, it’s not enough to know what kind of content you’re going to generate. You also need to know how popular or competitive the topic you want to address is.

How to choose popular topics? By using a keyword analysis tool. This will help you perform a general analysis of niches and know which topics generate the most interest in the audience.

4 Use titles that engage your audience

Use an original title that grabs attention. You can use headlines from news or entertainment magazines as an example – don’t mince words!

The titles of your videos should always include the keyword you want to position at the beginning.

5 Introduce yourself with an attractive thumbnail

Using an eye-catching thumbnail is a technique that will encourage users to click on your video.

Do not choose a screenshot of your video to introduce yourself; the best thing to do is to generate an image that is coherent with the video.

6 Engage with a hypnotic description

A complete description is critical to the YouTube® algorithm and will influence the CTR (the number of people who see your video when they search for a related term).

The first few lines are essential to grab attention, but so is the rest of the description. It should be a coherent text that summarizes the content of your video and includes keyword variations.

You can include a subscription link, other videos on your channel, or links to other social networks.

7 Leverage serial playlists

This technique will allow you to mark your playlist as a group of videos that should be watched together and will play automatically.

Want better results? Set up videos of the same theme together. When viewers follow the playback order, it increases the chance of getting the following video’s post.

Playlists also appear in YouTube® search results, increasing your channel’s visibility.

8 Use end screens and cards

Adding screenshots or video thumbnails towards the end of your video will allow you to link to other content and increase views on YouTube®.

How to increase views on YouTube® by positioning your videos

Another method that will help you suggest playlists, other videos, or polls is cards. These drop-downs can be inserted anywhere in the video.

9 Publish videos at the best time

To access the time when your users connected to the platform in the last 28 days, you must enter the “Public” tab of YouTube® Analytics.

It is best to publish before the peak, giving your audience time to discover your videos.

The frequency and quantity of videos you post are critical to increasing views on YouTube®.

10 Add ads to your YouTube® search

Another way to gain views is through YouTube® Ads.

If you have the budget to invest, this will help you get views with linking and increase the likelihood that new users will watch your full-length videos.

Viewing time or audience retention are the main positioning factors on YouTube®.

Four other essential techniques to increase views outside of YouTube®.

Outside of YouTube®, there are also ways to promote your videos and leverage your audience. Remember that YouTube® videos also rank in Google searches.

1 Post your videos in forums:
Placing links to your videos in forums is an excellent way to get views and subscribers. Try to be consistent with the content being discussed when you do so. Be careful not to be out of context.

2 Embed your videos in blogs related to your topic:
Blogs allow you to embed YouTube® links in their content, which will give you the option to link to your videos. Some of the most popular social networks also allow it.

3 Add timestamps for search results:
If you add vital moments from your videos in the YouTube® description, Google will most likely find these timestamps and take viewers to those sections of the video.

You must mark a specific section of your video in the format hour: minute: second and tag it with a short description.

How to increase views on YouTube® by positioning your videos

4 Send emails with your videos:
Sending emails to your contacts with your videos is still very effective. Do not underestimate this option.

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