How to increase my sales on eBay

How to increase my sales on eBay

It’s no secret: selling on marketplaces is the most popular sales and promotion strategy of the moment for brands and companies.

What is more obscure is deciding which marketplaces are best for you and whether it pays to launch products on them. As eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces among consumers, we tell you the ins and outs of how eBay works to sell.

How to sell on eBay

eBay is an online marketplace open to selling products from any retail business or private label. In this marketplace, posting products is called “listings,” They are usually activated for some time instead of uploading indefinitely as in other marketplaces.

Among the many advantages of selling on eBay, the marketplace offers you:
International sales from the same account
No registration fees
Complimentary, promotional tools
Temporary promotions of zero commissions on sales
Find out which marketplace is better for you.

How to increase my sales on eBay

How to sign up as an eBay seller

You can choose between creating a personal account if you are going to sell a few items or a company account with a Basic Store if you offer a more extensive catalog, which costs 19.95€ per month. You will have to provide data such as company name and type, address, and phone number.

Once you have your account, it is straightforward to start adding products to the marketplace:

  1. Select “Sell your item.”
  2. Create an ad for the product you are interested in, indicating its category and the duration of the ad.
  3. Select a payment method for the commissions and fees that eBay will charge you for each sale made in the marketplace. You will also choose how you want to receive payments from eBay customers by bank cards or PayPal.
  4. Choose a shipping method, among which you can use eBay’s Shipping Manager, which offers its rates in collaboration with Correos and Seur.

Increase sales on eBay

Featured items with last items label and free shipping on eBay.You can also choose eBay’s free tool, the eBay Sales Manager. With this tool, you will have access to:

Creating multiple listings in bulk.
Classification of eBay listings by sections.
Scheduling of post-sale tasks in bulk, such as sending communications to the buyer or printing shipping labels.
Listing history and sales activity.
You can upgrade this tool with the Sales Manager Pro, which costs $4.99 per month, and includes inventory monitoring, reporting, listing scheduling, and access to ad templates that you can save.

If you need support during the setup of your eBay store, they offer a telephone support service to guide you step by step.

How to increase my sales on eBay

Types of sellers on eBay

Apart from individual and professional sellers with Basic Shop, eBay rates each seller according to three categories:

Excellent: these are the top-rated sellers. They have no negative reviews, complaints, or problems with sales and shipping. They receive many advantages: a seal of recognition on their pages, better listing positioning, and a 20% discount on commissions per sale.
Notable: sellers who have an average positive experience among their customers.
Fair: sellers with more problems than usual with their sales, shipping, and returns.
Selling fees on eBay
There are two types of fees charged to sellers on eBay:

Product listing fee.

This includes 50 free listings or 100 if you have a Basic eBay Store. After that, each extra listing costs $0.35, or $0.15 if you are a professional account with a store.

Enriching the product listings also costs extra, although this is the only way to make them more complete and stand out. Here are some examples:

Appear in two categories: it multiplies the visibility of your product on the marketplace, but it doubles the ad publication fee.
Enlarge the image gallery: when the user places the cursor over your ad.
Schedule an ad: when you publish a product, it appears immediately. If you want to schedule it for another time, it has an additional cost of 0.20€. Keep in mind that these commissions are charged regardless of whether you manage to sell a product or not.

Commission for each sale made
When selling an item on eBay, you are charged 10% of the sale value. However, the marketplace limits it so that you never pay more than 200€ commission per transaction.

In addition, if a customer returns your product, eBay refunds your commission if you mark the sale as canceled.

How to increase sales on eBay: tips and tricks

How to increase my sales on eBay

Rich product content

As with all marketplaces, the key to increasing sales on eBay is that your product content is quality and stands out in their listings.

If your product information meets all the requirements, your products will be more likely to appear in the first positions of search results and their corresponding listings.

Remember that the most effective and fastest way to keep your product content updated and complete is by using a PIM (Product Information Management) system, which keeps your catalog up to date in real-time on all the channels and marketplaces you choose, including eBay.

With Sales Layer, you can have your product content synchronized across all marketplaces.

Descriptions and keywords

Make your texts stand out from the competition by offering original, detailed, and valuable descriptions for the user. After reading your text, the fewer doubts they have, the more likely they are to buy it.

Product titles on eBay should be brief, so make them most, including the primary keywords and descriptive words.

Images in good resolution

Online shoppers rely primarily on the sense of sight. Attach as many photos of your product to your eBay product listing from different angles and in detail, avoiding generic images from manufacturers or copying from other websites.

Full technical details

Apart from a general idea about the product, the more technical details you give the buyer, the more confident they will feel in trusting you as a seller, and the fewer product returns you will receive.

Please include all the data that usually generate more doubts and queries. Always check that they are accurate (for which a PIM performs quality analysis of the product information): measurements, colors, weight, variants, available stock…

How to increase my sales on eBay


The more reviews your product has, the more prestige it gains within your listing, and the more it will attract users’ attention. Of course, this condition depends on them being positive reviews, so try to offer an excellent shopping and shipping experience and invite your customers to leave their reviews and ratings on the marketplace.

Promoted listings

To generate revenue, eBay offers sellers the option to highlight their products. According to eBay, this option increases product exposure by up to 30% on the marketplace.

eBay’s promoted listings work like online ads, and you are charged a percentage of the sale based on the number of clicks your advertised product receives.

At the moment, this promotional option is limited to eBay sellers with the best ratings and who have met a more stringent set of requirements.

Product offers

One way to make your products stand out on eBay is to join the daily and weekly promotions organized by the marketplace. In this way, the effects on sales are highlighted before the others.

However, you will have to apply between 20 and 90% discount on your items, so you should evaluate if it does not mean significant losses. And, as with promotional lists, only sellers who receive a direct invitation from the marketplace, usual retailers with a history of perfect activity, can join this initiative.

Fast shipping

Receiving a product in a short time is an indispensable condition in eCommerce. More and more buyers want to have their shipments in express time, and that’s why eBay includes Express Shipping as an option for sellers.

Like on Amazon, buyers can filter searches with products marked with express shipping, which guarantees to receive the products on the same day or within one day. Therefore, if your products are part of this condition, they will be more likely to appear in the results.

One step further: free shipping

A different label for products for sale on eBay is the Fast & Free option, which ensures free shipping.

Shipping costs are one of the biggest deterrents to online shopping, so offering free shipping will catch the attention of many users and guarantee appearance in searches filtered by the Free tag.

How to increase my sales on eBay

More flexible returns

eBay buyers can return products within 14 to 30 days, but you can extend that period up to 60 days to convince more demanding buyers.

However, this can cost you less predictable logistics and revenue in the short term, so you should consider whether it pays off.


You have already seen how selling products on eBay is easy and fast. Its commission system is clean and predictable, although it takes work to create ads and maintain the quality of the product content to position yourself among the best-selling items on eBay.

With the help of a PIM, you can choose which products you want to sell on eBay and have your information updated. Try it now for free for 30 days, and if you need support to connect your product catalog to eBay, we will assist you personally.

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