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How to Go Viral with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts have taken the platform by storm since its release. The feature allows content creators to make short-form, Tik-Tok style videos using only a smartphone. Due to its popularity, YouTube began rewarding creators via its $100M Shorts Fund. 

The approach to making Shorts is different from regular YouTube videos. Still, many creators have managed to crack the secret to YouTube Shorts. 

Here are some tips that you can use to go viral using YouTube Shorts.

1. Use a Great Hook and Keep it Short

YouTube Shorts are already short as is. Creators are only able to make videos between 15 and 60 seconds long. Still, if you can captivate your audience in the first few seconds with a great hook, it can help you keep a viewer for the duration of the Short. YouTube itself recommends shorter clips and that you stick to 15 seconds videos. 

You can use your video editing software or YouTube’s Shorts recording tool to clip segments together, add text, audio, control the speed, etc. Since Shorts loop, think of ways to encourage re-playability. 

A 15-second video with a strong title, great hook, and an entertaining scenario with re-playability makes for a longer-lasting impact and more views.

2. Use YouTube Shorts to Experiment With Content Ideas

Your YouTube videos already take tons of time and effort to produce. By comparison, Shorts are a lot easier to create. They don’t constrain you to long periods of high-quality production or editing. This makes them an excellent medium for any new ideas for content you may have.

Keep a list of ideas as they come to you. By the time you’re ready to produce content, you’ll have a lot of pictures available. Try them out and, once published, see what works and what the audience responds to. As a creator, it’s also vital that you know what feels good. You might come across a style or type of content you enjoy making.

3. Commit to Producing Frequent Content

Making Shorts is far easier than recording and editing full-length videos on YouTube. Moreover, your audience expects authentic, unscripted content. Utilizing your list from point 2 above, we recommend you continue experimenting and producing frequent content to see what works. Even with regular content, though, you may not see success overnight. You might have to put out tons of short videos before anything gains traction. 

It’s essential to try out what you can. Track your progress, and don’t spend time with the idea that isn’t getting any attention or that does not feel authentic to you as a creator. Once you find something that works, begin producing that content more frequently. 

4. Stick to Vertical Orientation

Shoot all of your content in a vertical orientation. Regular YouTube videos can be viewed on mobile or PC. Still, they force the viewer to switch direction on mobile to get a closer look. Shorts, on the other hand, are made to be watched on smartphones. It’s a more convenient viewing experience that requires little interaction beyond swiping through videos.

It’s worth noting that Shorts must be uploaded vertically by default. If you can’t shoot new content, there are alternatives. Consider using software that converts your horizontal videos to vertical orientation. A great rule of thumb is a 9:16 format.

YouTube Shorts is still in its beta phase. However, it’s quickly proving to be a viable way for creators to blow up on YouTube. These tips will better help you understand how to take advantage of YouTube Shorts. We hope you enjoyed this breakdown and apply these secrets to your channel!

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