How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

Your corporate videos do not get views; nobody sees your advertising even though you pay for it; you want to know how to get ideas for youtube views, do not despair, all this has a solution, and you’ll find it in this article.

It is expected that if you upload a video and do nothing else, you get nothing in return. However, you can take five basic steps that will take your video to the next level and get thousands of views. And what are these steps?

Read on, and we’ll tell you.

How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

1 Make your video visible

A video that does not appear in Google or YouTube searches or is not advertised is invisible. Who will find it if it does not appear even when searching for its title?

It is necessary to do the correct SEO positioning work so that the video appears at the top of the list for all related searches. In addition, if we want to generate customers and visits, it is also essential to carry out an advertising campaign in Adwords to start advertising on YouTube.

Advertising will generate visits, which will become better statistics for the video itself and improve the positioning of the video. With a small investment, you can significantly boost your video and move it from the 7th page in a search to the 1st.

2 Explain clearly what your video is about

It is a common mistake to upload a video with a title and expect people to watch it. How will they manage it if they don’t know what it’s about? Completing the description is vital to generating visits.

Remember that you have to upload the videos well, and you have to create an attractive description. When someone searches and your result appears, it will stand out more than your competitors.

You can also help by creating a thumbnail that attracts attention and helps to make clear the subject of the video. With a good description and a catchy title, this can be the perfect formula to get more views.

How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

3 Promote it on social networks

There is life beyond YouTube. Facebook is increasingly eating more and more ground in online video to the Google giant, and you have to take advantage of it.

A campaign on Facebook Ads could make the video reach many more potential customers with a small budget. On Facebook, you can test with budgets from 1 €, so you will not have to risk too much to test the effectiveness of advertising.

4 Make it the right length

Long videos do not work when it comes to advertising. If you want your video to appear in one of YouTube’s advertising types, make it short and less than a minute long.

Remember that you should always make the most of the first 5 seconds, those in which the user can decide whether to skip your video or watch it. Generate interest, create mystery, ask questions, and, in short, attract the user’s attention. And then don’t overdo it with the length since you should be able to explain your offer, discount, product, or service in less than a minute.

How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

5 Create a video with relevant and exciting content

Everyone is tired of conventional advertising. Another classic and boring video will do nothing but harm to your company since no one will watch it even if you pay YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter to advertise it. You have to be different.

Please take a look at successful videos from other companies, analyze why they succeeded, and try to replicate them with an idea of your own. Above all, try not to talk about your company, but about the benefit that the person who sees the ad will get from what you offer.

If you manage to create an attractive proposal with a hook, you will have many more views and potential customers, but you could even turn your video into a viral and reach thousands of people for free. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

How to get your video to receive thousands of views in 5 steps

These five steps are simple and within anyone’s reach, so what are you waiting for to follow them and make your videos work for good? If you don’t follow them yet, your videos will remain unknown, and you don’t want that, do you?

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