How to get views on YouTube fast and free

How to get views on YouTube fast and free

Do you feel like your YouTube channel is getting a little stagnant? Then maybe you haven’t set it up the right way. Want to see how to do it? Below I’ll show you how to get YouTube views fast and free so that you can boost each of your videos with virtually no effort at all. Let’s get started!

How to get free views and subscribers on YouTube with this video

Have you ever heard anything about these three acronyms before? Because they could be considered the secret to growing a YouTube channel. That’s right! It’s all about the title and description and many other things. Check out this video on how to get views and subscribers on YouTube with SEO – don’t miss it!

SEO for YouTube videos What is it, and how does it work?

How about clearing the picture first? In a nutshell, SEO for YouTube videos is a way to optimize the content you upload to the platform and make it easy for search engines to find it; in this case, YouTube. Shall I explain a bit more?

Let’s say you want to learn how to play Teamfight Tactics, and you want to watch a video with information about it. In this case, the gameplay does not suit you, so how do we get the right video among the many on YouTube. The answer is simple, by searching for it.

How to get views on YouTube fast and free

How to do SEO All about SEO on YouTube!

Now, how did I get into channels with more than 50,000 subscribers? Just compare what I typed in the search engine, and then look at the title of my video… How many words in common do you find? This is an aspect that you should take into consideration without fail.

These are what are known as keywords in the SEO world, and thanks to them, you will be able to gain visits to your videos no matter how many subscribers you have. The better you take advantage of every feature of this platform, the more YouTube’s algorithm won’t care about the name of your channel. But how do I find the keywords I need?

Step 1: Download SEO tools for YouTube

Keywords answer a need, and the longer they are, the better it is for SEO. So it’s time to equip ourselves and look for SEO tools for YouTube… I won’t keep you long on this step; download the video in Google Chrome and complete the installation.

Once you have this extension to do SEO on YouTube, rerun the search, and you will see a panel full of data on the right side of the screen. Let’s try entering other terms to learn what the keywords are really about.

How to do SEO for youtube videos

Three pieces of data interest us from that panel, the average and maximum amounts of views and the competition offered by the keyword, which we proceed to analyze. We have a channel of 260,000 subscribers dominating, but what was his mistake? This YouTuber prioritizes video monetization and does not solve search intently at the best time.

Having few channels monopolizing that average of 600,000 views, not helping new streamers to put a frame on their camera would be a mistake. So, here’s how to proceed in a good situation like this.

Step 2: Search SEO tags to gain views on YouTube.

Have you ever seen a long list of random words under the TAGs? Those are YouTube tags, and that’s what we’re going to do! But avoid being annoying. You can use SEO tags to gain views on YouTube, as long as these terms relate to the video in question. 

How to get views on YouTube fast and free

How to search for SEO tags for YouTube

To search for the proper SEO tags, we will look at two methods that I recommend combining.

1. Using the SEO tool VidIQ

The best method to get tags for YouTube videos is by using the tool that we already downloaded, VidIQ, because we can copy the tags that have positioned the videos of the competition and save a lot of work.

seo youtube vidiq tags

Do you see the bottom right that appears in all videos? Those are the tags that have that video. Next to it, with a number, VidIQ tells us where the video ranks for those search tags on YouTube, so we can use that to our advantage. Keep in mind that the more specific and extended a title is (long tail keyword), the easier it will probably be to position it with a good video, as it has fewer competitors.

2. Google and YouTube suggestions

We already know how to make YouTube suggest keywords or possible tags, but let’s not forget about Google. Let’s turn to our good friend Google. Enter the keyword you found in the search engine, and go to the bottom page. 

no tags to gain visits on youtube

We can see a few promising results, and to make your video even more complete, we will take out variations of these keywords. The important thing here is to add value to your content, so after adding these results, enter the words you can think of to complete the tags.

How to get views on YouTube fast and free

Step 3: Plan a good SEO strategy on YouTube

We come to the final step, assembling a good SEO strategy for our YouTube video. Don’t forget the brutal SEO potential of your website to grow on YouTube. And as for the content of your video, try to make the title and description eye-catching and contain the keyword or tags to the position.

It is best to use CTR icons, which I also taught in my Monetize your Web Course video. 

How to write an SEO description on youtube

Also, include the main keyword in the description at the beginning and a couple of single words you have extracted from the previous step. That will help the YouTube search engine filter the video under those keywords.

Now to improve SEO on your YouTube channel and videos!

SEO will help give you more views, but YouTube’s algorithm can be a bit clumsy in some cases. To avoid being ignored by this search engine, apply these tips to get started on YouTube, mainly to provide a specific type of content that meets the parameters of that algorithm. Remember, solving search intent is paramount.

How to get views on YouTube fast and free

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