How to get started on Fiverr and make your first sales

I already told you about Fiverr in a previous article. I will give you a complete point on the business that you can start on this site.

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers. Concretely, everyone can publish their service offers in many areas. There are now more than 120 referenced categories!

Companies or individuals can find freelancers capable of meeting their needs thanks to this platform. The services offered range from graphics/design to writing, through digital marketing, and many more.

Why choose Fiverr?

Fiverr being an English- speaking platform, its influence is global. By offering digital services on Fiverr, you reach millions of potential prospects, and you benefit from the notoriety of the site. Of course you are not going to get thousands/millions of customers, but you are not starting from scratch.

Fiverr gives you, as a seller, other significant advantages:

· activity requiring no start-up capital

· speed and simplicity of putting your offer online

· wide variety of microservices to offer

· free prices (starting at $5)

· tips/guidance for success

Find ideas for services to offer

You tell yourself that all this looks great, but you don’t see what you could offer as a service? It’s simple, go around the categories and see what’s featured. Services are called “gigs.” Near the note from the sellers, you have in parentheses the number of orders honored. You can therefore have a relatively precise idea of the services favored by the platform users.

Then, take stock of your skills, what you like to do, and the software you master… By putting all this in parallel with the services offered on Fiverr, there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for.

If you have no idea or are looking for simplicity, go to You will find vendors who offer ideas for microservices to implement. You can also buy ebooks with resale rights for €5, for example, and offer them in turn on Fiverr.

The steps to put my first offer online

Once you’ve found the gig you want to run, the process is relatively simple :

· start by registering on Fiverr

· choose a powerful title and write a qualitative presentation of what you offer (in writing or using a video). List 5 keywords that will help buyers find your gig

· determine the price of your offer (plan to upgrade to have three different prices)

· prepare a nice thumbnail that will make prospects want to click on it to learn more (you can use Canva, it’s quite simple)

You can put a FAQ on the presentation page of your gigs. I advise you to do so. You will answer questions that visitors may have, it will save you time, and customers will better understand what you offer.

Respond to requests and make your 1st sale

When everything is ready, publish your gig, and let’s go! You have to wait for interested people to contact you.

To satisfy your customers as much as possible, here are some valuable tips:

· respond quickly to messages received (24 hours maximum)

· despite the FAQ, make sure they understand what you are going to do as work

· deliver your service within the announced deadlines, and even in advance if possible

· gives them in addition, without informing them, one or more free bonuses

· ask them if everything is ok and invite them to rate you ( 5 stars )

There are two critical moments for me: when you receive your first order, and when your first payment is validated. This is where you realize that it works and that you have a business in your hands to develop .

My personal experience

I created my profile at the end of December 2019 and I put my 1st gig online at the beginning of January. I made my first sale two weeks later . If you want to take a look at what I offer, here is my overview page . Honestly, I didn’t try to optimize it, as you can see with my photo. I needed a photo to validate my account, I took the one from my identity card 

I made 5 sales for a total of €49.91 (minus the 20% commission paid to Fiverr). Important clarification: delivering my orders takes me about 5 minutes , all-inclusive! I offer document templates that customers just have to personalize. So I only have to send the files and put a comment (as indicated before). As far as translation is concerned, if you are not particularly bilingual , I advise you to use Deep . I find this online translator effective, the results seem more reliable and the turns more correct than with Google.

I made a 1st withdrawal via PayPal, I received the money in just a few hours as agreed. Do I plan to get rich with Fiverr? This is not the project, however I intend to make ends meet and offer other services in the months to come. I like this kind of business which brings in money almost passively when you offer things that have already been created.

See you on Fiverr?

I hope this article will make you want to dig this track to create an additional income . Either way, ask yourself what you have to lose. A priori, a little time, that’s all…

If selling on an English platform scares you, you can always start on which is a French platform. By following appropriate training , such as Drop’Service from Ecom French Touch, you will be able to get your business off the ground and then duplicate it on Fiverr 

If you already offer microservices, or if you have any questions, leave me a comment at the bottom of the page. I wish you a lot of success !

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