How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing: A Detailed Guide

Do you dream of making money from your blog? It’s a lot simpler than you think. It only takes a few quick steps to enroll in the Amazon Associates Program to earn passive income!

Launched in 1996, the Amazon Associates Club was one of the first affiliate marketing programs. Now that Amazon is one of the largest online stores in France and worldwide, affiliate marketers have more interest in registering on this platform.

But what does such a partnership mean? It’s pretty simple. An affiliate program is a partnership between a business and a content creator, who can then monetize their blog or site with easy-to-create affiliate links. For example, when a visitor to your site or blog clicks on a link to go to Amazon, you receive a commission for each sale made.

Before signing up for the Amazon Associates Center Affiliate Program, what should I know?

Before signing up, you should think about several points. A partnership with a platform as important as Amazon can significantly increase your blog’s traffic. It would be best if you, therefore, started on a reasonable basis.

The application review processAmazon seeks partners who provide value to potential Amazon customers, in other words, who can offer in-depth advice or some level of expertise on a product line. Take the example of beauty blogs.

By creating content on beauty, you allow your visitors to see for themselves the quality of the products. They are therefore more likely to trust your recommendations. You need an audience and the desire to share your favorite products!


Additionally, Amazon will check any sites you want to monetize to ensure they meet specific content standards. For example, already established content like blog posts will give Amazon a good idea of your business.

Your content should give an idea of how it will represent different products. Articles published on your website must be recent (they must not be older than 60 days), and it is essential that you are the owner!

Social networks

Currently, social media platforms are limited to the big names, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and If you’re applying through a social account, Amazon tends to prefer pages with at least 500 followers. It goes without saying, but you definitely need to have a public profile.

How to become an Amazon partner?

It’s very easy to join the Amazon Associates Club. You can even use your existing Amazon credentials and all of your existing information will be linked to your new Amazon Associates Program account.

This not only saves you time, but it’s also convenient because you can review your purchases to quickly find the products you want to recommend.

Step 1 of 4

To get started, go to the Amazon Associates Program home page, and at the top of the page, click “Sign Up”.

Then you can choose to enter the email address of your existing Amazon account, with the corresponding password, or you can register as a new customer by clicking on the “Create your Amazon account” button.

If you choose the second option, you will see the “Create an account” screen reserved for new customers. Enter your name, a valid email address and a password of at least six characters, which you will need to confirm.

Follow the instructions given and specify the name of the beneficiary (for the payment of commissions), your full address and your telephone number.

Finally, you will need to specify whether you are subject to the laws of the United States. This is important, so if you have any doubts, find out!

Then click “Next”. Another overview is displayed, telling you that the registration process only refers to the Amazon Associates Club France and that you must register separately to participate in the Amazon affiliate program of another country.

You must also check the name of the contact for this account, and indicate whether you are subject to the United States tax regime. Then click “Next”.

Step 2 of 4

You are now at step 2. In the “Enter your website” field, enter the URL of the website(s) you wish to monetize using the Amazon Associates Program. Click “Add” and your URL will be displayed. Do the same in the field on the right of the screen for mobile applications.

Then click “Next”.

Step 3 of 4

In step 3, you create your website profile. To get started, enter your Partner ID, which is also your first tracking ID. They are integrated into the Partners links that you publish on your website and are used to correctly identify the commissions that are due to you.

In the next two fields, you will see the URLs of previously registered websites.

After entering this information, the “Traffic and monetization” page is displayed. This is where you explain how your visitors come to your website and add information about your current site traffic, and how you monetize it.

Finally, confirm the CAPTCHA and accept the conditions of participation after having read them carefully. Click “Finish”.

Step 4 of 4

You have applied for the Amazon Associates Program. An Amazon Associates Center associate will review and rate your website. You should receive a response within 12-14 hours on the status of your application, but you will already have access to all features of the Amazon Associates Center site.

In addition, you can register for another Amazon EU affiliate program, without having to enter all your information again.

Enter your payment information

You can enter your payment information by clicking “Now”. On the next page, you will decide whether you want to receive your payments as an Amazon gift voucher or a bank transfer.

When you check the box next to “Payment by bank transfer”, a new window opens. Enter your bank details and click “Send”.

What happens once your application is approved?

Once your Amazon Associates Club application has been approved, there are two important documents you will need to read before getting started.

The General Conditions of Membership

It may be tempting to skip this step, but it’s important to read the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. Here you will find the answers to all your questions about participating in the Amazon Associates Club.

Standard fee

The percentage earned for each sale depends on the product type, and you can see them here:

The commission differences might suggest that it’s better to build a blog on a high-earning topic, but that can be misleading. The best way to guarantee passive income is to create content about a topic you are passionate about.

Your readers and audience will see that the subject matters to you, and will therefore be more likely to respect your recommendations. When your application is approved, you are assigned a Partner ID in the format abcde-21 .

The “21” is the code for the United Kingdom; it is awarded to partners based in the UK.

What else should I know about the Amazon Affiliate Program?

One of the great things about Amazon for affiliate marketers is the number of tools available to you. If you find the Amazon site friendly, you’ll quickly see that the space we set aside for affiliate marketers is just as welcoming.

1.Tracking ID

As an Amazon partner, you can use tracking IDs to analyze the performance of your site and its various sub-pages. You can create up to one hundred tracking IDs.

If you own multiple sites participating in the Amazon Associates Program, you can add multiple tracking IDs to their different items to help you more easily categorize your advertising compensation.

You can also perform different metrics to test the earning potential of your pages.

All commissions generated by your different tracking IDs are summarized under your Partner ID. Each affiliate link must absolutely contain your unique tracking ID.

The links are automatically generated, but it is advisable to manually check that they work, that they lead to the correct product and that they include your unique ID.

This ensures that Amazon can associate each click with your account and pay you the commission you deserve!

2.Amazon Advertising Tools

The Amazon Associates Center provides you with a wide range of advertising tools. No need for technical knowledge to easily post text links, image links and banners.

You have access to the various advertising tools on the Amazon Associates Club site, and you can integrate them directly into your site’s dashboard. You can also find them on the SiteStripe app and use them directly on the Amazon page.

3.SiteStripe _

SiteStripe is a toolbar-like app that you’ll see on the top left of Amazon’s page if you go there when you’re logged into your account.

SiteStripe saves you time by immediately creating affiliate links from Amazon store pages, without having to go through the Amazon Associates Center site.

The SiteStripe tool also lets you quickly and easily create affiliate links to individual Amazon pages and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

To use SiteStripe, go to an Amazon store product page and click the button to create a text, image, or text+image link. Even a “short link” can be created as a text link with just a few clicks.

Now that you have read these important documents and understand how the program works, you can add Amazon Affiliate Links to your website.

Do you have your Amazon Associates Club ID and want to get started?

Now that you’ve gone through this detailed process and submitted your application, it’s time to learn more about your future with Amazon Associates Center.

Want to learn more about helpful tools from Amazon, like SiteStripe , or the resources we offer? Would you like to learn how to enrich your affiliate blog with plugins ?

Explore our guides and find all the answers to your questions to get started on the affiliate marketing adventure!

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