How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

TikTok allows us to give gifts to other users to value their content, to thank them for ‘nurturing’ the application with new videos, original directs, etc. To do this, we have to use the TikTok wallet, and we can buy coins and store digital money exchanged for gifts or stickers that we send in the directs. What is the TikTok balance for? So you can get money, monitor your videos, and even get rich with the application.

You can use virtual gifts in TikTok that you can send to content creators as a “reward” to tell them that you like what they do and that you want to reward their effort. Of course, coins have money in them. You can buy balance, save it in the wallet and send gifts to tiktokers when broadcasting live. Only the most popular ones in TikTok can make live videos, so you will not be able to send these gifts, bought with real money, to any application user.

What is the TikTok wallet?

The TikTok wallet allows us to save our money in the application and the balance we accumulate. The “virtual” money that we have bought through real money. You can buy from 70 coins up to 7,000, depending on the money you want to spend. Once you have the money, you can exchange it for gifts.

To get the coins, you will have to follow these steps:
Open the TikTok application
Click on the bottom right on “Me.”
Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand side
Go to the settings
Go to the “Balance” section
Click on “Recharge.”

You will be able to recharge in tranches that vary depending on Android or iOS.

You can not recharge more than 7,000 coins at once, but repeat the process until you get the balance you want and have the money you want to use in the app. It is recommended that you do not recharge more than the maximum amount if you are not going to need it.

How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

On Android

The prices on Android are as follows:
70 coins for 1,09 euros
350 coins for 5.49 euros
1,400 coins for 21.99 euros
3,500 coins for 54.99 euros
7,000 coins for 109.99 euros

On iOS

The prices we found on iOS vary slightly because they give fewer coins for the same amount of money. They are:
65 coins for €1.09
330 coins for 5.49 euros
1,321 coins for 21.99 euros
3,303 coins for 54.99 euros
6,607 coins for 109.99 euros

When you want to buy the coins, you will have to confirm the payment with the payment method associated with Google Play or App Store. Make sure you have an associated plan or add it to continue with the process. If possible, use a secure method such as PayPal or a prepaid card. Once you have it, choose the coins you want to buy and confirm the purchase. Once you have confirmed the payment, in the “Balance” section, you will see everything you have in your wallet available to redeem for the different gifts in the TikTok catalog.

As we always advise in these cases, you can buy the minimum to make sure if you want to use this balance or not. Do not spend hundreds of euros on credit that you will not use or that you will not know how to use in gifts and diamonds, for example.

How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

Gifts and diamonds

As we said, you can make gifts during tiktokers live broadcasts that you like. You will redeem your available balance for the gift you want, and there is a reasonably extensive catalog from which you can choose according to the coins you want to spend: from a panda for only five coins to other more elegant gifts that will cost you up to 5,000 currencies in total (more than 50 genuine euros).

To give it a gift, click on the icon at the bottom of the life and choose the one you want. Underneath the facility, click on send, and if you need money at that moment, you can click on recharge. The more expensive the gift you give to the other person, the bigger you will appear in the live chat and, therefore, the more impact you will have. This is an option to be seen on TikTok if you want to gain followers or if you want to get the attention of the person who is broadcasting live on the app. If, for example, you are an expert on a topic or a company (without a company account), you can make yourself known by giving gifts to known influencers or influencers with many followers; you can also make your idol notice you.

If you want to send gifts when watching a video, you can do it by clicking on the Comments icon. Where Add comment is, you can click on the Gift icon and choose the one you want to send. There are classic or premium ones. Also, if you need to reload to do so, click on this option. Then you have to write the comment and click on send.

What do they get?

It does a ‘TikTok’ no good to have panda or koala-shaped stickers in the app as a collector. Regardless of how much they cost, the gifts are converted into real money. Real money is transferred to PayPal, and you can use it for whatever you want outside the app. You can also share the money from PayPal to your bank account and use it on your credit card.

The gifts we send are transformed into diamonds in TikTok for those people. Once the user has received 10,000 diamond gifts, they can withdraw them. With those diamonds, you can get real money. When you have reached 10,000 diamonds, you can go to the TikTok Wallet and click on “Withdraw.” Accept the terms and conditions, log in to your PayPal account and choose the amount you want to withdraw. You can decide to remove all of it or just part of it, although if you’re having a hard time getting this amount, you may want to withdraw it all.

Diamonds vs. real money

Diamonds are converted into real money passed to your PayPal account, but their actual amount is not always the same for everyone. It depends on a few factors. According to the application itself in its terms and conditions, the appropriate monetary compensation is calculated based on several factors, “including the number of Diamonds a user has accumulated.”

They will know what they can get when they collect the money, and if they consider that it can be more in the future, they can leave it for later. In any case, they cannot be transferred to another person.

How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

Receiving gifts

In short, we make gifts in the application using the TikTok balance so that content creators can receive something in return for their videos and popularity without the need for advertising campaigns. If you are one of the tiktokers receiving gifts, the steps to redeem them are:

Open TikTok
Go to the user page on the Me icon at the bottom corner
Tap on Privacy Settings
Go to the Balance section in the application
Open your Wallet
From here, you will see the rewards and diamonds
Tap on Redeem and choose how much you will redeem
Link your PayPal account to be able to get the real money

Can we earn money on TikTok?

If you use this method of sending or receiving money on TikTok, you can earn money, but it is not the best way to do it on TikTok, or at least not the only way. There are also other methods to earn money, and they work additionally: brand sponsorships are usually the most significant source of income. They will vary depending on the followers of each person or depending on the brand. According to experts at TikTok, they can earn up to $150,000 from a single video with a brand partnership. Depending on various aspects, the amount may be lower, probably much lower, but you can make money with it. You have to get brands interested in you and look for fruitful collaborations.

Another way to earn money, even indirectly, with TikTok is to promote yourself with your videos so that they finally go to another site where you get your income, such as an online store, merchandising sales, your services website, training, courses, e-books, etc.

How to get money on TikTok and send gifts

Problems with money in TikTok

You can claim if you have withdrawn money because you had accumulated diamonds, but you do not see it in your PayPal account. TikTok encourages you to claim if you have not received the money within 24 hours of making the withdrawal.

A screenshot of your TikTok profile page.
Add the information about the version of the application installed.
Write the model and version of the device you own
Add a screenshot of the PayPal transaction page

Lock the wallet

TikTok’s Restricted Mode is in TikTok’s Digital Detox option and is intended to block specific options for younger or minors. Among them is the TikTok wallet or balance. It is a “danger” to use this function since buying coins can result in an outlay of hundreds of euros. For this reason, you can activate this parental control mode that disables live broadcasts and disables withdrawal of funds, purchase of coins, or sending of gifts. You will not run the risk of children sending money to their idols through the app.

The best option to prevent them from spending their balance on TikTok or to block the wallet is to remove any payment method from Google Play or App Store, and then they will not have access to any payment in any application. But TikTok also allows us to modify the settings from the app itself to enable the Restricted Mode of TikTok, and children can not pay or buy coins without adult authorization.

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