How to Generate Passive Income with Amazon Affiliate?

One of the easiest ways to get into affiliate marketing to earn more passive income with your blog is through the Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associates.

If you can earn $10 in affiliate marketing, you can reach thousands!

And that’s something about affiliate programs that we want to highlight.

Too many bloggers and site owners give up too soon because they don’t see results. The real problem is that they don’t understand affiliate marketing, and they don’t know how to promote their affiliate links in a way that will bring them recurring income.


· How to Use Amazon Associates to Bring You Affiliate Income

o What is Amazon Associates, and how can I become an affiliate to earn passive income?

o Why is Amazon Associates a good choice for an affiliate program?

· The Best Ways to Leverage the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program to Earn Money

· Additional tips and conclusion

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How to Use Amazon Associates to Bring You Affiliate Income

Many people wonder how to generate affiliate income through Amazon.

We created this Amazon Associates tutorial because it is one of the most straightforward entry points to becoming an affiliate marketer.

Amazon Associates is easy to join; they endorse almost everyone, they sell just about everything, and you can start promoting Amazon links right now.

By following these steps and putting in consistent effort, you could add hundreds of dollars to your income every month!

Note: The amount you earn each month largely depends on the traffic you bring to your affiliate blog and the size of your list.

Here is a free training to learn how to do affiliation:

What is Amazon Associates, and how can I become an affiliate to earn passive income?

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program between Amazon (the seller) and you (the advertiser) that gives you a commission when someone clicks on your link and purchases.

Before posting a link, read the affiliate program’s operating agreement and understand the rules for identifying associates.

Interestingly, some bloggers and web admin, who are affiliate marketers, laugh at the Amazon affiliate program because they say

· Commissions on Amazon are too low. They start at 1-2% and peak (in most cases) at around 8-10%, depending on the type of products you sell as an Amazon Associate.

· Most people on Amazon buy low-priced products like books or office supplies.

· They only have 24-hour affiliate cookies. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy something on Amazon, you only get a commission if they buy something within 24 hours. (Other affiliate programs have 365 day cookies).

These things are true. And there are certainly other affiliate marketing programs out there that pay higher commissions and offer more expensive products.

Why is Amazon Associates a good choice for an affiliate program?

Amazon Associates has a few strengths that make it a great addition to your affiliate marketing arsenal (and a great starting point for people new to affiliate marketing):

1. Amazon is a trusted brand. Everyone knows and will not hesitate to buy something on his site. People find Amazon incredibly convenient.

2. You can earn commissions on the most expensive products. If the affiliate commissions on a book are not very high, if you are promoting a camera, a piece of furniture or a computer, the commission may be more interesting.

3. Hardly anyone buys just one thing at a time on Amazon: This is one of the favorite aspects of marketing for Amazon. When someone clicks on your link to buy your recommendation, they will likely buy other products. You earn a commission for everything he buys after clicking on your link (more on that later in the post).

4. Easy to start and set up . Amazon makes it easy to join. They have good software, widgets and banners that you can embed in your website and blog.

5. The holidays are in full swing! You can plan to partner with Amazon’s seasonal offers, especially Christmas. It can be a very profitable time because people are buying A LOT on Amazon at one time.

6. Amazon sells so much. There’s practically an affiliate opportunity for you, no matter what your blog is about.

7. Conversions on Amazon are high. When you recommend something on your blog or in your listing, once people read your review, they’re likely to buy it from Amazon because they don’t have to think about the business — they do. already confident.

The Best Ways to Leverage the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program to Earn Money

To make money with Amazon Associates, you need to recommend their products to your audience.

There are several ways to do this and here’s what I’ve found works best:

1) A recap blog post: This is a blog post that tells people all the products you would recommend so they can accomplish X. You are the expert, so your audience trusts your recommendations , and you save them research time.

Let’s say you are a physical trainer. You can write a post titled “What You Need to Build a Home Gym” and describe your favorite dumbbells and weights, the type of bench you like, recommended dumbbells, and the weight rack.

2) An In-Depth Product Review Blog Post: In this type of post, you give your readers your review and opinion on a specific product.

For example, on a personal finance blog, you can review the iRobot Roomba 690.

Describe how you use it, how easy it was to set up, how you integrate it using the iRobot app to set up Roomba programming.

3) A product comparison blog post: In this type of post, you compare different types of products to help your reader form an opinion.

For example, food bloggers can write an article like “The 3 Best Juicers”.

Just review the strengths and weaknesses of the Omega Juicer NC900HDC, Omega J8006, and Tribest Greenstar Elite.

This article brings added value to readers because the 3 extractors have relatively similar prices but their performance is different. And if you don’t test them all, you won’t know how to decide between the three.

Additional tips and conclusion

Be sure to recommend products that you use (or have used with clients) and feel good about recommending.

Remember that you have the trust of your audience and you don’t want to hurt them by sending them to buy an inferior product. It would damage your reputation.

Every audience is different. This means that just because it works for your competitor doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Test and tweak – marketing is a great experience to see what your audience reacts to and do more with that type of message.

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