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Data show that more than 80% of social media B2 B’s potential customers come from LinkedIn. But few brands or individuals can get huge benefits from the platform because they don’t use the right strategy to use the platform.

To succeed on LinkedIn requires sustained long-term efforts and patience with the platform. Here are some methods:

1.Optimize LinkedIn profile

To get potential customers on LinkedIn, the first step is to make your profile worth logging in. How can you do that? Complete all aspects of your profile through the following steps:

Download professional profile photos, such as head photos or logos with a solid background

Add a professional title that clearly summarizes the role of you or your brand.

Complete all parts, such as letters of recommendation, letters of recommendation, etc.

2.Targeting decision-makers and developing awareness-raising strategies

Whether you are an individual or a brand, you should consider who you ideally target on LinkedIn to generate potential customers. For example, if you are an independent content writer searching for customers on LinkedIn, the ideal target audience would be:

Marketing Manager

Content manager

SEO expert

You can create a list of results that go beyond your target prospects and send them requests related to customized messages. In addition, you can interact consistently with their messages and try to maintain relationships with them through DM. Finally, introduce your service to them and try to make a change call.

Contacting customers through DM is not the only way because you can also use the sales browser to generate potential customers. You can use it to find the email address of potential customers and contact them by email.

3.Use content marketing to automatically drive lead generation

The best way to generate a cold outlook on LinkedIn is to build your enlightened leadership and expertise in the field by consistently publishing content. Educate your potential customers and solve their problems through your content to improve your chances of being noticed.

Bonus tips:

There is a CTA at the end of each message.

Publish available content for quick implementation

Reuse content from other platforms

Some of the most effective content ideas on the platform:

How to do and better suggestions

Strategy and action plan

Better resources

Industry news, updates, etc.

Informative article

Narrator message

Views on industry themes

Wonderful myth

4.Track old leads before targeting new ones

When you don’t follow the old track, you will miss a conversion opportunity. Before continuing to look for new prospects, please remind your former prospects that they either didn’t reply to your information or have replied and then forgotten your offer. Three days is the ideal time for follow-up.

5.Leverage advanced features

If you want to speed up your entire lead generation process, a premium account can help you more than anything else. Advanced accounts provide many additional features, such as email, advanced search, information about people who access your profile, and so on.

These features can help you generate more leads because:

You can use so many filters and super goals for only a few people to thoroughly optimize your search to increase your conversion opportunities.

With email, you can even send messages to people you think maybe the target audience but are not part of your network.

When you have a list of people who have direct access to your profile, you can easily generate enthusiastic potential customers. These people are already interested in you and are more likely to convert.

But before you invest in a premium account, make sure you’ve achieved something. Only when you want to expand your already good lead generation results are senior customers a good choice.

6.Join the group of your ideal prospect

LinkedIn groups are a hidden gold mine. Learn about active groups in your industry that target audiences are actively posting their needs, sharing ideas, etc.; make sure to join these groups regularly and make yourself visible.

To find the right group to join:

Perform a group search. Type a keyword in the search bar and select group.

Alternatively, you can click the work tab in the top menu and then click groups.

Then click discover. By default, groups are filtered based on your line of business.

Click the group you think is most relevant. Check the administrator and contacts and see if the group goals match your goals.

Before joining the group, please be familiar with the group rules. Some groups are not allowed to publicize content, while others have activity level rules, etc.

Generate LinkedIn leads now.

If LinkedIn is effectively utilized, it may generate more potential customers than other platforms. If you adopt the right strategy and are consistent on this platform, you can convert the LinkedIn configuration file into a lead generation machine.

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