How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic

How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic?

If the song “I Just Want It,” which became famous in the voice of King Roberto Carlos, had been written today, it would say: I want to have a million followers and much more vital to be able to sing! After all, gaining followers is the new compulsion of the moment.

And in the race to increase the number of followers, anything goes, even buying an audience. Oops, not quite like that. Although there are platforms that specialize in selling followers, this is not a good practice.

This is a “vanity metric” in the Digital Marketing world, just like the number of likes. Want to understand this story better? Read on!

How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic

What is Paid Traffic?

As discussed here on the blog, paid traffic is all traffic gained through paid advertisements. This way, we can run paid traffic campaigns on several platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

This strategy makes it possible to gain more qualified access to your site. In short, most paid traffic tools provide an excellent targeting of audiences and goals.

This strategy can help you gain followers, but this is not its primary focus. So before we continue, you need to answer the question: What kind of follower are you looking for?

The number of followers is not that important. Okay?

First, before I continue, I need to get the white elephant out of the room: followers are not the most important thing on Instagram. Sure, they are exciting, and the more, the better. But when we talk about followers, we need to analyze what kind of followers we want to reach.

After all, what’s the point of having followers who don’t interact with the content, converse with the profile, and occasionally have no interest in consuming? For this reason, before we move on to the subject of the article, think about the type of follower you want to have.

For this reason, here at Vertices, we discourage the purchase of followers and accounts with thousands of followers. Want to know why?

How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic

Is it worth buying followers?

The main reason NOT to buy followers is to invest in an audience that is not your ideal customer profile. Despite gaining a large volume of followers, you will not engage or increase sales. In other words, it will be an unprofitable investment.

In addition, most of the users that come in the packages sold are profiles of people from other parts of the world. People who do not even speak Portuguese. This fact explains the low engagement of the shapes that buy followers.

Although this seems obvious, many companies and influencers are deceived by this vanity metric. Social media metrics help to analyze and understand the evolution of business profiles.

Is gaining followers that don’t engage a good thing?

The number of followers, for example, is not a relevant metric to make decisions or understand the performance of ads. In other words, it is not data that directly impacts conversion and sales.

A recent report by mLab’s analyzed the engagement rate through the reach and impressions of posts on Facebook and Instagram. Unlike other research, mLab did not consider the number of followers to develop the study that covered more than 20 market categories. This report can help you better understand the question of the most relevant metrics for your business.

If you want to explore more on this subject, listen to episode 3 of the Green Cube, the Vertices podcast. Our experts discuss whether you need to have thousands of followers to sell in this ep.

Is it possible to gain followers organically?

paid traffic makes you gain followers
Having real followers who interact with your account is more important than an inflated number of ghost followers.Yes, it is possible to increase the number of followers organically! But this does not happen very quickly.

It would help if you spent time producing content that generates value for those who follow your profile or page. But what does valuable content mean?

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about relevant content, which is nothing more than promoting your product or service in an authorial way—thinking about how your brand can improve the quality of life of potential customers.

This means not only focusing on selling but also on positively impacting people’s lives.

How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic

After all, would you follow a profile that only says “buy now”?

Think that the user’s experience with your company through Instagram or another social network is the most important thing. He will only follow your page or profile if what you share is attractive to him.Also, read five creative templates for post carousel.

After all, this strategy also helps you attract people with a potential profile to become customers because you can work on the targeting of ads. This is possible because the ad management platform of Facebook and Google allow you to define the characteristics of the audience.

In addition, the ad campaigns allow you to work with different goals such as engagement, traffic, conversion and even gain followers for your Facebook page.

Check out the advantages of hiring an agency specialized in Traffic Management for social networks and Google Ads.

Finally, the final tip of this article is that you invest in rich content and strategies that result in real followers. Soon, it is possible to have more practical and realistic results by doing this.

How to Gain Followers with Paid Traffic

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