How to Gain Customers and More Sales with Instagram for Business

Instagram for business
Instagram appeared in 2010 and, in more than a decade of existence, has gone through numerous changes. The network started as a space to post photos, but many features and functionalities were added over the years, among which we can highlight Instagram for businesses.

Instagram already has more than 1 billion users worldwide, to give you an idea. 1 in 8 people worldwide uses the social network, which shows its potential to reach consumers.

Thanks to the tremendous success of the network, the platform also invested in a tool to help sellers.

Thus, Instagram for businesses originated, and here you will learn how to use it to expand your business and increase sales!

Instagram for businesses finally, what is Instagram for businesses?
If you’ve read something about Instagram for Business, know that we’re talking about the same thing. Instagram for business is designed so that entrepreneurs can offer their products and services in a business-oriented model.

Thus, the tool allows you to create a business profile to provide information about your company, such as an address, contacts, website, and other details. Another exciting factor is the possibility to access data about your followers, such as age, location, and gender.

Companies with a business profile can also boost posts and create ads to attract more customers. The result is that you can extend your posts to new audiences and get more engagement.

The big issue is to turn mere followers into buyers. In other words, the problem is to win the audience, engage them, and get them into the sales funnel. However, that will change from the moment you start practicing the tips in this post.

Instagram for business how to succeed in your strategy with Instagram for Business?
To adopt a practical approach on Instagram for business, learn these tips to practice.

Creating a business account will not make your products sell themselves as if by magic. Therefore, having a plan is part of a solid sales strategy.

That said, start your plan from a goal and work in stages. Among the processes included are creating a schedule of posts, selecting subjects that are interesting to the persona, the content formats (images, videos, GIFs, etc.), and other points.

Create interesting content
Because there are so many content creators and brands on the platform, you need to innovate and make your posts stand out in that endless sea of Instagram. This is possible from the moment you create content targeted to your persona and touches their pain.

There are countless ideas for content, but they must be attractive to the audience. Therefore, create materials that have quality, that is relevant, memorable, and that express your brand.

Branding is essential on Instagram, especially since it is a highly visual social network. So invest in templates and work on your visual identity to attract and engage your audience.

Interact with your audience
Social networks get that name for a reason. Yes, socializing is key, and this is not only restricted to regular users.

Brands also need to learn how to interact with their audience, as this is important to keep engagement rates high and reach more people. Whether responding to comments and mentions, opening the question box, or using interaction stickers, everything is valid to maintain a dialogue closer to your persona.

Even if you intend to increase company sales, remember that you are dealing with people. In this sense, create a community and engage your audience.

Use the platform’s features.
Over the years, Instagram has evolved and has integrated more features and tools into the social network. In a very straightforward way, let’s see which are the most relevant features present on the platform:

Instagram stories;
Instagram Guides;
Instagram Shopping;
You can create very different content in these features and vary the formats. That way, you can attract followers according to what is most interesting to them.

Invest in ads
Organic traffic is decreasing more and more on the Internet. This shows the importance of creating ads and boosting publications, but without forgetting to make the appropriate segmentation according to your audience.

Instagram for business allows you to create advertising in three formats:
Carousel ads: are photos grouped in a single post (maximum of 10 images);
Image Ad: is a bar like any other photo, but the ad received is marked with the word “sponsored”;
Video Ad: has the same characteristics as the image ad, but the content is in the video.
The three types of ads appear in the users’ feed, but there is also the option of ads in stories – it all depends on your outreach strategy.

Follow the metrics
Last but not least: never stop tracking the metrics of your business profile. Analyzing performance is essential to check the activities of the public and see what they liked most, the visits, number of views, and other data. In this way, you can analyze:

Increase in the number of followers
Likes on photos
All this shows the impact of your brand. Statistics show the performance of your posts and other information that indicates your audience’s behavior. This data helps improve future campaigns and the changes that can be made.

Therefore, Instagram for businesses is quite different from regular user accounts to give more details that help improve your marketing and sales strategy.

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