How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

The catchphrase is a powerful tool for marketers and public speakers to attract customers. It can help cement an idea for years to come.

We all remember phrases like “I have a dream” or “this is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

You can use catchphrases for important speeches, product catchphrases, advertisements, campaign mottos, etc.

Let’s take a look at what makes a great catchphrase, how to come up with YOUR catchphrase to attract the customer, and how to use the catchphrases you come up with.

How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

Principles of a Good Catchphrase to Attract Customers

It should avoid awkward phrasing.
It should be memorable and pleasant to hear.
It should evoke some sort of emotion or approval.
It should stick in the audience’s head so that when you finish speaking, they can repeat it to themselves.

What Makes a Catchphrase Nice to Hear and Memorable?

The tone of voice on delivery
General application. Avoid the past tense, use more “one” than “the,” and avoid specific pronouns such as “she” or “he”).
Figures of speech
Distinctive words
Let’s briefly highlight a few figures of speech that can make your catchphrase stand out to attract customers.

How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

Begin several sentences or verses with the same words.

”Start thinking. Start acting. Start now.”

While both work well, three is the most pleasing to the ear.

Use a set of two contrasting ideas, words, or phrases.

“it’s one small step for one man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Inverted words or phrases.

“Many young men aspire to glory, and many glorious men aspire to youth .”

Many of these devices are difficult to coordinate unless you spend time making catchphrases to attract customers.

Distinctive words
Most slogans contain distinctive and unusual words. Example: the word “leap” versus “jump.”

That said, catchphrases to attract customers that are deemed successful usually use a common sentence structure and simple words.

They are usually unusual but still easy to understand.

How to Think of a Catchphrase to Attract a Customer

Although different people generate ideas in different ways, here is a method that works well for everyone.

Think about the topics/arguments you want a catchphrase for to attract customers.
Write a list of words/phrases that fit your topic.
As an example, if the topic is ineffective service, make a list of words like this:

Useless, blameless, failing, unprofitable, inadequate, garbage, unsuccessful, inept, lame, awful, weak.

You can also search for synonyms for each of the words and generate a larger list.

Try putting the words together in a catchphrase.
If there are words that rhyme or work well together, see if you can make them work together.

How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

A Catchphrase Is Quickly Understood By Your Customer

If people don’t understand what your catchphrase says or make the connection to your brand very quickly, it won’t be effective in attracting customers.

People don’t want to have to think. If they don’t understand your tagline, they will forget about it right away.

The key is to be unique and original. This is one of the most important elements of successful communication. Having a catchphrase to attract customers that are quickly understood is the key to success.
Finding a Memorable Catchphrase to Attract Customers
The easier your customer attraction catchphrase is to remember, the better.

If people remember your catchphrase, they are more likely to repeat it to someone else. They’ll think about it more. It’s always good to have someone thinking about your brand.

The best way to make a catchphrase to attract customers easy to remember is to rhyme or even relate it to a common phrase.

For a catchphrase to be effective, it must be unique. If your phrase sounds like another catchphrase, it will only create confusion and not leave that phrase memorable in your customers’ minds.
Cultivating Difference in the Catchphrase
Your tagline should communicate what makes you different so prospects quickly understand how you stand out from your competitors.

People need to remember your brand, but not only that, but they also need to remember how your brand stands out from all the other choices.

How to Find the Right Catchphrase to Attract the Customer

Using Emotions in the Catchphrase

Emotions are what drive a purchase decision in the vast majority of cases.

Therefore, you need to create a catchphrase that will create the right emotions in your customers.

If people feel positive and motivating emotions when hearing or saying your catchphrase, then they will be in an emotional state where they are ready to buy from your brand.

The List of Catchphrases to Attract Customers
If you are having trouble coming up with a catchphrase to attract customers, come up with something more generic. It could be one that applies to the underlying concept rather than the specific issue.

You can create a list that can be very long. The important thing is that you can exhaust all your ideas.

For example, for personal service, the priority is words that relate to reliability, security, guarantee, confidentiality, etc.

A catchphrase to attract customers does not necessarily mention the nature of the product or service or the benefit of the product.

There are many catchphrases of great brands that use words related to emotions and that provoke the imagination.

Example: like, young, do…

” Just do it ”, ” I love it, Dior,” etc.

But to frame these searches, find words and phrases that answer the following 2 points:

Identify the target
The differences between you and your competitors
Make a Selection of the Best Catchphrases to Attract Customers
Start with 15 and then narrow it down to 7-3 phrases.

From this list, which words and phrases are the easiest to say? The easiest to remember?

Ask for Feedback

This is a big step, even for an expert marketer!

Sometimes the opinions of others can inspire you to go further in your approach.

Your entourage, your colleagues, etc., can help you choose.

At the end of this step, go find 1 or 2 volunteers. Think carefully about who really fits your target and your product or service. The choice will be difficult, but if you have passed these three steps, you will surely have found an excellent catchphrase to attract customers.

Are You Honest With Your Catchphrase?
It’s easy to say “the number 1 product on the market”. The word “number 1” is used so much that it has become trite.

Don’t settle for the first draft!
Try to improve each of your catchphrases. If they are missing any of the above principles, see if you can incorporate them.

For example, can you shorten it? Make it more memorable? Add some alliteration?

To Conclude

A catchphrase to attract clients must be short: Nespresso: what else?
A catchphrase to attract customers must be simple or even reductive: The essential is in Lactel.
A catchphrase to attract customers must be original and can create new words: Flunch: we’re going to flinch!
A catchphrase to attract customers must be balanced: It’s good, it’s beautiful, it’s Bosch.
A catchphrase to attract customers must be easy to remember: He’s got free, he’s got it all.
A catchphrase to attract customers must provoke a positive emotion: Lindt, a few grams of finesse in a rough world.

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