How to find and contact the best Influencers on Instagram in 2021? The Complete Guide

An influencer allows a brand to promote a product or service for a fee. An opportunity for brands to reach an audience, a community that operates in the same sector, and thus get in touch with a target often very engaged on Instagram.

The influence marketing is a compelling media on Instagram. While advertising is reinventing itself with native formats (Native Advertising) and when often intrusive advertisements no longer resist Adblocks, product placement via sponsored content is doing well.

The target is not fooled.

In promoting a product via an influencer via their thousands of followers, the message often gets through very well when the campaign is creative and intelligent.

In 2020 Influence Marketing has become the trendy marketing channel everyone is talking about, but no one dominates yet; it was time to update the tools and data for influencer business on Instagram.

The influencer’s image followed for the quality of his content and his community-acquired to his cause is in search of wise advice.

Brands are scrambling to communicate on Instagram with a much higher engagement rate than traditional advertising and other social networks.

Instagram is the leading social network of Marketing influence.

This very hot study at the start of 2020 places Instagram in pole position of the preferred channels for Influencer Marketing campaigns.

  1. 79% Instagram at the top of influencer marketing
  2. 46% for Facebook
  3. 36% for Youtube
  4. 24% for Twitter
  5. 12% for Linkedin

Relatively little framed at the start, we are witnessing a desire on Instagram too now want to report these sponsored content within the posts. #ad #sponsorise paid partnership visible at the top of the Instagram post.

Brands can now sponsor Instagram influencer posts.

Official novelty from Instagram, and excellent novelty for micro-influencers and nano-influencers 

Their productions, their precious content will be able to be seen by a larger audience, the brand will indeed be able to use this content to push it into advertising within the advertising manager.

A boon for brands and like influencer agencies who manage advertising for their clients 

Let’s go back to our statistics.

Instagram influencers at the heart of social strategy

Brands and Agencies agree over 50% that influencers play a vital role in their social media strategy.

This first graph would prove the usefulness of this medium if you doubted it. On the other hand, influencers are very fond of and open to this type of promotion as it is reasonable and if the campaign is well thought out.

How do Brands use influencers?

First of all, we find the desire to extend its coverage, understand by Exposing a maximum of individuals corresponding to its target and who are exposed to the product and the message by the campaign.

 Nothing more logical.

Then comes the content created and then shared, the promotion of the product itself, the unique and exclusive content (often directly created by the influencer).

Brands, therefore, expect ideas and content in line with the product and the brand from the influencer.

The brand and the influential Instagrammer exchange several ideas to establish the best possible promotion: The one that suits everyone and performs.

How to find Instagram influencers?

We will say that this is why you are reading this post.  

If you already know the best tools to manage an Instagram account, no worries.

If not, let’s explore the methods of finding influential Instagram accounts.

How to identify influential Instagram accounts?

We start with the basics, Instagram. Depending on your field of activity, find hashtags relating to your move to explore and select the accounts that appeal to you. Take the time to go through the report as a whole, especially:! It’s free 

  • Measure the engagement rate of sponsored posts
  • Influencer location
  • Number of followers (we’ll talk more about it below)
  • Means of direct contact in its description
  • Inspires confidence, and you feel a potential, a feeling to collaborate

This free method can be long, very time-consuming, especially if you are a beginner; there are several tools, most often paid and reserved for large brands and large companies.

If you need a research, tracking, and contact platform for your influencer campaigns, then check out the 2020 guide to the best influencer marketing tools on the market.

Keyword research within the influencer bio

So try the keywords related to your business. Example: fitnessfrenchmakeupphotography … You can go up to 3 words in the free version.

Identical to hashtags, so take the time to identify the best hashtags before starting.

Search by influencer categories

Another option is if you want an accurate additional filter. Beauty is not makeup, and you want to target brands with hashtags.

Then the category will be necessary to filter the best profiles according to their specialties and purpose.

Example: eCommerce, fashion, swimwear …

Search by influencer location, City or Country

This is the big plus of the tool that includes the locations of posts, the influencer, and all geolocation data offered by the Instagram API.

You can choose from the influencer according to their city, residence, or vacation spot.

Search for influencers by number of followers, engagement rate, or by an estimate of the publication price

Once again, you can go far and find an affordable Instagram micro-influencer in your industry for less than 100 euros if you want to start a campaign quickly and test the support.

Advertisers: Find influencers directly with the free Facebook brand collaboration tool

Launched in December 2019, this free ad manager-like tool allows you to directly contact influencers within an influencer platform managed now by Instagram.

The advantage here is that everything is now managed within Instagram / Facebook itself and that you access more “official” information directly through the platform without going through a third party or a live influencer.

With the disappearance of the likes counter on Instagram publications, this tool is quite good, well-done FB. 

The Brand Collab Manager: Collaboration of brands with influencers: A brand new tool that will indeed become a must in the coming months.

For the moment, both at the creator and advertiser level, the tool is not that complete and somewhat opaque on acceptance rules.

Suddenly, we will not ignite too much, but we will monitor it closely.

Knowing the friends at Facebook, there is no doubt that the collaborations will grow, and the functionalities will become ultra complete.

How to contact influencers on Instagram?

This is often the trickiest; although most of them are open and eager to promote brands for a fee, many brands fail at this crucial stage.

Keep in mind that most influencers are often solicited; they also look for a product directly correlated with their target and their image.

There is no need to waste your time pushing a product that is not “sexy” or not “sexy” to sell.

Let us not forget that the delay and timing of promotion sometimes long either because it is not about its main activity or because it is necessary to produce, create, and discuss how we will highlight the post. And the product, so little time to allocate outside weekends for example.

But where I observe the most lack and forgetfulness is in the way of approaching specific influencers.

Sometimes too direct or sometimes too classic in soliciting a partnership.

The most important do not directly manage their promotion and do not pass agencies, from the coolest to the most arrogant through the worst, the exercise can be tricky.

But there is no reason not to try.

Expect a low return rate, don’t be discouraged.

In the other case, directly with the influencer, that is to say in DM, Direct message, or by email, be sure to explain, first of all, why you are contacting him.

And the reason must be apparent: You value the quality of its content, and you would like to collaborate with it.

Then get to the heart of the matter as soon as he answers and propose the terms if he has not done so before you. 

Do not expect immediate answers either, be patient, polite by clearly expressing your need.

Avoid Instagrammers with Diva characters and watch out for fake influencers.

We will talk about it in detail later.

What price for an Instagram influencer, the price of a sponsored post

If the feeling goes well and everyone agrees, you will have to talk about remuneration and plan your posts, validate the ideas by format and date… In short, you will have to put everything on the table.

How much does an influencer have to pay on Instagram?

Generally, and as this excellent study by influence. Co shows, prices (here in US dollars but you can transcribe them in Euro, it’s very similar) start around 100 euros with an average of 300 euros up to 100 000 followers and climb up to 1000 euro and much more for the accounts which gravitate above the million followers.

Macro influencer & Mega = Resumption of the figures from the study of our colleagues from Mediakix in the USA, of which I offer you the image just after an average commitment observed by  HypeAuditor.

Find the whole of this complete article on the pricing and costs of an influencer campaign on Instagram.

Then nothing is fixed; some will offer you other methods by the percentage of the sale; similar to affiliation, we share the gains based on sales, for example.

Perfect in a logic of performance for both parties.

Or, sometimes, the prices advertised by the agencies are just crazy, so go your way if you notice any abuse or a significant budget overrun.

The price of a sponsored post on Instagram according to the sector of activity

Depending on your industry, product category, niche, and as shown in this graph. The most expensive themes on Instagram are in order:

  1. Trip
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Fitness / Health

Count between 100 and 200 euros entry for these themes with little followed accounts.

The engagement rate per number of followers of influencers on Instagram

The engagement rate of your influencers is the key.

The real influence is the engagement rate and not the number of followers. The most popular accounts are far from the most successful.

Small is beautiful. Have we been denigrating small influencers for too long, not enough followers, and therefore not influential enough? You have to believe not. These accounts generate much higher engagement rates than accounts with millions of followers.

Again many agencies swear by the number of followers; this is a mistake.

In analyzing,  I prefer ten accounts with 10K Followers than an account with 100,000 for launching a campaign.

Then 10 x 100,000 instead of the direct million in a second step.

If you opt for this type of strategy, and you take care to calculate the engagement of your Influencers correctly, the results and performance will be there.

The engagement rate by activity sector of influencers

Again, the commission rates vary greatly depending on the sector, product category, or service. We find here:

  1. Photography
  2. Art and Design
  3. Trip
  4. Business

Calculate the engagement rate of a sponsored post

I chose a sponsored post from a random Italian Instagrammer for a detox tea brand that has been using (a lot, a lot) promo via Instagram influencers for a long time.

Rather simple to calculate on a post, the calculation formula is as follows:


213,000 this is the number of followers of the account.

Then we will add the likes and the number of comments, which gives us then.

7,214 (likes) + 27 (comments) / 213,000 (number of followers) x 100 = 3.39%

Not bad, but not significant given the results previously announced.

Instagram at war against fake influencers

Beware of fake influencers on Instagram

It is one more step. For more transparency.

Look at the example with 73.7% of the suspicious audience (Instagram bot in this case) and subscribers mainly in India, Iran, and Ukraine…

A “French influencer” who sells himself like this but doesn’t is a…

The example to be avoided.

The techniques are more elaborate; avoid them at the risk of seeing your campaigns fail.

Creating an Instagram account, boosting it by increasing the number of followers with ghost accounts, fake comments, buying likes, and using Instagram robot techniques to pass themselves off as an influencer is also used by some counterfeit influencers.

A more prolonged study, by account, must be undertaken to avoid drama. So we can find fake comments, analyze followers and their acquisition frequency, for example.

Influencers should identify their sponsored posts and brand.

The hashtag #ad or #sponsorise is not mentioned enough in sponsored posts on Instagram.

While Instagram introduced the words “Paid partnership with” or “Partnership with fee” and the brand within the post. So no ambiguity for the followers.

To clarify more? Transparency? or to interfere a little more in the control of partnerships? We will analyze that here later.

Conclusion :

Promoting your brand through influencers is undoubtedly a great idea to develop your brand on Instagram. The opportunities are real.

The engagement rate, the selection of accounts, the methods of contact, and a promising strategy are essential to perform and carry out a campaign that will bring you the expected results.

Instagram influencer research services for businesses

Let us know if you need our help to support you in your search for Influencers.

If you need support? External help or a tailor-made solution to find and collaborate with the best Instagram influencers.

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