How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

For most users, Paypal is a platform that allows them to pay securely on the net after having funded their account. It serves as an alternative to bank accounts and guarantees fast and reliable transactions worldwide. You can fund this Paypal account via your online bank account and spend your euros (or other currencies) on all sites that accept the services of the American company. But did you know that you can earn money with Paypal using various remunerative solutions that will fill your account?
We explain here how to earn money with Paypal, with ten reliable methods that will help you make money!

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

1. The cashback system

The cashback system
The cashback is a simple system to earn some money on Paypal since it consists in getting back a few cents or even a few euros when you make purchases on partner sites. Remuneration varies according to the cashback sites, but it is possible to have up to 45% of the amount of your purchase paid directly to Paypal.

To do this, you just have to register on the sites that use this system, and we have selected 3 of them, serious and interesting, because of their high remuneration and the number of partner sites on which you can make your purchases:

Israel, which is allied to more than 1527 merchant sites. In addition to the 5 euros offered at registration, this platform allows you to order on renowned sites such as Cdiscount, Booking, or Levis and to take advantage of a Cashback of up to 45%! The money collected in this way will be transferred to your Paypal account as soon as 20 euros are collected. To learn more, read our review of Israel.
EbuyClub is partnered with more than 1550 merchant sites, and you can be paid as soon as you collect 10 euros. It is a reliable site, which offers you 5 euros at registration, and which proposes, in addition to this cashback, discount coupons on big brands like Nike, FNAC or Converse. Find more details in our review of Ebuyclub.
Poulpeo is interesting, with a cashback that can reach 40% on some brands. The site is in partnership with more than 1800 stores – including Darty, Castorama, or Galleries Lafayettes – and it offers 3 euros at registration and payment made as soon as the kitty reaches 10 euros. To know more, read our review of Poulpeo.
Don’t hesitate to test the cashback system, which is a good way to earn money easily on Paypal.

2. Answer surveys via email

Among the many emails, you receive that you don’t care about, there are sometimes opportunities to earn some money. How do you do this? By clicking on the email in question and viewing the advertisement that will be generated on the site to which you are referred.

This is a method that will please those who are looking for a way to earn Paypal money without too many constraints, and even if the remunerations are low (a few cents each time), it is a solution that allows you to collect little by little euros that will be transferred to your Paypal account.

To do this, you just have to register on the sites that send this type of mail, like Molino. These platforms also offer other methods to earn money easily, via surveys or product tests. Find our opinion on Molino.

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

3. Paid surveys

One of the most popular ways to earn money on Paypal is to take paid surveys on the net. You have certainly read the results of surveys that show that 57% of French people do this, that 29% of Europeans like to eat that, and these surveys are sometimes conducted via sites that offer a few euros to respondents.

If you are interested, just register on one of the best-paid survey sites and participate as often as possible in the proposed questionnaires. With a complete profile, which allows you to identify your tastes, and a recurring activity – at least once a day – you can get back small amounts of money to put some butter in the spinach each month! Find our opinion on Yougov, one of the websites specialized in this field.

4. Watching ads

We often suffer from advertising more than we appreciate it, but it is possible to earn money by watching some ads, so you might as well take advantage of this method to fund your Paypal account. To do so, register for free on the sites that offer a Paypal remuneration against the viewing of ads: here is our selection of the best platforms to be paid by watching ads.
Thanks to this solution, advertising has never seemed so pleasant!

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

5. Play video games

When we look for how to earn Paypal money, we don’t necessarily think of linking pleasure and gain. However, it is possible to earn money by playing some games from your smartphone, via sites that propose to reach a certain score that will unlock a sum (a few euros), or with games that allow you to collect points that you will turn into money later.

If you have a gamer’s soul, this is a nice solution but beware of scams, with sites that sometimes close overnight. Many platforms advise, for example, Apple, which closed in 2019 without paying its users. Beware!
Do you have a particular talent to showcase, especially in web-related fields? Why not offer your services online to get paid?! There are many platforms that connect individuals (graphic designers, proofreaders, photographers, developers …) with people who need a specific ability.

6. Offer your services

It’s a quick way to earn some money to fill a Paypal account and even to make an interesting additional salary if you have the talent to sell. App developers, video editors, or mobile game music composers are all the rage, so don’t hesitate to check out Easyjobing, Jobijoba, or, if you’re available.

For the more talented among you, we remind you that it is possible to earn money by publishing a book on Amazon.

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

7. Earn PayPal money by unlocking your smartphone and or testing apps

Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat addicts know that it is possible to earn money on social networks, but you can also collect euros to increase your PayPal balance more simply… by unlocking your smartphone.

Surprising as it may seem, you can monetize the unlocking of your phone by installing an application that will launch an ad every time you unlock the device. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a hassle, but when you see the prize pool grow on the app, you’ll quickly get into the game. This is a method for heavy smartphone users who open/close their phone many times a day, and it allows you to earn money on Paypal or get access to different hardware prizes/coupons.
Also interesting: testing IOS or Android applications. Via sites like Feature points or Cashpirates, you will collect points to exchange for money after a certain threshold. If the amounts are small (5 cents, 10 cents…), you will see your point total increase little by little, and the most intensive users can hope to reach tens of euros quickly.

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

8. Sell your unnecessary stuff

Do you want to earn Paypal money easily? Sort out your unwanted stuff and sell it on the most famous websites! Just like on flea markets, there is always a buyer who will be interested in an item you no longer need, and since you set your own prices, you can define your earnings quite easily.

If some items don’t sell very well (books…), others go like hotcakes. We are thinking of branded clothes, hi-tech appliances, or more substantial equipment, including DIY tools or even a vehicle.

For this, choose the most reliable sites that allow you to pay via Paypal:

Le Bon coins are the most famous platform of sale between individuals in France. I have given you many tips on how to sell on Le Bon coin.
Copy for smartphone sales
image/photo sites, like Istock or Shutterstock, which allow you to sell your photos on the internet. If you know how to take beautiful pictures, the earnings can be interesting.

9. Micro-job sites

Some micro-tasks can hardly be done by artificial intelligence, and that’s good because it allows you to earn some extra money to make ends meet. If you like translating, proofreading, entering data on files, or checking the reliability of certain sites, try Clickworker to put your free time to good use.
On this site (or on similar platforms), anyone can participate in micro-tasks, more or less long (but it’s usually quite fast), and get paid once the work is done. The money generated can then be transferred to a Paypal account and then used for purchases from your account or transferred to your bank account.

How to Earn Money on PayPal: The Ten Most Interesting Solutions

10. Referring friends on e-commerce platforms

The last solution for those who want to earn money on Paypal is sponsorship. More and more famous websites (Rakuten, Groupon, Aliexpress) are opting for sponsorship to increase their customer portfolio.

As a sponsor, you will propose to friends/acquaintances to register on the platforms in question, free of charge, by following a sponsorship link or by mentioning your account/email when registering. If they do not necessarily earn anything by doing so, you will receive several euros for each referral brought to the site.

The remunerations are very interesting since they oscillate around 10 euros per registered person. However, not all sites allow you to pay your balance on Paypal, as some transform these earnings into vouchers on the platform, which remains a good option to save money!
Indeed, these methods are mainly intended for people who want to round up their end of the month by using their free time or for those who do not receive a salary and who have time to devote to these activities. We think of students, unemployed people, housewives, or even retired people, who will find in the ten solutions proposed here what they need to generate a certain profit to replenish their Paypal account.

Those who are new to Paypal should know that the balance stored in your account can be used for purchases on most of the sites on the net and that the system is among the most secure in the world. And if you don’t want to spend the money on online purchases, you can simply transfer it to your bank account and add to it as if it were a small extra salary.

If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, opening one is free and only takes a few minutes.

You now know ten methods that explain to you how to earn Paypal money! Don’t hesitate to share with us your experiences and your earnings with Paypal in the comments. See you soon!

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