How to earn in Instagram for a newbie without investing 8 ways

How to make Instagram in Ukraine and abroad? Earn in Instagram under the power of a newbie without investment? Many people dream of promoting their profile and earning good money on it. Let’s figure out how to do this without investing large sums.

Instagram is a vast and compelling advertising platform. In mid-2019, the number of users has passed the 700 million mark, and according to statistics, about 65% of users “hang out” there every day! In 2020-2021, the audience continued to grow uncontrollably – it has passed the 1 billion mark. This social network has a paying audience, often shopping online. So why don’t you take advantage of it?

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How to earn in Instagram

Let’s look at how to start making money on Instagram without investing.

Instructions on how to make money on Instagram
The stages will be as follows:

Choosing an offerer
Link creation
Selection of hashtags
Preparing the account
Searching and creating pictures
Compiling post description
Ways to promote Instagram:

  1. The choice of the offer or what to earn on Instagram?
    Considering the vast number of users of Instagram, you can say that you can sell EVERYTHING here but take your time. The advertising of some goods has long been faded on the IntInternetnd many of these goods already have a lot of negative feedback. Of course, some people will be hearing about this product for the first time and can buy it without looking at the reviews of those who have already used it and were not satisfied. But there will not be many of them. So let’s offer people only the product in demand, and that entered the market not so long ago and is still familiar to very few people in 2020.

Let’s look at two examples and learn how to determine the demand for a product today: Razor x-trim and a means to lose weight Eco Slim.

To get statistics, let’s use and to find out popular queries on the IntInternetStatistics – Razor x-trim.

We can see that this product appeared on the Internet in October 2016 and reached its peak popularity in January 2019. The razor was not of excellent quality because, after just three months, its demand began to drop dramatically. It’s no longer worth taking up this product.

Eco Slim slimming product statistics

Since April 2019, the remedy smoothly began to gain momentum and reached the pinnacle of popularity in July. Today, even though many fakes have appeared on the intInternethis, the product sells very well! Check the products you choose!

How to earn in Instagram

How to earn in Instagram as a beginner without investment: instruction

  1. Creating a link
    When choosing a landing page, remember that people who will go to it do it mostly from mobile devices, so we are interested only in adaptive landing pages.

If you have your website, create a page with a detailed description of the product and a call to action.

  1. Hashtag selection
    To select hashtags, there are many different services.

You can find a database of popular hashtags at:

Complex paid services for promotion on Instagram with a 7-day free period to get acquainted: Bridgit. Me,,

You can also try to collect hashtags yourself. To do this, you need to know how to use the browser console on your computer. For example, let’s take Manila. First, you need to define a class with tags, and then in the console, enter the code below (the course should be replaced with the real one).

Use related hashtags as well.

Collect all the hashtags on your topic, arrange them by decreasing the frequency of publication (numbers under the hashtags), and divide them into three groups, 25-30 hashtags in each. The first group will be hashtagged with a very high frequency, the second medium-frequency, and the third low-frequency.

Prepare hashtags for your target audience, which in the future, you will promote your account. If it is a means to lose weight, then your target audience will be primarily women, so the hashtags will be about this:

  1. Preparing your account
    Having created an account, remember that you started it to make money on Instagram! Therefore, you need to prepare it so that the person immediately understands what you offer him.

“Name” and “Username” must display information about the product.

In the “About Me” field, write brief information about the product and preferably the benefits the person will receive by ordering this product from you (150 characters are allowed).

How to earn in Instagram steps

Make money on Instagram as a beginner without an investment file.

  1. Searching and creating pictures
    Next, we collect images of the product that we will sell through Instagram. This can be done by typing the product’s name in a search engine and opening pictures or by saving images from the advertised page (landing page).

Open “Photoshop,” create a new document with a size of 1024×1024 pixels, but the image of the product there, and save it in JPG or PNG format.

If there is only one product, try to find images of it in different variants:

in a box;
without the box;
next to the TV;
In someone’s hands.
If there are several products, for example, a small catalog of watches, or a catalog of some brand of toilet water, then find images of each item and create a different picture to upload to Instagram.

  1. Writing a post description.

If there is only one product, you can prepare the description for all the pictures in the same way. If you have, for example, a catalog of the clock, then write a short description of the hours in the image and be sure to insert the shipping information. You can specify the price, but I do not do it because I think it is better to let people go to the page and look at all the information about the product, and then the more likely that he was “turn” the proposal.

  1. Posting
    Now that we’re all set, we will upload all the photos and the file with the texts and hashtags to your phone or tablet.

No, we will not throw in Instagram all the photos simultaneously, one by one. It will be enough to put 2-3 shots a day at different times.

This is done so that you can engage in their promotion between the uploads of photos and find out when it is better to publish the rest of the pictures based on the time when your target audience is more responsive to the publication likes and subscriptions.

How to earn in Instagram
  1. Ways to promote Instagram.
    Here we get to the most critical topic – ways to promote Instagram. This is what you will be doing daily since you uploaded your first photo.

You can “manually” promote your Instagram account, but it’s long and tedious. It is easier and more effective to register with an exceptional service that will automatically do everything.

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