How to disable read receipts for Facebook messages

Using Facebook Messenger is an easy way to access anyone who has a Facebook page. Whether you’re using it in your only message source or as a way to connect directly with friends and family, the ability to customize your privacy within the app is limited.

Facebook Messenger has many benefits for other messaging applications. Unfortunately, users cannot disable read receipts. This can be a concern for many users, as they do not have time or do not want to reply to a message.

Facebook read receipts

Every time you open a new message with Facebook Messenger, the sender is notified by changing the recipient’s icon. Unread messages are circled in gray with a checkmark; read messages will show the recipient’s profile picture.

Facebook developers have not added software to the app to disable their read receipts. This is because they want users to feel compelled to respond.

Although you cannot disable read receipts, there are workarounds available. Checking the content without notifying the sender that you’ve read the message means you can reply later when you have more time or nothing.

Alternative solutions to hide reading receipts

Tech-savvy people always find ways to get around the barriers set by application developers. Although workarounds require more time and energy, users who want an application to work in a certain way will benefit from the following options.

Airplane mode

The simplest and easiest option to read a message without alerting the sender is to use the airplane mode method. Every phone, laptop, or tablet should have this option in the quick settings menu.

Airplane mode turns off the network on your device. If someone has sent you a message and you want to check the content without replying, you can follow these steps:

  1. Do not open the message; Put the device in airplane mode
  2. Once you are in airplane mode (the icon at the top or bottom should reflect this), open the letter and read it
  3. Close the application or exit the web browser tab where the Facebook message is located
  4. Turn airplane mode off again

This is a tried and true method of reading Facebook messages without the read receipt. Although it is one more step, it is worth it if you do not answer.

Drop-down notification bar

This is common sense but not very effective if the message has more than one sentence. You can display the notification bar and read a preview of the sent message. Reading the news through the notification bar will not send the read receipt.

If you choose to use this method, be careful not to open the message, the alert will be sent, and you will be forced to respond.

Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions allow desktop users to bypass developer barriers. Adding the “Invisible” extension to your Chrome browser may take a bit more work, but it is effective at removing read receipts.

First of all, if you turned off read receipts, it wouldn’t prevent others from keeping yours turned on and receiving notifications about your messages. Disabling read receipts would only prevent you from receiving information about other people’s messages. And to be honest, Facebook won’t even let you do that much.

  1. Visit the Chrome virtual store to download the extension
  2. Click Access.
  3. Click Continue as (your name).
  4. Check your messages.

Unfortunately, this extension only works while you are using it. It will not be adequate for the application on your mobile device.

Mobile apps

You can download the Unseen – No Last Seen app to hide your read receipts on Facebook Messenger for Apple and Android smartphones.

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to start the download. Once the app is downloaded and launched, follow the setup process.

The Unseen App hosts all your messaging app data in one place. When a message is received, it will be forwarded to the app, allowing you to read your messages without being detected.

The following messaging apps are included:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • KakaoTalk
  • Imo

You will need to allow this app to access all of your information and messages within the apps listed above to use Unseen. Once set up, all of your messages can be read within this app, which means it won’t send read receipts through Facebook Messenger.

Last option: disable Facebook Messenger

Although this is not an ideal option, some users have decided to stop using Facebook Messenger because they cannot control their read receipts.

You can no longer deactivate your Facebook messenger without deactivating your Facebook page. If you would like to delete your Facebook page, we have an article for you. There are options to keep your Facebook page active without having Messenger for most of you.

Option 1:

The first option is to remove the application from your phone. Although your friends and family will still message you, they won’t bother you.

Option 2:

Go to the settings in Messenger and uncheck the “Show Asset” option. This will discourage people from messaging you on Facebook.

If you want to avoid the inability of developers to hide read receipts on Facebook Messenger, there are a few ways to do it. Unfortunately, like most workarounds, you will have to work a little harder to achieve this.

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