How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

YouTube is a hosting platform and social network on which users can watch, share or comment on videos. It can link users’ different video sequences under the same public profile for easier access. Youtube is one of the most visited platforms every month, with a staggering number of more than 1 billion users. It was created in 2005 and then acquired by Google in 2006, making it one of the most crucial search engines.

In addition, creating your YouTube channel is free and accessible to everyone. The YouTube platform is considered to have exciting content with original and quality videos; they are usually shared on other social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
In addition, it is a platform that can be used for e-commerce, selling products, and advertising brands, all of which make it attractive and beneficial for commercial enterprises.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

Why should you create your YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel can offer anyone looking to start a business. Through a YouTube channel, some companies can increase their profit image, product sales, and marketing services in video format. YouTube channels provide dynamic and responsive images for industry professionals.

A YouTube channel allows professional companies to have a strong brand image through intensive video presentations. It somehow facilitates the acquisition of subscribers through natural references.

And, of course, YouTube provides you with an accessible interface to the service, no matter what kind of activity you are doing there. In other words, you have the freedom to act, whether it’s adding videos or music, and you won’t be charged anything.

In addition to being completely free, it is available to everyone and can be found in almost every new generation of computer tools. As a result, it is possible to reach more potential customers and further expand your marketing campaigns to cannibalize parts of the market. YouTube is visited by millions of visitors every day. It is a popular platform. In addition, you have free access to specific Google platforms such as Google Adsense, Google+, and Google Analytics. Anything that benefits you and your business.

Tips for creating a YouTube channel

It is crucial to develop an action plan and set goals to create your YouTube channel. You should define strategic points before setting up a chain. These different strategies must be relevant to your video content and the target audience you want to target.

These are the criteria you must follow before taking action or running a campaign on your YouTube channel.
Create an editorial line for his channel
A specific channel of interest or target must be created to structure your YouTube channel properly. This editorial line can serve as a path between the different concepts you want to convey or the values you want to highlight.

Your goal is to gain a good reputation through your YouTube channel and let everyone know about it so that you have good visibility. Anything that will provide your business with a superior brand image.

This editorial line will be your target area, communication area, who you are, and the route you want to follow. In addition, respecting your editorial line will allow you to have a constant goal for your business. The absence of an editorial line will often weaken your brand image.

The editorial line will address all the terms you will cover, the quality of the topics you will discuss, the different tones you will use on your YouTube channel. You should then implement an editorial line related to your channel’s generic advertising policy. This standard may be related to the content and different publication formats.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

Diversify your channel’s content and publications

For Internet users to never get bored with your YouTube publications and always be happy to follow them, it is good to change your content. Offer something new every day to keep them interested in what you are doing. It’s important to differentiate between your publications, tutorials, and live videos. Pay attention to innovation and bring something different.

If you want to capture the attention of Internet users, you must create some form of independence. Differentiate yourself from others and tell something new, your experience or your quality. For example, you can tell a real story in a story that touches the emotional side of your Internet users.

Have careful and relevant content

Creating your YouTube channel must consider the brand image you want to highlight. Implementing a strategy to highlight your visual identity to reflect your brand image best is good.

When we talk about careful content, we refer to the suitable clever graphics around your concept.

Once the design of your YouTube channel is complete, it’s fun to promote it through several channels such as

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Banners and media ads: consisting of pre-roll ads; ads that play before or after the main video. Anything that raises your visibility.
Connecting your channel with online influencers is an exciting approach because it allows you to promote your brand.
Build a creative fund for your YouTube channel
Creating your YouTube channel is indeed free, but you must consider the various additional costs that may arise when it goes live.

There are bound to be costs associated with collaborations, influencers, and even video creation costs. This is indeed all costs that may apply to devices such as cameras, microphones, and even all decorations. Despite all the invested expenses, the most exciting thing remains the long-term return on investment.

In fact, through this chain, your company will be able to generate thousands of euros thanks to the visibility you create for it. In addition, you will gain a significant market share, which will allow you to position yourself more and more in a highly competitive market.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

How to create your YouTube channel?

By creating a YouTube channel, you will benefit from an excellent public image on the platform. Its creation will help you upload videos, post comments, or create playlists. YouTube channels can be made through computer tools such as tablets, smartphones, or computers.

To create your YouTube channel, you must follow a few steps.

Go to YouTube and sign in.

To create your YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account beforehand. If you already have a Google account, it’s easy to do this. Otherwise, go to Google. Just type “create a Google or Gmail account” into the search bar. Follow the instructions, and that’s it! You have a Gmail account!

Then go to the YouTube platform and connect to the Google account you created earlier. However, there will be a process to confirm your account via email or SMS. Also, don’t forget to have your phone with you to ensure this activity goes smoothly.

So the first thing to do is to go to the YouTube platform and click on the link “create an account or open an account.” At the email address level, it is best to use a professional email address for your event. This email address must be private and used as a mailing address.

If you want to become a YouTube influencer, you may consider entering the email address as a company address.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

Setting up your YouTube channel

The YouTube settings icon is located in the upper right corner of your profile. Look for your profile wheel or gear. In Settings, click on My Channels and click Create YouTube Channel.
You can create your YouTube channel using your first and last name or even your company or brand name in the options. Follow the options and write down all the items you can insert.

In the registration option, it is evident that you must set a password. Choose a password that is hard to crack and easy for you. It is better to include words, symbols, and numbers. Please write it down somewhere, so you don’t forget it.

Then enter your phone number; this method is a double authentication of your account to ensure good protection.

Then click on “Next” and accept the confidentiality rules proposed therein.

In addition, you only need to verify your channel to use some additional features. Verify the last status, i.e., “Status and Characteristics.”

After confirming the message sent to you, you will verify your YouTube account.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

What is the description chart?

After creating your YouTube channel, you will need an illustration image to make your YouTube channel more relevant. The idea of your YouTube channel plays a vital role in the perception of your subscribers.

It emphasizes.

The personality and even the originality of your channel.
The communication, the ideas you convey.
The valuable data or information you provide.
In addition, the use of simple and effective banners is very aesthetically pleasing. The image of your artwork should be an unambiguous, not excessive, idea. It reflects what you do and who you are.

In addition, the size of your artwork image must conform to specific graphic standards. The default size is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Thus, your image will fit nicely on any screen because it can be well centered and look lovely. You can use the Canvas application to resize the idea to do this.

In addition, add an intro video to your channel to highlight the different activities you will be doing. For example, you can add a small trailer. Make a good description, that’s it, great!

How to choose the name of your YouTube channel?
The choice of your YouTube channel name is crucial, as it represents the first identifier for your potential customers. More importantly, when deciding on the name of your YouTube channel, it should reflect what you do. It would help if you chose a name that is creative and compelling.

For it.List your traits.

How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?
How to create your YouTube channel and imagine a good name?

Creating your YouTube channel is about selling your brand image. Therefore, the name of your channel must lead your users to follow you. Use words that fit and apply to your illustrated embodiments. Adapt your name to the type of channel you want to make. This name may depend on whether your account is a comedy or a chronicle account. You can use funny words like “Mr. tartuffe, Mr. tataro,” etc.

Try a one-word name

It’s best to use a one-word YouTube channel name. Most YouTube channels use this style, and viewers more or less like it. They can easily remember it and remember it. Use simple and effective words like “advice, health, cooking,” etc.

If you can’t get the channel name right, play with puns; or by reversing words on top of each other or simply changing their layout.

In the worst case, using the YouTube name generator on the web, you will have the right to get multiple names as proposals depending on the type of activity you are doing.


Creating your YouTube channel today is very simple. You can do it immediately. The most important thing is to find a name that is relevant to the activity you are doing. You can have an attractive YouTube channel and enjoy it with your subscribers. You will be able to share your videos, run campaigns for your brand and company, and of course, earn money.

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