How to Create the Amazon Affiliate Store in WordPress

This mix of affiliate marketing and e-commerce is precisely what you get when starting an Amazon affiliate store. Thanks to the incredible flexibility of WordPress and its popular store plugins and Amazon’s affiliate program – Amazon Associates, it’s not that hard to get started.

In this article, we will show you:

How does an Amazon affiliate store work?

When you have a regular online store, people who visit it and buy products do so directly from you – they find the products, create the order, and usually pay on your website. However, with an affiliate store, you are more or less helping your visitors find the products – the actual purchases take place on Amazon.

You get a commission – a few percentage points of the product price, so you get paid. The seller makes a sale, so he’s happy too. Amazon takes its cut and remains profitable, making its shareholders and Jeff Bezos happy. It’s a situation where everyone benefits, even if some help much more than others.

To have a functioning Amazon affiliate store, you need to join Amazon Associates, the retail giant’s affiliate program. But to join the program, you must first create a website. Let’s see how you can create a website ready to become a beautiful affiliate store.

How to create an affiliate store with WordPress

When you apply to join the Amazon Associates program, one of the things you will need to include with the application is a link to your publicly available website. So, first of all, you will need to find a reliable hosting provider to host your website. Some will offer easy WordPress installation. Others will offer managed WordPress hosting. Find one that has what you need at a price you can live with.

Next, you will need to obtain a domain name. For this part, you will need the services of a registrar, although your host may also provide this service. Make sure you pick a good one – a domain name isn’t something you want to change often.

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Installing a website can also go very quickly – manual installation takes a few minutes, and your web host may provide a two-click facility that will happen even faster. You can install an online store WordPress theme, and you’ll be almost good to go.

The remaining step is the most important – installing an e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce is the pack leader for WordPress online store plugins, and it offers features that are way ahead of what competitors have to offer. We’ve created a comprehensive WooCommerce guide that you’ll want to refer to during installation and setup.

You should have a website to include at the end of this process in your Amazon Associates application.

How to Join the Amazon Associates Program

Signing up for Amazon Associates is as easy as going to the right page and creating an account. It would be best if you didn’t waste time and energy worrying about completing the application, especially not when you have to worry about meeting Amazon’s criteria for the program and determining the products you want to sell.

Amazon will have specific requirements for your website. There are types of content that you may not host or promote, such as sexually explicit content containing violence, anything that is defamatory, illegal, abusive, or directed at children. So you will need to maintain a clean and family-friendly website.

In addition to that, you will also need to make sure that the website only hosts original content. Amazon has the discretionary right to allow you to participate in the program or to prohibit you from participating – it is ultimately up to them. Don’t worry, though, as you may be able to reapply even if you’re rejected, provided you were left for inappropriate content. Other reasons for rejection make it considerably more challenging to reapply.

How to add products to your website

Once you join the Amazon Associates program, you will have access to links to help Amazon track sales coming from your website. For Amazon to do this and for sales to come from your website, you need to let people click on links on your website and be redirected to an Amazon page. With a blog, you would use anchor text for this.

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But you are creating an online store, and WooCommerce is installed, so there is a different option. External or affiliate products are among the many product types supported by WooCommerce. To add one, you can navigate to Products > Add New, then navigate to Product Data and choose External/Affiliate Product.

Once you have selected an affiliate product, you will see the Product URL field where you can enter the affiliate URL you obtained on your Amazon Associates profile. If you’re not sure where to get it, look for a yellow “Get Link” button in your Amazon Associates dashboard.

People will see a button on your website that will allow them to visit Amazon and purchase the product. You will be able to choose the text on this button. However, you won’t be able to select the price because it’s determined on Amazon, not your store, and Amazon has stringent rules about displaying prices. You can leave these fields blank.

You are almost done. Adding the link to the product is one thing, but adding the copy to it and its image or image gallery is entirely different. Remember that with online stores, images sell, but descriptions matter too.

Luckily for you, it’s still possible to look for inspiration on the Amazon product page itself, at least for the copy. The images will come from Amazon, so there is no need to worry about that.

With this, you can click on the “publish” button, and you have officially created an Amazon Affiliate Store, or at the very least added the first product in your store, which happens to be an Amazon Associate product.

Let’s get it over with!

Setting up an Amazon affiliate store is a quick and easy way to turn your website, whether it’s a blog, business website, or another store, into a place that serves as a gateway for all kinds of Amazon products. You can take advantage of all the choices this gives you in several ways.

You can, for example, only sell seasonal items during this time of year. You can watch bestsellers and try to get into this game or search for upcoming products and highlight them. No matter how secure it seems, running an Amazon affiliate store can be very exciting, and it can only be one facet of your website.

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