How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

Your online store’s logo doesn’t seem necessary to your shopping experience. After all, your customers are only interested in your products. In reality, your e-commerce store’s logo is an essential element of your branding strategy. For such a small composition, the impact that a well-crafted logo can have on your brand image and online store cannot be underestimated. Whether you design it yourself or seek the help of professionals, it is essential to have an excellent logo for your online store. With this in mind, we will provide you with different steps to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store.

What is an online store?

Before we discuss the definition of an online store, let’s look at what e-commerce is. The term e-commerce or e-business refers to various business transactions that take place remotely through digital media. These different transactions (sales and purchases) that occur over the Internet can be for goods or services.

When you think of e-commerce, the first thing that comes to mind is an online store. This store has the same characteristics as a brick-and-mortar store but online. Also known as an e-commerce site, an online store has its products displayed by a merchant. When a visitor arrives at the merchant’s website and wishes to place an order, he selects the exciting developments and pays online through a payment gateway.

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

How important is a logo?

The power of a logo lies in its visual essence. There are many reasons you should consider creating a logo for your online store. A logo.

Reinforces your brand awareness

Represents your company values

Increases credibility and trust

Enhances customer loyalty

Having a logo alone is not enough to create your brand identity. Your logo is memorable and visible in many media. It makes you stand out. Creating sloppy and haphazard logos can easily damage the image of your website. On the other hand, a well-designed, sophisticated logo will show buyers your credibility and professionalism. In doing so, it all depends on the art and design of your logo.

What are the different types of logos available?

Not all online stores use the same type of logo to represent their brand. To stand out, you can choose from various categories of symbols.

Mascots: These are logos with illustrated characters. These are usually colorful and funny, like cartoons.

Letter combinations: designs that consist of letters only. They usually use the initials of the brand name it represents. Ideal when the term of the online store is long.

Logos or keywords/word symbols: contain only the online store’s name. They are suitable for companies with short, unique, and easy-to-remember names.

Pictogram: Essentially represented by an image.

Abstract logo: A class derived from the pictogram logo. However, instead of using recognizable images, abstract forms are used.

Combination: This is usually a combination of two types of logos into one.

Emblem: As the name implies, anything represents a badge, emblem, seal, etc. These types of logos usually have a traditional look. However, some companies are happy to modernize their designs to fit the current graphic trends.

How to create a logo for your online store?

There are several ways to create a logo for your online store. It all depends on the resources you can allocate for logo creation. First, you can create your logo. Logo creation tools allow you to design a free stamp with just a few clicks. If you do not have graphic design skills, you can seek the services of a designer to help you with your design. Another option you can use is to use the services of a graphic design agency. You can also use an online editor or use an online logo maker.

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

What are the characteristics of an effective logo?

You have decided to create a logo for your online store. How do you recognize a good logo? An effective logo is

Attractive and professional: It should appeal to your target audience and demonstrate professionalism. Your logo should reflect your corporate image and inspire a sense of trust in your customers.

Memorable and straightforward: Your logo should be designed to be simple and easily recognizable. This allows the public to remember it without difficulty because it is clean, elegant, and not overloaded.

Unique: Be original. Avoid overly obvious design choices.

Consistent and appropriate: To create an effective logo, you need to know your target audience to understand what works for them.

Versatile and adaptable: Your logo must be versatile and flexible to all media types (digital and print). You do not have to use your logo only in your online store. To optimize the effectiveness of your logo, it must match and adapt to all media in its context.

Aesthetics: Whether your logo is black, white, or color, it must be aesthetically pleasing. The color aspect is essential. However, it would help if you also were prepared for your logo to be displayed in grayscale. Once the color fades, your message should not be unreadable.

Innovation: In your design, dare! Don’t follow trends and create something new.

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

Timeless: Your logo should have a design that will stand the test of time. If you want your business to last for a while, it doesn’t rely on modern trends. Consider designing a logo that will still be effective even after many years.

Online Store: Steps to create a beautiful logo

Here are the steps to create and have a beautiful logo for your online sales site.

Take inspiration from competitors or well-known brands

Not sure where to start when creating a logo for your online store? Don’t you have a specific idea? Start by looking for inspiration from what you are already doing. Draw inspiration from logos of famous brands, competitors, or symbols that you admire. It’s always fun to draw inspiration from what other people and companies do.

In addition, you can visit certain websites to learn about current trends and how to position your design. Take enough time to immerse yourself in what has been done. Pay attention to the logos that catch your eye and see what you want (symbols, acronyms, your company’s full name ……). Then use them as a starting point for your thinking.

Identify your target audience.

Knowing what your customers want will help you create a logo that matches your audience. Knowing their tastes is one of the many things to consider when making an appealing and unique logo. What message does your logo want to convey about your business, and how will it do so? By creating an attractive logo and giving a clear message, you will increase visibility.

Choose the right colors.

Make the right first impression on new shoppers by choosing colors that reflect your brand’s offerings. By using color effectively, you will evoke emotions in your buyers. The color of a logo can influence a visitor’s buying decision. Are your colors bright, cheerful, dark, temperamental, contrasting, monochromatic, or neutral? Do they complement each other? Using a suitable color scheme, simply by looking at your logo, customers will understand what’s in your online store. Most importantly, remember to reflect your logo colors in your online store’s color scheme and overall design.

It’s also essential that your logo is not only color-based. Sometimes your logo is displayed in black and white on other media. If certain parts become unreadable by changing the logo to black and white or grayscale, plan to use more contrasting colors.

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

Select a shape

Select the shape your logo will have.



They are.





Choosing the right typography

Choosing a very readable font for your online store logo is essential. The readability and comprehensibility of the logo message depend on the font. Choose a font with clear, clean lines, just like a sans serif font. If you doubt the font’s readability, look away from your computer and see if the logo is still readable from a distance.

Also, don’t use extended fonts to complicate the task of those who will see your logo. Typically, logos use Serif, Sans Serif, and Script.

Selecting symbols

Using these symbols, you will quickly communicate your online store offer. If you want to use one, choose something that matches your store’s products and the other elements of the logo.

Of course, it’s essential to make your logo stand out. However, you don’t want it to be too cluttered or have superfluous elements. This can limit your marketing efforts.

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

Make the logo versatile.

Versatility is critical when it comes to designing your logo. The shape of your logo must be able to adapt to different media. This means you should choose a format that can be scaled up or down without compromising the design. Regardless of the size or color, make sure it is straightforward to read. Also, remember to avoid overly flashy and showy images and fonts. Your vision may look good at large, but it will become blurry once scaled down.

Use logo creation tools

Several tools, software, and free and paid programs can help you create beautiful logos for your online store.


Free logo design

Billion Dollar Designs

Square Logo

Funky Logo Generator

Canva (create standard logos)

adobe illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

How to build my online store?

Maybe you are planning to develop an online clothing store? Here are some steps to follow. To make your store, assume that you already have an accurate idea of the products you want to sell, conduct market research and develop your business plan.

Choose the legal form for your online store.

You must have legal status to open an online store. Depending on your goals, there are several appropriate statuses. The most recommended is the automatic entrepreneur status for those who wish to devote only part of their time to their activities. For more detailed information on the different company statuses, click here.

Choose a reliable supplier.

If you want to sell without inventory, it is best to choose a direct sales model. You must work with reliable suppliers who can provide you with quality products to do so.

Choose an online store creation platform.

Although creating an online store costs little at first, using a platform is not free. You can use a CMS in a SaaS model, such as Shopify, or an open-source CMS, such as Prestashop. when you choose an e-commerce solution, you must

Register on the platform

Choose an online store template

Customize the design of your online store

Import products into your store

Connect a payment gateway

Configure delivery settings

Selecting custom domains

Publish your e-commerce site

Start selling

How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?
How to create and have a beautiful logo for your online store?

In summary

Creating a logo for your online store can be very time-consuming. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged when you don’t have a clear idea at first. Brainstorm sessions and repeatedly resume to come up with the perfect picture. Also, after creating your logo, strongly consider registering your trademark to avoid trouble with your online store. Not having your logo copyrighted will expose you to malicious competitors. Finally, take action now.

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