How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?

How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?

Creating an Internet store requires a little time and a certain amount of money. Indeed, although there are free ways to create your own website. You should know that to really start your online store, you have to invest a little money. Even if it is just to fulfill the contracts of your future company.

In this case, we suggest to provide you with some advice on how to proceed so that you can at most create your own Internet store, with or without stock.

Online stores - ask yourself the right questions before you start
Online stores – ask yourself the right questions before you start

A few things to consider before setting up your online store

Before launching your online store, you must ask yourself a few questions to determine if you are on the right track.

Starting an online store is a paid operation (“time is money”, isn’t it!) ) and requires a certain amount of motivation (and therefore a certain amount of enthusiasm). Therefore, you should ask yourself some basic questions that will help you briefly define your project and your intentions.

The following are the kinds of questions you absolutely must ask yourself.

Which area should I start investing in?

Do I have to manage the inventory of products to be sold?

How long can I dedicate to this activity?

What technology base can I rely on?

For each of these questions, we will try to clarify the questions that may arise regarding the method chosen to create your Internet store.

Which area should I start investing in?

Your first concern is how much money you have to start with.

Do you have some savings that you can rely on? Or will you have to relate to your own energy and your elbow grease?

As we told you before, you can now create an internet store for free. Indeed, there are free solutions. However, if you want to open a store, you will still need to invest some money in order to access it on the Internet.

It is possible to execute your project without savings, but it requires a lot of motivation and a lot of personal work. Nothing is really expensive when you are successful on the internet …… it just takes time!

What do you think is the use of outsourcing website maintenance for individual companies? It is just maintaining their own activities among other projects.

Online Shop - Compliance with procedures is critical
Online Shop – Compliance with procedures is critical

Do I have to manage the inventory of products to be sold?

The second question you need to ask yourself is the result of the first one. Do you plan to open an online store with or without inventory?

To answer this question, you need to decide which of the following three questions is best for you.

Getting wholesale products to resell in small orders, in other words, becoming a retailer.
Becoming a wholesaler, which means you have to sell in large quantities
Creating an Internet store, which means you have to offer products without buying them. Therefore, you have to manage the relevant inventory.
Of course, if you have little or no savings, then you should use the third solution for creating an Internet store.

How much time can I invest?

The third question also concerns the budget that can be allocated to the creation of websites. You should not invest a lot of money without having time to develop them and devote yourself to this task.

This answer may seem simple, but it is crucial. If you invest, it is best to have time to make your expenses profitable.

Online store - use the best tools
Online store – use the best tools

What technology base can I rely on?

This question is the fourth and final question to ask yourself if you plan to create an Internet store. Be careful to preserve your qualities and skills. Also, please consider utilizing them at the beginning. Remembering its main points will be a real asset for the motivation this project needs from you.

Also, ask yourself about your technical skills. In fact, there are many options offered as part of creating your Internet store. However, some require technical knowledge, while others are more manageable, but usually more restricted.

Therefore, depending on the budget, time and technical skills you have, will consider using a website creation solution such as Prestashop to create your Internet store. This solution has been proven for several years and can manage a wide range of products. Its downside is its technical complexity, which makes it inaccessible to everyone (you have to manage hosting, development, etc.).

On the other hand, when you don’t have the technical skills or your wallet is limited, we recommend you to opt for a subscription. In fact, this solution will allow you to easily create your own Internet store without technical skills.

The monthly cost without taxes varies between 20Dollar and 30Dollar, which allows you to test your market and see if online commerce is right for you. It’s really a matter of starting a business without taking a huge financial risk.

How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?
How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?

Actions taken

Creating and launching an Internet store involves following certain procedures. As you know, France is an administrative country. For this reason, some steps are purely administrative. Other steps, on the other hand, will be mainly used to validate the idea.

Choice of legal structure
Before any step, it is necessary to define the legal form of your company.

It is crucial to have an identity before opening an Internet store. Therefore, if you only need to devote a few hours to your store during the week, then a self-employed status will be sufficient at the beginning. This is also the case if the store is designed to provide you with extraordinary income only.

In fact, with this status, you can have a turnover of up to 160,000 euros per year. In other words, this status will basically allow you to supplement your income.

On the other hand, if you want to quickly add value to your activity, and if you intend to invest time and money, then you’d better consider creating an EURL or SAS. this status will allow you to finance yourself and organize your retirement. It will make it easier for you to access the providers at ……

How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?
How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?

Choose your provider

When you better understand the legal structure that allows you to manage your Internet store, you will have to do a lot of work to choose your future provider.

Therefore, if you intend to create a Dropshipping Internet store, it is very important to choose your supplier carefully. The quality of your products and the trust of your customers depend on it. In order to choose the right Dropshipping provider, please read my article on the subject. Here you will find practical tips for choosing the best provider (e.g. Aliexpress).

In addition, regardless of the structure or your activity, we strongly recommend that you consider choosing a provider that will support you on a legal level. There are many hard-working companies on the Internet. These companies can satisfy your needs for up to tens of euros per month. Therefore, they will free you from many topics such as CNIL statements, CGV developments, legal notices, etc.

Do not settle for the first offer you find on the Internet. Research, compare and, above all, get to know the quality of the supplier you choose. Work with them as long as they are capable!

Choose the right solution for creating an online store

In order to be able to sell on the Internet, you need to have an online store. In order to create an Internet store, you have two options.

Use a proprietary CMS, such as Prestashop, Magento or Drupal.
Use a subscription solution, such as Wix, Wizishop, Shopify or Dropizi (for direct sales).
Now, let’s look at the benefits of the two solutions you can use.

Use an open source CMS (Content Management System) to improve your Internet store
Use exclusive software such as Prestashop or Magento. This type of software will allow you to create a completely customized Internet store. The major e-commerce sites use one of two options.

Their advantage is reflected in the fact that you become the full owner of the site. In addition, you have a website that matches your tastes. Therefore, even if you stop doing business, this is an asset you can sell.

The disadvantage of these options is their price and technicality. Indeed, to get off to a good start, you must first have the start-up capital. These solutions convey the idea of free, but in reality, they are not completely free. To have a successful store, it is necessary to have a specific design and new features.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you provide funds to fix the various faults that may occur on your website. In fact, to correct these anomalies, you must pay the developer up to 50 to 100 euros per hour for the work he does to solve these problems himself.

For beginners, it is recommended to use the Prestashop solution. Since it is a French solution, there is a large amount of documentation on the Internet with tips and brochures that can help you. There are also experts who can help you according to your various needs.

How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?
How to create an internet store as a local artisan or maker?

Use a subscription solution for your online store

If your budget prevents you from investing in an open source CMS, we recommend using a subscription solution such as Wix, Wizishop, Dropizi, Shopify, etc.

Thanks to these systems, specialized skills become unnecessary. In fact, they allow you to create your website in a matter of minutes based on a design that suits your needs. Moreover, if there is a slight problem with your website, simply contact your after-sales service and the problem will be solved without any charge to you. Another positive benefit is that you don’t have to manage the hosting of the store. This is because these are “turnkey” formulas.

In addition, you can know exactly how much your website will cost. Because the cost of creating a store using Wix eCommerce is 20 Euros per month. 27 Euros per month for Wizishop, excluding VAT. 29 Euros per month for Shopify, excluding VAT. All these solutions offer the prospect of creating an Internet store, while perfectly controlling the costs involved. In principle, you should not add any additional costs to them.

Their main drawback is that you will become a tenant. Therefore, as long as you use the system to sell your products, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. One of the drawbacks is at the invoice level. Some solutions charge a commission for the sales you make. For example, Wizishop and Shopify will ask you to pay 2% of your sales. If you take out a higher subscription, that percentage may be lower. However, this is not the case with Wix eCommerce.

Choose a name for your online store

To start your career as an entrepreneur on the Internet, you need to choose a name for your website. Therefore, you have to purchase a domain name and all its extensions.

At first glance, a domain name is very valuable for an online store. In fact, this domain name has a different impact on the future activity of your website.


After reading this article, you may be wondering if it is really possible to open an online store. Maybe you want to know if opening this store is free. In fact, as you will see, there are multiple steps you need to follow in order to make your business work in the best possible way.

Starting an e-commerce site does not seem to be complicated. The most important thing is to find interesting products. Then you need to showcase them in order to sell them well. Above all, do not hesitate to surround yourself with internet marketing professionals. In particular, you can get help in getting started.

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