How to create an ETSY store - step by step

How to create an ETSY store – step by step

The Internet has allowed endless options for those who want to have extra income. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-time entrepreneur, a hobby, or just because an idea came up, and you want to see how it goes. There is always a place to sell everything you want, and this time we will talk about how to create a store on Etsy.

If you have a business idea and want to sell a product that you make yourself or use to make other things, we have the platform for you. Now, selling online is straightforward, and you need to create an account on the Etsy platform.

What is ETSY, and how does it work?

Etsy is a platform that was born in 2005 to sell handmade products, materials to make items, or to promote antiques and vintage products. That is to say, and if you develop your products in any of these three options, this platform is for you.

Creating a store on this platform is free, and its costs are meager. Below, we will explain all this and its benefits if what you sell are handmade items.

How to create an ETSY store - step by step

1 What does ETSY mean

It is said that its name has no specific meaning; one of its creators just wanted something meaningless, and while watching an Italian film, he heard a lot of the word “ETSI,” which means “eh, yes,” and in French or Spanish, it translates “What if.” And that was the name he gave to the platform.

2. Is it profitable to sell on ETSY?

The features and benefits that ETSY provides you with are many compared to other platforms. For example, a significant one is a support that gives you the same venue. Someone who does not know anything about you will feel safer knowing that there is a backup.

In addition, the commissions paid are meager. It is not the same as having a physical store to reach a few than to have a free online store to reach thousands of people from different countries. They pay a minimum percentage for your sales.

Likewise, it gives the possibility of having a website where you can administer and manage everything related to the products, communicate with potential customers, and advertise what you sell.

3. How to create a store on ETSY

To create a store on ETSY, you need to open an account on the platform. Which, as we said before, is free. Additionally, you can create it from scratch with the forum or by linking your Facebook or Gmail account.

How to create an ETSY store - step by step

3.1. Requirements to sell on Etsy

It can be said that there are no requirements to be part of this community. You only need to be an artisan and entrepreneur willing to give the world the ideas you create. The most important thing is to always keep in mind what Etsy is looking for: to sell handmade items or unique materials or antiques.

It is not to sell in quantity, nor what is sold in specific markets that anyone can get. Etsy is created for those who are looking for and give something different, items with personal touches, products that are hard to find

3.2. How to open a store on Etsy step by step

Creating a store on Etsy is very easy and will take a few minutes.

The first thing you need to do is to log in to

Then you must decide whether to create an account or link your store with Facebook or Gmail.

How to open an Etsy store

To start, you will be asked for your preferred language and the currency you want to sell in.

How to create an Etsy store

In the next step, you must add images of the products to sell. In other words, create an inventory.

What does Etsy mean

Finally, you can create ads for your products.

What are the Etsy rates?

And also, you must specify what year the product is. This way, you know if it is something recent or vintage or if it is only made to order.

How and what to sell on Etsy without having products

So, you have to create a store on Etsy.

4. What are the rates on Etsy

As we said before, Etsy’s prices for people who sell on the platform are very favorable.

0.20 USD per publication. And this publication is visible for four months or until the end of the total inventory.

When paying with PayPal, a commission of 5% of the total transaction is charged. 

There is also an advertising fee, which is only payable if one of your products is sold thanks to an advertisement. It is 15% which is what Etsy pays by advertising outside the site.

Note: It should be noted that it is not mandatory to access this offsite advertising. It is compulsory only if your sales exceed certain limits in 12 months.

In addition, there are two ways to create a store on Etsy:

Standard: you have the option to create the store, administer and manage everything related to the purchase and sale of products. It is free.

Plus: with a payment of 10 USD per month, you can access other more advanced tools that will help you grow your business.

Discover how to manage and control your expenses in the digital era.

How to create an ETSY store - step by step

5. How and what to sell on ETSY without products

To know what to sell on ETSY, you can be guided by the ideas that other producers have. In addition, you can do a market study to see what people are selling the most of what is most sought after according to the season.

Sometimes you don’t have to have a lot of products since what people sometimes want are unique products, and for that, the good idea is to guide you and make your boards on Pinterest. 

5.1. Affiliate program

In addition to everything we have shown you, Etsy has more to give you. In this case, it is the Etsy affiliate program. In addition to providing you with a space for your products, management and administration, and even advertising, the platform also allows you to be an affiliate. 

To become an affiliate on Etsy, you must sign up; however, keep in mind that not everyone is eligible to be part of this group where you get more information and participate in contests and bonuses.

Being part of the Etsy affiliate program also means getting commissions when a product is sold, thanks to the links you have left on your website.

5.2. Use Pinterest to promote your ETSY store

Suppose you are still missing ideas to create a store on Etsy. You should know that this platform allows you to link your Pinterest account with Etsy. You can upload images of everything you do to Pinterest, and people will be able to reach your Etsy store.

This way you can attract many more customers. Create content, upload eye-catching images, and associate products according to themes, and you will see how your business can grow. The question is always in the content and in generating affinity with your potential customers.

This is a perfect option for those who do not have physical products but have samples of what they have done before. Many artisans make a few samples of the same product.

As you can see, there is more to the Internet than we often think. And this time, we have shown you an excellent platform for those entrepreneurs and artisans looking to sell unique, different, and eye-catching products. Creating an Etsy store is very easy, and it will depend on you and your excellent work how much you can make it grow.

How to create an ETSY store - step by step

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