How to create an effective Pinterest pin?

How to create an effective Pinterest pin?

Apart from being an addictive and inspiring social platform, it is a paradise for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to get more web traffic and generate more leads organically. It is the network to have an account for those who wish for more visitors and an enormous mailing list. In addition, this platform is growing more and more and will indeed launch new features to get even more out of it. In any case, what matters most on Pinterest are the pins. To be successful, your nails must seduce the user. Let’s see how to create an effective Pinterest pin.


I love Pinterest. It is my favorite social network. At the moment, it is still possible to get good organic results, and its visual aspect allows you to be very creative. It’s a network where you can have fun and try new things, so don’t hesitate to use it; let’s see how to create the perfect Pinterest pin!

1 Why use Pinterest?

Pinterest users are not passive. They have activated their “information search” mode. In effect, it is a search engine. People are not here for no reason like they may be on Instagram. They are in an active posture. They want to find information about a recipe with pumpkin, the best shoes to wear with a jumpsuit, or the ideal yoga pose to ease a sore back.

That’s why Pinterest generates so much web traffic. Users are mentally prepared to click on links and discover all the content you can offer them.

To have more possibilities and capture more and more traffic, you need to learn how to create an effective Pinterest pin.

How to create an effective Pinterest pin?

2 How to create an effective Pinterest pin?

As Pinterest is a visual platform, the quality of your pin is paramount. However, do not forget that SEO is essential on this network, so you should pay attention to your titles and descriptions.

a. The perfect Pinterest format

Forget about square formats on Pinterest! Well, it’s no use repinning your Instagram post.

On its website, Pinterest advises vertical formats with a 2:3 ratio. Indeed, the longer your pins are, the more they will attract the user’s eye in search results. Well, 2:3 is an ideal format.

b. Colors

Warm colors such as pink, orange, and yellow generally work better than cold colors, although there are always exceptions.

By entering the keywords that correspond to your pin in the search bar, you can find out which colors are the most used by your sector of activity by observing the pins that appear.

However, do not hesitate to stand out by using wildly different colors. For example, in the female entrepreneurship sector, you see a lot of pink, salmon, light gray… In this example, we see that the blue pin stands out… If the topic interests the user, there is a good chance that he will decide to click on this one first.

c. The photo

The photo must be of excellent quality and representative of your style. Of course, you can use pictures from image banks, but it is better to use your pictures and go for originality. Do not forget to place your product well to attract attention!

It seems logical, but choose a photo that corresponds to the page’s content that you will send the user. If you post a yoga posture with the text the ten best asanas for the back, the landing page cannot be the ten best music for meditation.

To create your pins, you can create a visual from your photo by adding a frame, illustrations, lines… Well, let your imagination work. Canva is the ideal app for that.

How to create an effective Pinterest pin?

d. The text

A nice photo is essential, but it’s even better with an explanation. Add a text on the pin that explains what it’s about. It’s the best way to grab the user’s attention and invite them to click.

What about a call to action? I’ve noticed that my pins with a call-to-action have better results, so you can try adding one to your pin. Try things out to see what works best for you!

Write something short because Pinterest is used a lot on mobile. You can put bold text or 3D text to draw more eyeballs. In any case, use two fonts maximum.

e. The title

Competition is getting bigger and bigger on Pinterest, and it is essential to have an SEO optimized to be more successful. So, you have to write a title where you will include a keyword and attract attention. It must be a catchy title!

Questions and lists usually work very well. It’s true for Pinterest, blog posts, podcasts, and almost all social networks. Here are some examples: how to find clients, five gluten-free breakfasts, and seven books to read this winter.

f. The description

Also, add one or two keywords in the description. Your text must be clear and concrete. Mention the benefit that the user will get by clicking on the pin. To invite them to connect, adding a call to action is advisable.

g. The URL

A pin without a URL will not bring you traffic, so don’t forget to check that the URL you have added is not broken.

When you modify something on your website and change the URLs, or if you create a landing page for a limited time, don’t forget to go back to Pinterest and change the URLs or delete the pins that are no longer of any use to you.

Landing on a page with a 404 error is not pleasant for anyone. So it’s essential to take care of the user experience to avoid losing a potential customer.

How to create an effective Pinterest pin

Effective Pinterest pin

Pinterest is a platform with many advantages for your business, don’t ruin this potential with pins that are not good. Creating an effective Pinterest pin is relatively easy if you spend a minimum of time on it and consider my tips.

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