How to create a YouTube channel on PC in 2 minutes

How to create a YouTube channel on PC in 2 minutes

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to make a YouTube channel from your PC, dear gamer! This is an unbeatable start to our YouTube Course and your career as a content creator, so I’m glad you’re here reading this post.

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How to create a YouTube channel on PC in 2 minutes

How to open a YouTube account

The first step to making a YouTube channel is to open an account, so let’s get to it! For that, you need to sign in with your Google account. Go to YouTube and click Sign In.

If you have an account, sign in with your Google account.
On the other hand, if you don’t, click Create Account. It will ask you if it is for you or to manage your business. Choose your option and fill in the requested information.

Now you must verify your email address, and that’s it! That’s how simple it is to open a YouTube account. Shall we go to the Channel?

When you have your YouTube account and are logged in, go to the small icon in the top right corner where your photo (or avatar) appears.

When you click it, a drop-down menu will appear. To create your YouTube channel, click Create a channel. Remember that if you go to the Creator Studio option, you will also be in the same place. Create-youtube-channel-name…It will ask for your first and last name.

If you want your Channel to have a different name, click on “Use a company name or other name.”

How to create a YouTube channel on PC in 2 minutes

From this screen, you will be able to create a branded account associated with your new YouTube channel.


This option is also accessible from the drop-down menu by clicking on your profile picture and then > Settings.

How to set up a YouTube channel

After having opened your account on this platform, we will only have to see how to set up a YouTube channel for the first time. You have to go to the YouTube Creator Studio again, where you will see a window with the following configurations.

In this tab, you have to choose the main currency of your Channel’s future income. I recommend you select your local currency, as this could increase your income on YouTube when you are just starting on this platform.

This tab is divided into three sections; “Basic information,” “Advanced settings,” and “Access to features.”

how to set up a youtube channel for children

Under “Basic Information,” you must enter the country you live in, plus a few keywords for your Channel. These can indicate what your Channel will be about or the games you will spend the most time on.

In “Advanced settings,” you will have to spend a few extra minutes, as here you must configure the monetization of your Channel, among other things. First, check if the content of your Channel is focused on children or if you want to specify it in each video you upload.

Then you must link your Google Ads account with your YouTube channel, entering the name of the link and the customer ID. At the end of this section, you can enable or disable personalized ads on your Channel.

Finally, you can choose whether to display inappropriate words in the automatic subtitles and make public the number of subscribers of your Channel.

In “Access to features,” you can enable all the features of your Channel, and for this, you have to verify your phone number on your YouTube channel from the second option by clicking on the “Verify your phone number” button.

Default upload settings
You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this tab, as it exposes the same options that come up when you upload a new video to your Channel. Unless you want to save a few minutes repeating specific details, it’s best to move on to the following setting.

How to create a YouTube channel on PC in 2 minutes

How to configure comments on a youtube channel Permissions.

This section is quite helpful if you have the help of an editor on your Channel, to whom you can allow access to certain functions of your Channel. If you want to do it all yourself, go to the next tab…

It’s time to determine what you want your YouTube community to look like, and we have two sections to achieve this; “Automated Filters” and “Certain Options.”

how to set up a youtube channel for the first time

In “Automated filters,” you should focus on two options, “Moderators” and “Blocked words.” In the first one, you only have to paste the link of the channels of the people who will be your moderators, and in the second one, enter some words that you don’t want to see in the comment box of your videos.

At the end of this tab, you will see a box that allows you to block the links in the comments, and I recommend you activate it to avoid any inconvenience.

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