How to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes

If Shakespeare were alive now, he would have a YouTube channel. I’m sure he would. Video marketing is all the rage. Videos have flooded the Internet, and it’s no longer enough to write on your blog.

You have to lose the fear of recording yourself and start enjoying all the benefits that audiovisual communication brings to your business.

Do you know what the first step to achieving this is? Create a YouTube channel. It’s no use setting up your super home recording studio and having great ideas for your first videos if you don’t show them on a track!

You have to build loyalty and get your visitors to watch not one video but several. For this reason, today, I present you with a step-by-step tutorial to open an account on YouTube and create your channel.

But not just any old way. A tutorial to create a channel that will make your visitors want to watch all your videos.

How to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes

How to open an account on YouTube

The first step to making a YouTube channel is to open an account.
For that, you need to sign in with your Google account. Go to the YouTube page and click Sign In.

How to create a YouTube channel

You will be asked to log in. If you have an account, sign in; if you don’t, click Create Account. It will ask you if it is for you or to manage your company. Choose your option and fill in the requested information.

The last step is to verify your email address. It’s that easy to open a YouTube account. Once you have your account and are logged in, go to the icon on the top right where your photo (or avatar) appears.

When you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear. To create your YouTube channel, click on Create a channel. The Creator Studio option will also take you to the same site if you go to the same place.

You will be asked for your first and last name. If you want your channel to have a different name, click on “Use a company name or other name.”

From this screen, you will be able to create a brand account associated with your new YouTube channel. So much for the tutorial on creating a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes.

How to set up and customize your YouTube channel

Now let’s see how to set up your YouTube channel.
You have to fill in several settings and data to your liking. I recommend you take your time to do it thoroughly, keeping in mind that YouTube is a community, a social network, where people will want to connect with people.

That’s why it’s very positive that you add information about yourself and include a photo. But also, your YouTube profile allows you to link to your blog (here I explain how to create a blog), something very interesting for SEO.

I will also show you how to customize your YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes


Changing the icon on your channel is very easy. Whether you have created a personal or branded channel, you will put a picture of yourself or a logo.

To do this, go to your channel and press the Customize Channel button.
When you place the cursor on the logo (or on the header), a pencil symbol will appear from which you can edit the channel icon.

It is advisable to order the logo from a professional. If you do not have the budget or do not want to invest in it, you can use a program like Canva.


The next step to improve the aesthetics of your channel is to change the header image.

When you see it, three things must be clear:
Name of the project
Who it is aimed at
Your value proposition
Some people also recommend putting when you publish. If you have it clear and follow a regular publication frequency, you can put it.

The recommended dimensions for the YouTube header are 2560 x 1440 pixels. This way, it will look good on all screens. Remember that the image will be placed in the center, so leave wide margins.

Both the header and the links can be edited from the pencil that appears when you place the cursor over it.


We are on YouTube, and the best way to present your channel is through a video.

Creating a video presentation will make the user get to know you and connect with you, as he sees that you are a person who expresses himself and cares about people understanding his purpose.

A YouTube introduction video should be:
Short: around 1 minute. Less is fast and more bores even sheep.
Close: talk to the camera. You can show fragments of them while listening to your voice-over as you have videos.
Clean: don’t put ads or make calls to action like sign up for my webinar or download my guide. The only thing you should ask is that they subscribe.
If you don’t have a presentation video yet, you can highlight one that reflects the content of your channel.

How to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes

To do this, go to the Customize your channel option and, in the Home tab, select the For new visitors tab.

This is the video that people who are not subscribed to your channel will see.


The process of verifying your channel gives you several advantages:

Upload videos longer than 15 minutes
Add custom thumbnails
Broadcast live with YouTube Live
Claim Content ID (if you are plagiarized)
To do this, provide your phone number to YouTube and enter the code they send you by SMS or call, whichever you prefer. Verify your YouTube account.


Keywords are terms that people search for, both on Google and YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world.

So it would help if you chose keywords according to the theme of your channel. This way, users will be able to find you more easily.

Go to YouTube Studio and click on Settings.
Next, go to the Channel tab. As you can see, I have a few tags that describe the main themes of the videos on my channel.

One of them is Professional Reinvention, which is so essential nowadays since many people do a job they don’t enjoy just because they have an economic need because it feeds them.

Wouldn’t it be better to work in something you are passionate about and earn more money? If your answer is yes, click on the link above.


You will need to choose the name of your channel to generate your URL.
The natural option is to choose based on your brand to maintain some consistency with the rest of your online channels.

Another option is to think a bit with the search engine mentality and try to integrate into the URL of your channel the primary keyword you want to rank for.

There is no single recipe: try to be practical and effective at the SEO level and combine it with some branding.

Now that you have created and customized your YouTube channel to your liking, it’s time to upload your first video.

There are several ways to do it. Let me tell you about them.

How to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes


The first one is to use YouTube’s online uploader:
You will only have to fill in the data requested by the page, so this step should be done in a jiffy.

Depending on the weight of the video (marked by the quality and duration) and your Internet connection speed, it will take more or less time.


Suppose you have a good quality cell phone (iPhone, HTC, Galaxy SII, or similar). In that case, you can record your video directly with your cell phone and send it by email to a specific address that YouTube gives to each channel and upload your video easily.


You can do something similar with Logitech webcams, which have the option to configure the interconnection between your webcam program and YouTube to upload videos in one click.

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