Creating a niche site in affiliation with Amazon or others is to create a location on a specific theme to promote a product as an affiliate and target a particular audience to make sales and earn commissions automatically over the long term. It’s the act of promoting someone else’s product to earn a commission on every sale you make.

The seven steps to follow to create a niche site and sell in affiliation with Amazon:

This article will see all the steps that will allow you to create a niche site with Amazon Affiliate or other affiliate platforms. Don’t worry; we will detail each step to put in place to have a successful site.

1. Find your niche by making a list of products that you could offer in affiliation

2. Filter the different ideas to select only the niches with potential

3. Optimize the framework of the site

4. Build the site

5. Create your content

6. Refer to the site

7. Setting up monetization

Example of a niche site with Amazon partners

I will take an example. Let’s imagine that you have chosen to do affiliation for a mower. You will create a website about mowers and talk about electric mowers, thermal mowers, and certain models and brands of mowers. You have to make a page by keywords to have a natural reference on Google.

You’re going to have someone googling “mower model XT824” or “mowers reviews.” It will fall on your niche site in the results of Google on your article. He will therefore go to your page and look at the paper. Thus, he must find what he is looking for in your paper so that he concludes, “I want to go further,” and you, you are going to offer him an affiliate link for this mower. When he clicks on the link, he will be redirected to Amazon, for example. You then earn a percentage of that sale.

About Affiliate Program with Amazon Partners

To sum up a niche site with Amazon partners, it’s a particular theme on a very specific product. There are revshare affiliate programs for generating recurring revenue and the more traditional percentage-based programs such as Amazon. The affiliate program with Amazon is not necessarily the most profitable. However, it has very advanced sales optimization and allows you to receive money on other purchases made by the Internet user within 24 hours.

How do you generate enough income to live off it?

There are criteria to meet to earn enough in affiliation. You are going to try to look for products that will have around ten thousand monthly queries. Some of these ten thousand people who will search on Google will go to your articles. Of these people, some will click on your affiliate link. And of these people, there are some who will buy, and then you take advantage of all the marketing from Amazon.

Find products to affiliate with Amazon.

The trick is that you will have to focus on specific products and not think of a general theme. So you make a list of items you could sell. Look around you. Choose products while strolling through the stores. Avoid seasonal products such as gardening, for example. Or created a niche site to complete the missing seasons. The goal is to have regular income and not a lot of payment at a certain period.

As well as dated objects such as the 2018 backpacker’s guide or iPhone. Otherwise in 2019, it will no longer be relevant. It is possible to affiliate with Amazon on this type of product, but it is better to use another technique. Choose timeless objects like a saucepan for example. You will select the correct object in the next step.

Filter your niche site ideas

It’s time to figure out which item you’re going to keep for promotion. So, there are a few criteria to look at for this.

Number of searches per month for the object in question

Depending on the type of affiliation you choose, Amazon affiliate program or others, for example travel. You will not necessarily aim for the same number of monthly requests. If you are in a very thematic affiliate program with few searches (500 to 1000) the conversion rate can be enormous. But very limited clientele. You will then be interested in related searches, because you will not only do one page. You will have a page for each product model, the different brands, how to use the object, etc.

The alternative searches that there might be

You need to do a lot of related research for your affiliate program with Amazon . Be specific in your keywords. Do not choose too short words (minimum two words), it is possible to search on Google with the voice. Imagine what you would type or say to find your related searches.

Is your product on the Amazon Affiliate Program selling?

We are not going to hide it, the goal is to make money. So choose products that are sufficiently profitable. At least 50 euros. Otherwise you will have to bring a lot of people to your niche site. Indeed, if you sell items at 5 euros and you earn 5% on them, your commission will only be 25 cents. In addition, it may discourage you with these low results.

Examine the trend of sales on your product to sell in affiliation with Amazon

Again do not take seasonal products or if you do, you are aware of it. Look at the trend of searches with Google trend over the last five years to see if it is a niche market that tends to evolve, stabilize or fall. In this case, abandon the project.

Affiliate program period with Amazon

Also look at when searches start on Google. For example for gardening, it starts in February and generally ends around September. Depending on the weather.

What is the competition in the niche market I am targeting?

The goal is to be placed on the first page of Google with the chosen keyword. You will therefore have to monitor the competition to see if it is possible to position yourself. Also you will choose very low competition to make your job easier in creating your niche site in affiliation with Amazon. There are different software to watch this. You have Market samurai for example. The downside is that it only works on the Bing engine. Google searches are not taken into account. There is also for example SEO Cockpit that I recommend to you. It is in French.

Are there already niche sites that are in place?

So it has two advantages. Already you can know if it’s profitable and if it’s easy or not to get on the front page.

Optimize the structure of your affiliate store

You have defined your keywords as well as your related searches. You will now have to make a plan to properly link your pages together. You will therefore have the Homepage, sub-pages (secondary) and sub-sub-pages (ternary).

Example of a niche site : cycling (I don’t know anything about cycling). In Homepage you will have “cycling” in general. On the secondary page, you will have either “bicycle” with a brand or possibly a type, for example VTC, racing bike and touring bike.

And to finish on the ternary page, you will find the model of the product in affiliation with amazon. Brand + Model. Example “TKZ8 racing bike”. This allows you to create a tree structure for SEO optimization. This method is easily manageable with a limited number of pages. Indeed if you have a hundred pages it becomes difficult to create an article for each keyword.

Building the Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

You are now going to create your site in affiliation with Amazon . Choose a hosting, a domain name, install WordPress but also all the useful plugins. You choose a WordPress theme. And adjust the settings. It is the equivalent of a blog. Except that there, you present your product.

Create the complete content of your affiliate pages

Your content must bring value to your visitor. It must be interesting, but it must also please Google. So you write your articles to optimize them for SEO. You have a certain lexical field to have for your niche site to please Google.

you have to manage to make the right nuance between the two. Do not just optimize for Google and when your reader arrives, it looks like nothing and it means nothing. Otherwise the customer will leave your shop.

You have to create interesting content for the end customer. Really bring value in affiliation. The idea is that the visitor who asks a question about such a product finds the answer with you, that he is reassured and that he clicks on your affiliate link with Amazon . But we must not forget Google and optimize its referencing inside the content.

The referencing of your affiliate niche site

If you have chosen your subject well at the start, you should not have to do much to reference yourself well. There is already an SEO optimized structure, optimized content and very little competition on the first page. When you do SEO, there are things to respect. It has to be linked to something of quality and thematic. You can buy links or even make exchanges with people who are in the same environment as you. It must remain natural and qualitative.

Set up affiliate links with Amazon to monetize your niche site

Make sure you have calls to action on your sidebar. As well as on your different pages. For example, when you do an article on the Bosch model 812 mower, you display the affiliate link of the Bosch model 812. Do not try to put generalist stuff. Because for the person who comes, it is absolutely necessary that everything is done so that they click on this link.

Wait for the natural referencing of his shop

This is the only disadvantage of making a niche site is that it necessarily takes time. The time for it to be referenced on Google so it can take three, four or even six months. You must know it. But from the moment it starts to rank, the rest of the time, you don’t work anymore. It really creates assets. Have created a business and after that it runs a little on its own. Without necessarily needing to create new articles in order to sell in affiliation with Amazon to maintain SEO. It all depends on the object you have chosen.


It’s really a business that mixes a lot of things. Natural referencing, marketing with affiliate platforms, a little bit of technique too because there are still some and a lot of things. But it’s still a business that works. A lot of people think Google is dead and it’s not at all. Do not hesitate to make a large amount of niche site in affiliation with Amazon to become profitable and live from this activity.

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