How to broadcast live on Facebook?

Aspiring influencer(s), this is for you! You have a unique talent, you master your subject, and you want to share it on Facebook? We’ve got you covered! While the feature to broadcast life on Facebook was only available on mobile, it has been available on PC for a few years. If it’s still a mystery to you, we propose to discover how to do it in this article!

The three methods to broadcast a life on Facebook
  • From a computer
  • From the Facebook application
  • With Casting
From a computer

To launch a Facebook live from your computer, go to your news feed if you want to broadcast on your account, or go to your page if you have a page and want to share your life from your carrier.

launch a Facebook live
To broadcast alive on Facebook, choose the configuration of your live video to :

Use the stream key
Adjust your camera
Use a paired encoder
live options

From the Facebook application on your smartphone

Another way to proceed is to use the Facebook application from your Android or iOS smartphone. Of course, the quality of your broadcast will only depend on the quality of your Internet connection and its stability.

Go to your profile or page.
Press the “Live Video” button
Add a description to your live stream and identify your friends if you wish

Use streaming software.

The best and most stable way to broadcast a live video on Facebook professionally is to use streaming software. This way, you will be able to change the background of your live stream, especially if you are not satisfied with your experience.

Which software to use? To make your live broadcast easy, we suggest Casting. It is a mobile application that will allow you to launch live broadcasts. By using it, you can also choose the orientation of your camera if you are not satisfied with it.

Thanks to Casting, your Facebook live broadcast will look professional, even if you do it with your smartphone. To use it, download it.

These three methods are equally effective, but Casting is the most practical and professional one we suggest. The application is easy to use and allows you to make professional lives. Enjoy using it!

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