How to apply for refunds on Wish this 2022 WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY

How to apply for refunds on Wish this 2022 WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY!

If you are about to buy on Wish, you are probably worried about losing your money or already worried if you bought something in 2021. It didn’t arrive, or you received it broken, or it’s different from what you purchased …don’t worry, I’ll show you how to request a refund on Wish this 2022 and get your money back.

How long does Wish shipping take this 2022?

If you don’t know Wish yet, then you are missing out on many different items with super low prices that you can buy from anywhere in the world from your cell phone.

Wish has more than 2 million assorted items manufactured in China and other Asian countries.

Shopping on Wish can be great to save money and get good quality products, but it is a hassle when dealing with irresponsible sellers or shipments held up in customs.
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When you are forced to request a refund on Wish, but if you don’t do this procedure properly and don’t write the right words, likely, you won’t get your money refunded or spend years waiting for your purchase to arrive.

If it turns out that you purchased one or more items on Wish and the deadline for delivery has passed, there is most likely a delay in delivery due to various circumstances, such as shipping delays by Covid-19.

Usually, Wish can automatically update the delivery time if it detects that a shipment is in progress with regular updates around its last location.

How to apply for refunds on Wish this 2022 WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY

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In this case, you will have to wait for this second date Wish has notified you on which your product should arrive, but what if you still don’t receive your Wish purchase. Let’s take a step-by-step guide to request a refund from Wish successfully.

What to say when requesting a refund from Wish

Step 1 :Once you have purchased your item on Wish, take note of your initial delivery date; I suggest you open a Google sheet to track your orders.Once the initial date passes, you will notice that Wish will add five more days…

Step 2: Now, after the five days, the glorious question will appear Did you receive your order? Choose no.

Now it will change the story to this (wait 30 more days), ignore it (they are waiting for you to wait to add more drama and angst, but it’s not necessary), and you click to contact support.

They will come to you with a story in about 90 days; again, ignore this and click No. Another window will open, you write your account in the text box: Wish, I’m worried, the deadline has passed, and I haven’t received my package, I can’t wait anymore, I need my money back and click ask a question.

How to apply for refunds on Wish this 2022 WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY

They will thank you and get back to you in 2-3 business days; be aware that they respond faster than that, depending on the same day or the next day.

You will also receive an email stating they received your question…

Log into Wish daily, click on View Order to see what they responded to; hopefully, you’ve been approved for the refund. You should also reply to confirm that the refund has been processed.

You will be asked how you would like to be reimbursed, either as a positive balance in your Wish wallet for future purchases or reimbursement to your credit card or Paypal account.

Once you receive your refund, if you opted for a PayPal refund (according to the email I received from PayPal, the refund is processed almost immediately.

In case you have used your card through Paypal, the return from PayPal to your card may take a few days,

And that’s how you can request a refund from Wish.

And if the same thing happens to you on Aliexpress, do not worry. There is always a solution that benefits us when we do not receive a package, but to do it right, read: How to open disputes on Aliexpress Guide to request refunds!

Even if you have been refunded, you are likely to receive your order; however, during the refund process, Wish notifies you that there is no need to cancel the refund or return the product if you receive your purchase.

How to apply for refunds on Wish this 2022 WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY

Wish refunds are now much quicker

Refunds on Wish are usually faster due to shipping delays these days, this doesn’t mean you will get a refund on every purchase you can think of, but it can help if you have a vital concern about a shipment not received; check out this video below of a request I made recently:


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