How to advertise on Pinterest?

How to advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest is undoubtedly the social network for professionals. It now has more than 175 million active users per month. Therefore, if you want to make yourself famous, it is the platform you must use. Moreover, this is the reason why the platform has introduced advertising solutions. So it would help if you considered advertising on Pinterest. Internet users usually use social networks to prepare for their future purchases. They collect information about the products they want to buy. In addition, 93% of Pinterest users go to the platform to arrange an investment, and 87% of them have already made at least one purchase of a product they saw on the social network. As an e-merchant, it’s time to consider this advertising solution. It’s time to learn how to advertise on Pinterest.

In a nutshell

1 Why advertise on Pinterest?
2 The different types of ads available on Pinterest
2.1 Advertising on Pinterest: Promoting Pin Charts

Advertising on Pinterest - a platform for professionals
Advertising on Pinterest – a platform for professionals

How do I create a promoted pin chart on Pinterest?

3.1 Create a professional account
3.2 Choose the pins to advertise on Pinterest
3.3 Define your target audience
3.4 Paid ads based on results
3.5 Campaign monitoring
Why advertise on Pinterest?
After the numbers given in the introduction, you should have no more doubts that Pinterest is the social network you should advertise. It’s a boon for your business. About 75% of the content on the social network comes from different companies. In addition, every day, users of the platform fix content that highlights products. It is the perfect social network for advertising.
The most important thing about this social network is the quality of its users. These people can buy the various products displayed on the platform. These are mainly people who are more or less financially secure. Forty percent of them have an annual income of slightly more than $100,000. In addition, Pinterest has the highest average order volume of all social networks. That amount is $50. In addition, data from Pinterest show that advertising is very beneficial on this social network. Indeed, the recognition rate of new products is much higher (about 40%) for users exposed to ads. In addition, 50% of them express an intention to buy. This rate is much lower when other users are taken into account.

Initially, advertisers couldn’t advertise on Pinterest in France. This problem was soon solved, and now it is possible to promote on social networks. For all these reasons, advertising on Pinterest in France is beneficial for businesses. That’s why you need to know how to advertise on Pinterest.

The different types of ads available on Pinterest

Before you start advertising on Pinterest, it is essential to know the different ad formats offered by the social network. We promote pin images, videos, and rotations. However, the most common form used by advertisers is promotional pins. These offer a variety of advantages to advertisers. They allow advertisers to generate traffic for their sites while collecting data on the platform. Attracting traffic to your site is the first challenge of advertising on Pinterest. It’s a bit like a sponsored post on Instagram.

There are still issues when you want to advertise on Pinterest. It is impossible to include call-to-action phrases or even lower promotional prices in your ads on Pinterest. Despite this problem, Promoted Pins are still a perfect format for advertising.

How to advertise on Pinterest?
How to advertise on Pinterest?

Ads on Pinterest: Promoted Pins Chart

Promoted Pins are simply pins made to be noticed by more users. However, these pins need to be funded. The platform offers three types of campaigns, depending on the company’s goals that subscribe to this advertising format.

First, we need to be aware. This campaign aims to inform newcomers about the company and its products. Therefore, we mainly target people who may have never heard of the company. These people may not be aware of your existence or have never been interested in your business, products, or brand. Therefore, such campaigns aim to expand your audience gain new subscribers, new prospects, new future customers. You have to pay a specific price for 1000 showings.

The second type of campaign is engagement. The goal is to promote interaction between Pinterest users and your content. This will require users to re-pin or click on your promoted pin graph. However, when it comes to advertising, everything comes at a price. This is also the case for each action. You have to pay for each of these actions. For example, if a user makes your pin more significant or reedits the content or clicks on it, you must pay for it. But this campaign will give you more of a commitment.

Finally, we have traffic campaigns. They allow users of social networks to be redirected from your ads to your website. As with other types of ad campaigns, you have to pay every time someone clicks.

Therefore, we see that all three types of campaigns offered by Pinterest are based on creating sponsored pins. Consequently, you will need to learn more about successfully creating a promoted pin graph on Pinterest.

How do I create a promoted pin on Pinterest?

The price of an ad on Pinterest depends on the type of campaign you choose. However, you first need to know how to create a promoted Pin. To do this, you must do it in stages. Here are the different steps to create a sponsored pin on Pinterest: create a professional account, select the pin, define the target audience, pay based on the results obtained and finally follow the performance of the chosen campaign type. With a quote like this, creating a pin seems simple enough. However, to successfully create high-quality ads on social networks, there are some additional details to consider.

How to advertise on Pinterest?
How to advertise on Pinterest?

Creating a professional account

This is the first step in setting up an ad on Pinterest. The creation of a professional account is also essential. To do this, you have two options. First, you can turn your existing Pinterest account into a business account. Second, you can create a new account entirely dedicated to your business. We recommend that you choose the second option.

In addition, once you create a business account, you will need to add content to it. You can only highlight the pins posted on your profile. This action is mandatory before proceeding to the next step. After that, you can consider creating an advertising campaign. To do so, click on the plus button on your profile. Next, you need to select the “Create an ad” option. You can also go directly to Pinterest ads. This page will allow you to create an ad campaign much faster. After that, you will be able to choose the type of campaign you plan to make (awareness, engagement, and traffic). To complete this step, you will need to name the movement. You will also choose the start date and the end date (which you decide) and finally define the budget.

Choose the pins to highlight for your ads on Pinterest.

Pins are essential on Pinterest. Therefore, you must know which pins to highlight so that your campaign will bear fruit. Thus, the choice of pins becomes crucial. Fortunately, the platform can help you make that choice. If you don’t know which pins to highlight, you can use the filters located on the “Select Pins” option. This will allow you to see which Pin diagrams have received the most clicks and which Pin diagrams have received the most retargeting over 30 days. This way, you will know what users like the most. You will choose the pins that work best for your company on social networks.

Therefore, it is essential to take this step very seriously and manage it with maximum attention. This will determine the success of your advertising campaign. You can now proceed to the selection of your target audience.

How to advertise on Pinterest?
How to advertise on Pinterest?

Define the target audience

After selecting the pin you want to promote, you must define the target audience. To do so, click on the “Add more criteria” option. This will allow you to express your target audience. But before that, you must first select the site page to which you want to send the Pinterest users who click on the promoted pin. This is a choice that must be made wisely. By choosing the right pages, you will take full advantage of the traffic generated by the ads on Pinterest. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy it in the best way.

It is even recommended to create a login page on your website. This page will be handy for Pinterest users who click on sponsored pins. The content of this page needs to match the content of the promoted pin image. Also, it would help if you made sure to define the UTM tracking parameters. They will collect tracking information.
After all, you will now define your target audience. To do this, you must specify a targeting strategy. Take into account the centers of interest. You can choose from a list of 420 options. It would be best if you also considered keywords. The social network will suggest popular topics related to the pin you are promoting for keywords. However, you can add your list of keywords.

Finally, you can choose your target audience. This could be users who visit your site or interact with the Pin graph linked to your site, some of your current customers, or an audience similar to yours.

How to advertise on Pinterest?
How to advertise on Pinterest?

Paid ads based on results

To finalize your audience selection, you can provide more detailed information about the characteristics of the users who will see the pins you promote. To do this, use Pinterest’s targeting options (location, language, gender, connected devices, etc.). However, before leaving this page, you will be asked to select the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each interaction. To avoid browsing in the dark, Pinterest offers suggestions. This way, you will know if the amount you are offering to bid is too high or too low. You will also know if this amount is enough to deal with advertisers in the same field as you. Pinterest allows you to pay the highest possible bid, thanks to this system. This means you only have to pay enough to exceed your offer immediately. The system allows you to pay the highest amount only if you need it.

After that, you can verify the pin you are promoting, but you must check that all the information is correct. If so, click on the “Next” option. This is how you will submit your password for verification.

After 24 hours, your password will be verified, and Pinterest will need to confirm that everything is working. You will also need to provide your Pinterest ad billing details.

How to advertise on Pinterest?
How to advertise on Pinterest?

Campaign follow-up

After launching a campaign, you will need to track its effectiveness. You will know the pages visited, the number of registrations, the different items purchased, and ultimately the other conversions. To set up campaign tracking, click on the “Conversion Tracking” option, and you will select the type of conversion you want to track.

The advantage of advertising is that there are not as many ads on Pinterest as on other social networks. In addition, you can choose to block ads on Pinterest if you wish. Finally, you also need to know how to remove ads on Pinterest.

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