How to advertise for Instagram?

How to advertise for Instagram?

Today, Instagram is one of the social networks with a vast following. And this audience is only growing day by day. There are more than 1 billion active users per month, of which 500 million users connect every day. The more users there are the more new features on this social network. In particular, Instagram ads. Learn how to advertise for Instagram in this article.

Instagram advertising: the authenticity of the network

Advertising on Instagram is only three years old. However, many people do not know this. It was not until the end of 2019 that advertisers on the platform increased and competed. We all know that Instagram is an exceptional social network, easy to access and operate. There are many possibilities in terms of content. You can post photos, videos, and stories.

One of its features is that you can also create carousels. That means posting multiple photos in a single post. It all depends on what you like, as long as you have a smartphone that can take high-quality images. The only drawback with this network is that we can’t add links to the publications. For example, you want to redirect viewers to a website or a youtube video.

However, with the launch of Instagram ads three years ago, we can insert the links we want. We can also insert any login page into our sponsored content.

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

Why advertise for Instagram?

Advertising is usually necessary and beneficial. This article will list the many reasons why it’s worth spending money on Instagram ads.

The first reason, and probably the most important, is its audience. According to one study, users between 18 and 29 make up more than 59% of Instagram’s audience. People between the ages of 30 and 49 make up the remaining 33%. We deduce that the audience on the social network is very young. It allows you to reach more people and get more profit. Therefore, you need to be interested in this social network when you want to advertise. It’s an excellent opportunity to promote its products and bring them to market. A study conducted by Instagram shows that about 60% of users claim to have experienced service or product through Instagram.

It’s also important to note that it’s not just individuals and personalities who use Instagram. We also have a lot of businesses. More than 15 million companies use business profiles on Instagram. Most of them use it for advertising. Instagram ads help to increase the visibility of their products.

The second reason is more interaction between internet users on Instagram than on other platforms. Since they interact a lot on regular posts, it is evident that they respond positively to immersive ads. On top of that, only text and subject tags can be placed in the camps, not links. So it’s hard to leave the platform.

What’s the difference between Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are almost the same social network. But Instagram has an advantage over Facebook, despite the latter’s acquisition of Instagram. by this fact, we notice that on the Instagram platform, we have fewer distractions. That is, we only see photos and stories. This helps to attract the attention of more users. Whereas on Facebook, you can find a lot of content in the News Feed that can be distracting. You can get lost on this platform very quickly. Since Instagram and Facebook are social networks, we have the same logic.

You can advertise in the same way, including

Advertise on Instagram for $5 per day (same possibilities on Facebook).

Instagram ads are the same as regular ads, even if we have to create these using the Ads Manager.

Instagram also has the same targeting features as Facebook.

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

What are the Instagram ad formats?

Instagram ads are available in several formats. We can choose to place ads in stories or news feeds on Instagram. But it is not possible to view them on a computer. It can only be done on mobile.

1. Instagram dynamic message ads

When choosing to do so in the news feed, we have four Instagram ad formats.

Single image format

This format is the most common and classic. You can use either the landscape format or the square format in a single image. The square design is the most effective. It captures the attention of the user. Unlike the square form, the landscape format does not take up much space in a dynamic message. This can be a disadvantage. So it is better to use square format for Instagram feed ads.

Video format

We also found the square and landscape formats that take up the most space with single images. When choosing to advertise Instagram with video in the news feed, the video should be no longer than 60 seconds. The first few seconds of the video are crucial. They are the ones that attract the attention of the user. For this reason, the tape must be easy to understand without volume, and the content must attract attention from the very beginning.

Rotation format

This format is the opposite of a single image, as it allows you to make Instagram ads that contain two or more photos or videos in a post. Many people use this format because it is more beneficial than other formats. It saves time and allows you to be creative. It also allows you to highlight several features of the same product. Using this format, you can advertise several products simultaneously and even create an experience.

Slideshow format

This is another Instagram mention ad format. It is often confused with the carousel, but they are different. In reality, a slideshow is a video where we can find several images of our choosing and then loop them. Creating a slideshow is not tricky. All you have to do is upload a certain number of ideas, and Instagram will do the rest.

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

2. Instagram ads in stories

It is now possible to advertise on Instagram using snapshots. Previously, you could only promote for Instagram using your newsfeed because stories on Instagram didn’t exist yet. But with its founding more than a year ago and more than 300 million users. What drives the creation of ads in advertisers’ stories. These ads usually appear in between the stories you watch. So the more stories we care about, the more ads are inserted between two levels.

We can use two different formats from the newsfeed for Instagram ads in stories.

Single image format

This ad format is rarely seen on Instagram. It is most often found on Facebook. It consists of a single image found in the story and displayed for a few seconds. Swipe up to access the login page with the offer.

Video format

Unlike photo stories, video stories are the most common and most effective. They are more popular because they grab people’s attention faster from the first seconds of the video. We identify the problem and reveal its solution in a few seconds with video stories. It’s an engaging format because it helps pique users’ curiosity by prompting them to learn more. Few advertisers use it because it’s a new process. And when there are few advertisers, the cost per click can be lower.

How do I create Instagram ads?

To create Instagram ads, there are two possibilities, depending on the situation when you have an Instagram account and don’t have an account.

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

When you have an Instagram account

If you have one, it’s best to change your account to a professional account if this is not the case. This change can be done in just a few clicks. Go to Settings and follow the steps. You can also sync your Pro Instagram account with your Facebook page. This allows access to ads and redirects posts directly to Instagram.

When you don’t have an account

To create Instagram ads without an account, we use Ad Manager. This process is not very beneficial. Some users want to learn more about the account owner by clicking on the profile picture. But due to the lack of an account, they will not be able to. In this case, they will only see the page name and not the avatar. So this is a minimal process, and it will not inspire confidence.

Steps to create Instagram ads

Facebook has set up an Ads Manager to create campaigns on all its networks. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. 1.

1. Create your ad campaign

First, we go to the Ads Manager. Then we choose the account we will use for advertising. In case there is no account, Facebook will offer to create one. After this step, we will proceed to choose a marketing objective. It is possible to select more than one marketing objective. However, choosing the best suits, your final goal is always recommended. Among other things, we have the following objectives.

Brand Awareness: This goal allows you to increase awareness and attract the people who may be most interested in the ads you produce.

Reach: This is ideal when doing local marketing. This allows for a lot of visibility.

Install: This goal helps drive people to install the app.

Traffic: It allows us to send people to our website

Flyer Generation: In this case, when you click, you will be provided with a contact form on Facebook or Instagram instead of arriving at the page. These are “lead ads.”

Interaction: It allows you to increase the number of likes on your account or interact more with your publications.

Conversations: This will enable you to have more subscribers or sell products.

Video Views: This allows more people to see our videos

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

2. Set up your Instagram ads

This step is decisive. It allows you to choose your audience, display location, ad placement date, and budget.

Audience Selection

There are two options for choosing an audience: custom audiences (or similar audiences) and audiences targeted by social demographics and interests.

For example, you can’t use personalized audiences when it’s a fledgling business and doesn’t have any customers. It is better to use audiences by socio-demographics and interest targeting. To do this, we first add the company’s address and define the radius we want to target. Then we set an age group and the gender of the people we want to target. Then we select several interests based on the company. For example, we target people with children for an ad for a children’s clothing store.

Finally, to make sure you’re targeting the right audience, you have to get to know your audience in depth. This allows you to learn more about your audience.

Choose your investment

After selecting your audience, the next step is to choose where to display. In this step, you select your favorite social network (Instagram or Facebook) to advertise on. You can also choose to select both platforms.

Uncheck “Auto Placement” and click “Modify Placement.” Then we select Instagram ads in the news feed and Instagram ads in the story.

Choose your budget

We define the amount we want to spend and the number of days we want to advertise on Instagram. Example: $10 for two weeks. 3.

How to advertise for Instagram?
How to advertise for Instagram?

3. Design quality ads

We first select our Instagram account and then choose the ad format we want to use. Next, we define the ad’s image (preferably a square). To do this, you can use various tools, including Canva, to create beautiful images in multiple formats.

After creating the image, upload it to the Ads Manager. Then add a description, followed by the URL of the landing page.

You can preview your Instagram ads on your phone. This allows you to make changes if necessary. You can also test multiple ads while changing images, descriptions, or formats.

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