How to accept payments on your WordPress website

Plugin of the Week: Show How Much Until Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Shipping costs are something to deal with in any physical online store. One of the decisions that has to be made is whether the Customer will pay for them or “not.”

But there are intermediate formulas, such as offering free shipping for specific amounts. If this is your case, you can encourage purchasing by letting your customers know how much they have left to save on shipping costs.

You have the Amount Left for Free Shipping and Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce plugins.

How to accept payments in WordPress

How a payment gateway works, and which one to choose

· Functioning

· Customer enters payment details

· The online store sends the data to the payment gateway

· The gateway requests the bank

· The bank checks if there is credit and authorizes the process

· The gateway sends the money for that sale to the seller

· Main payment gateways

· Stripe

· PayPal

· Amazon Pay (growing)

· Others depending on the country where you sell

Minimalist method to accept payments online· Use simple buttons

· It is the easiest way to charge online

· But you have less flexibility of options

· WP Simple Pay plugin to accept payments with Stripe

· PayPal Buy now button plugin  HYPERLINK “” \t “” to accept payments with PayPal

Form method for accepting online payments

· If you already use a form with advanced options like Gravity Forms or WPForms, you can use them to accept online payments

· You will need the pro version of these form plugins

· More options than with buttons

· Custom sales forms

· Possibility of making recurring payments

eCommerce method to accept online payments

· The most versatile option (also heavier)

· WooCommerce

· Easy Digital Downloads

· If you need a complete checkout process and a more advanced checkout page

· These plugins bring their own extensions to be able to do even more things

· WooCommerce has extensions for over 77 payment gateways


In this episode, I have mentioned the following resources:

1. New code zone video: load Contact Form 7 only where it is used

2. the month: WordPress Security Course ( renewed )

3. Recommendations: how to configure Stripe in WordPress


As you have seen, it is relatively easy to start receiving online payments on your WordPress website. You only need to choose the payment gateway and the plugin to link it to your website.

That will depend on your needs, from a simple buy button to an online store full of options.

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