How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers – income review

Social networks, created for communication between people from different countries, are now actively used as advertising and trading platforms. Instagram is no exception. Some users earn million-dollar fortunes in it. Let’s figure out how to achieve such success?

How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers

Where to start?
Registering an Instagram profile is a matter of minutes. The main thing is to know precisely what you need it for. Running your blog is interesting, but how can you make it profitable?

For TV and pop stars, it is not a problem; people subscribe to their accounts themselves to keep abreast of the life of their favorite performers.
Ordinary users will not promote their page without investing money in advertising and promotional services.

All bloggers are divided into two categories:

Microbloggers who have less than 100,000 subscribers. They cooperate with beginner business people and pay with advertised products or services.
Bloggers with more than 100 thousand followers. They work with serious companies payable in cash.
Earnings depend entirely on the number of subscribers:

4 – 10 thousand people. – From 500 to 1000 rubles. ($ 8 – 16) for 1 post;
20-30 thousand people – from 2000 to 5000 ($32-80);
50 – 80 thousand – from 10 to 30 thousand ($160 – 481);
popular – more than 100 000 ($ 1604).
For the popularity of the blog to grow steadily, it must meet some criteria:

Quality, unique content.
Constant promotions.
Up-to-date information that provides expertise on the topic of the blog.
A topic of interest to a large number of people.
I am learning the basics of SMM and fashion trends.
Communication in the comments.
Top 10 topics for promotion.
A beginner user of Instagram should adequately assess their capabilities and determine the blog’s topic.

How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers

The table shows the most popular trends:

Qty subscribersEarnings per 1 post, $Photomodels 141560 434Photographers 53815 385Cooking 59760 326Pets 117270 320Fitness 131620 306Fashion and style 61420 217Beauty 83790 205Travel 31275 203Music 26400 201Lifeestyle 29700 172

The chosen subject matter must be well understood and talked about it beautifully.

Monetizing your account
Everyone can make money on INSTAGRAM.

There are several ways to do this:

Placing promotional videos on your page.
Become a representative of a brand on social networks.
Promote other users’ accounts.
Printing and selling photos.
Online store.
With VKtarget, Twitter, etc.
Revenue from subscriptions.
To earn from their popularity, bloggers use several ways:

participation in marathons;
subscriptions to other users;
mutual PR;
conducting free webinars, contests, and quizzes;
paid advertising campaigns, etc.
The second method is to promote the accounts of other users, for which they conduct the same activities, as well as:

offer services in the Direct were for ten new subscribers per day pay 1500 rubles;
posting reviews on other people’s profiles with a similar theme for money or mutual advertising.
Selling photos from your account is another great way to earn subscribers’ happiness to buy pictures of their products.

For likes.
When browsing through photos and posts, social media users almost intuitively mark the ones they like. Now you can make money on this simple action. Of course, this will not get rich, but as they say, kopeck to kopeck – will be a ruble.

There are particular sites for this purpose:

Each box.
VKtarget, etc.
They register and carry out simple tasks: likes, reposts, and short comments. It is best to create a new profile on Instagram and work through it so as not to block the main one. Payment for such work – no more than 100 rubles. ($1.6) per day. The cost per action – is from a few cents to 1 rub.

How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers

On publishers.
When the accrual of subscribers to 100 thousand people, the cost per post is 1000 rubles, up to 20 posts per month, earnings reach 20,000 rubles. ($321).

Not bad earns the administrator of the public, especially if he leads not one but several projects at once.

He creates high-quality posts, posts photos, and promotes the profile.
For this, they pay from 10 to 40 thousand rubles. ($ 160 – 642) a month.

Additional regular income brings affiliate programs with referral links. They place advertising banners on their site.

With users’ earnings registered by invitation, you charge from 25 to 30%.

Profits from publications

If the user has many subscribers – over 100 thousand advertisers have noticed his account, they offer to place their videos and posts on his page.

From this point, the actual earnings begin:
on ads in stories;
for a promotional post or video;
for working as a permanent representative of the brand on social networks.
The average cost of an advertising publication on a blog is 5,000 to 25,000 rubles. ($80 – 401).

Unobtrusive native advertising is interesting for subscribers and gives more conversions.
Essential factors for customers:

user status;
subscriber activity;
no bots.
Advertisers choose accounts where there is live communication in comments and many likes and reposts. For them, it is enough if the blog has 10 – 15% of subscribers active.

The more likes in the feed, the more likely people will go to the advertised page. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

A large number of PR posts discourages customers and ordinary users.
Discounts on repeat advertising and communication with the advertiser after the campaign will help build relationships with customers and increase your income.

How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers

Who are Veneers?

Veneers are people who make short humorous videos about the lives of ordinary people. It takes a team of like-minded people and state-of-the-art video equipment to create a single story. One video takes 10 to 15 thousand ($160 – 241).

Their payback depends on the number of subscribers and views.
Earnings on video blogs on Instagram:

Number of users,

thousands of people

Profit per 1 publication, in thousands of rubles.Profit in $ to 10 0 + – 10 – 501 – 5 (barter) – 50 – 1005 – 10 (barter) to 160100 – 20010 – 20 160 – 321200 – 300 to 20 321300 – 400 to 30 481400 – 500 from 25 to 40 401 – 6421 – 3 Million 50 to 150 802 – 2406 5 Million200 – 250 3208 – 401010 Million300 – 500 4812 – 8019

Payments for specialists in the promotion of accounts

A specialist’s minimum income is from 30 to 42 thousand rubles. ($481 – 674). Maximum earnings range from 60 to 110 thousand ($ 962 – 1764). Freelancers offering their services can ask for up to $200 to recruit subscribers.

But for a gravesite, you need daily, systematic work.
In different Russian cities, specialists receive:

Moscow – 50,000 rubles. ($802);
St. Petersburg – 40,000 rubles ($642);
Yekaterinburg – 32,000 ($513);
Nizhniy Novgorod – 28,000 ($449);
Volgograd – 24,000 ($385);
Voronezh – 23000 ($369).
By hiring a professional, the user secures many subscribers for his account and many offers for advertising.

Celebrity profits

Famous personalities make money from their popularity. Their earnings are:

Number of


Revenue per month, rub.Profit per 1 post (rub)Earnings per 1 publication,$Alena Esipova 391000 500000 25263 401Anastasia Volkova 500000 1000000 50000 802Alena Vodonaeva 500000 600000 14000 235Kseniya Borodina 600000 7400000 200000 3208Kseniya Sobchak 4400000 – 250000 4010Katya Klap 500000 – 100000 1604Irina Gorbacheva 1000000 – 30 – 50 thousand 181 – 802

Known to a wide range of viewers, TV star and singer Olga Buzova puts two promotional posts + daily stories for one day. Due to her popularity, she was getting $3.4k per post not long ago.

Due to the influx of subscribers (now – 13 million people), she raised the cost of the post to $6.7 thousand. In 2016, Buzova, only on Instagram, earned $2.3 million. Currently, her daily income reaches 1 million rubles. ($16039).

How much can you earn on Instagram for 1000 subscribers

Revenue of foreign users

The average cost of one publication abroad – is $300. With the minimal promotion of the account (up to 1000 followers), earn $100. Bloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers make $ 800.

The famous model Essena O Neal made from $300 to $2000 on Instagram by advertising in their accounts.

Other celebrities get paid per post:

Kim Kardashian – $500k;
Huda Kattan – $14,000;
Cameron Dallas – $13,000;
Jen Selter – $12,000.
It’s never too late to get your own Instagram account and start making money. Some users become Internet stars and are loved and recognized on the street. In addition, you can advertise your products and services on social networks to run a successful business.

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