How I am on Facebook for ten days to increase fans 100,000, learn these nine effective methods, you can also.

How I am on Facebook for ten days to increase fans 100,000, learn these nine effective methods, you can also.

With over 1 billion active monthly Facebook users, businesses can quickly showcase their products or services to potential customers by some incomplete count.

Facebook provides more than just exposure. Businesses can also quickly understand their current and potential customers and their overall marketing intentions. But how do you get page likes and attention? First, many people are still confused about the difference between “likes” and “follows.”

When someone likes your page, they will automatically follow it. But that doesn’t mean they will always see your posts. There are two options under the Follow tab: Default or View First; the latter is what the business wants below because the business’s post feed is always displayed on the visitor’s page.

That said, you want your audience to like a page and see it “first” to follow it. The easiest way to do this is to ask your audience. Don’t push it; ask and provide a practical reason why they should see your post in the first place.

Let’s go back to the basics of getting page likes. Like any good marketing plan, a strategy should be developed. Here are nine methods that can be used to increase Facebook page fans.

How I am on Facebook for ten days to increase fans 100,000, learn these nine effective methods, you can also.

1.Engaging content

The key to any successful digital marketing campaign starts with compelling content. Quality and relevant content are essential for continued success, from blog posts on your website to infographics in your newsletters.

The same is true for Facebook. Make sure all posts add value in some way, whether through entertainment or providing visitors with solutions to problems. Just as the actual copy should be engaging, so should the photos. Also, make sure you use pictures in every post; Buzzsumo says post engagement increases 2.3x when images are used.

This all leads to your current page followers sharing your content on their pages, which helps attract new page likes. Remember, content is the king of all online marketing channels. Regarding marketing yourself in posts, the standard practice across verticals is 20% promotional and 80% non-promotional.

2.Post regularly

It’s easy – there’s a posting routine. If you have many departments, post X amount of engaging content for each department at scheduled times throughout the week.

For example, in digital marketing, content marketing posts might run once a day around noon, while technical SEO-related content might run around 3 p.m. every day. In addition, make sure that experts are helping to create posts for their respective departments.

Engage your audience and keep the feed consistent from week to week, day today. Humans crave consistency, and this will help your online social media presence.

3.Promote the page on other social media channels

Cross-channel marketing in social media is critical for new Facebook page likes. Have an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat account? Promote your Facebook page on all of these channels. A good rule is to promote your Facebook page on these channels at least every two weeks to attract new viewers’ who like your Facebook page.

How I am on Facebook for ten days to increase fans 100,000, learn these nine effective methods, you can also.


Who doesn’t like contests, or anything free for that matter? Be creative and run monthly games that give away free swag or services. Make sure the content is engaging, which will help your audience share your page and engage their friends.

5.Engagement: Make response a priority

Although there are over 60 million businesses on Facebook, only 87% of posts get a response from business page owners. Be part of the 13% that respond and witness more engagement, such as interaction, on your current page, which will lead to more shares and new likes.

The size of your business is irrelevant; if you’re more extensive, you’ll have your social media staff handle all this work. But for smaller companies, recruit (rather than appoint) team members who show enthusiasm for Facebook outreach. Divide the workflow of each social responder by the subject matter expertise of the engagement.

6.Facebook Ads

If you want to quickly build your Facebook page likes, paid ads are a must. Facebook makes it easy to buy and create ads and allows you to target any demographic you need.

Keep advertising simple and provide a practical reason why your target audience should like your page. Here you also mention that you regularly enter contests and provide valuable information about your industry.

7.Collaborate with other similar businesses

Regularly add valuable comments and replies to other businesses within your market to attract their audience. Just make sure you post your page and not your page, which is an easy mistake.

8.Referencing Facebook pages in blog posts

How I am on Facebook for ten days to increase fans 100,000, learn these nine effective methods, you can also.

In addition to installing plugins for social media likes on your site, invite people to like your page through native ads in blog posts.

This varies, either using text links or small banner ads that say “Like us on Facebook” or something else as simple as that. Also, if your web platform allows it, use a plugin that offers a Facebook login, which will help get new likes.

9.Offer discounts on services/products for new Facebook likes

This works well. Think: “Get a 10% discount as we do on our Facebook page.” That’s a value-add.

What makes it even more attractive is that the new likes must also interact with the content for a few weeks to get the discount.

Concluding thoughts

For any big or small business, it’s essential to have a Facebook presence. The more likes you have, the better social signals you will provide to your audience and customers, and others in your industry.

The stronger the social signal, the stronger your brand will be. Start utilizing the tips above to build your Facebook following and become a competitive leader.

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