How does Fiverr allow companies to recruit and collaborate with the best digital experts?

Fiverr has become a reference platform for connecting organizations with experienced freelancers in expertise related to the digital world for more than ten years.

In a few years, freelancing has developed, attracting more than 3 million French people. Today, there are many areas of expertise: Facebook Ads, Design, Community Manager, Developer… Freelancers offer specific and specialized services that are increasingly sought after by companies.

For a one-off mission or a longer-term mission, freelancers meet various needs:

· provide expertise on a specific topic

· take advantage of skills that are not available internally

· rapid recruitment

However, finding the perfect freelancer can sometimes take time. There are many platforms that connect freelancers and companies. The latter offer a clear overview of the person’s field of competence, make it possible to obtain opinions on the missions previously carried out and facilitate contracting. Fiverr is one of them.

Find people who are experts in their field.

In 10 years, Fiverr has become one of the reference platforms for finding the right profile in order to create a logo or optimize the SEO of a site, for example. The platform thus connects freelance digital experts with professionals.

In a few figures, Fiverr is:

· 2.5 million active customers

· 240,000 active freelancers

· 1 mission purchased every 4 seconds

· a platform present in 160 countries

Fiverr attracts as many professionals as freelancers thanks to its “e-commerce freelancing” approach. Professionals can buy services, as they would on Amazon, can take advantage of on-demand service and everything can be managed directly on Fiverr.

The platform that is revolutionizing the professional world

Simple networking platform, today Fiverr offers several services to meet all business needs.

Fiverr Pro offers companies of all sizes the best providers.

Fiverr supports you in recruiting freelancers. It should be noted that only 1% of candidates benefit from Pro status, to guarantee an unequaled level of quality and service. The latter benefit from several years of experience and have worked on complex projects, sometimes internationally.

Fiverr Business offers companies a catalog of freelancers with verified skills and profiles. The company can then do their research, or let the Fiverr team find the right freelancer.

This service also facilitates collaboration between teams and the freelancer, as well as invoicing with tailor-made payment methods. A practical service for companies with various freelance needs, which centralizes all requests and management on a single platform.

For companies wishing to entrust complex missions, requiring the use of several freelancers, the Studio offer is adapted to this need. Fiverr Studio thus offers a team of specialized freelancers with multiple skills. The Studio Manager takes care of managing the project, the team and the communication, before delivery. All you have to do is find the right team to see a project come to life!

Finally, for those who wish to create a new logo, Fiverr has thought of everything, with its creation tool, designed by designers: Fiverr Logo Maker .

In a few minutes, it is possible to obtain logo proposals, after answering a few questions and defining the brand personality.

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