How does connecting work on Upwork?

How does connecting work on Upwork?

Upwork stands out for its connection system, of which it is essential to understand how it works thoroughly.

The connections on Upwork constitute the virtual exchange currency of the platform. These are internal tokens that are used to apply for posted job openings. Freelancer accounts get free connections every month, and you can get more ($0.15/unit) by buying bonds.

In the rest of this article, I’ll detail how connections work, from their importance to the different possibilities of getting them, including how to use them in the best way.

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

How to create a connection on Upwork?

How to establish a connection on Upwork?
There are four ways to get connections on Upwork

Buy connections

Connections can be purchased on Upwork for $0.15 each, and they are sold in packs of 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 150.

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

Buying upwork connections
To purchase additional connections, you must.

Click on your avatar in the menu.
Select “Settings”
Click on “Members and connections.”
Click on “Buy connections” and select the package with the number of connections you need
Verify the purchase by clicking on “Buy Connections” in the bottom right corner. Your account will then be debited with the amount specified for purchasing the selected connection package.
The following method should be considered as a bonus. In other words, if you have been thinking about Upwork for a long time and want to use it as your primary source of income, then you should not count on it to make connections.

In this case, you should never run out of connections before you can apply every day, so this requires regular connection purchases.

You must see it as an investment, even if it means no profit in the first month, in the long run, I can assure you that it will pay off.

Free monthly connection distribution

Every month, freelancers working on Upwork receive “free” connections or subsidies to be fairer. The platform helps in helping you to support your job search.

To benefit from these connections, Upwork offers you two possibilities.

Join the basic plan called Freelancer Basic. This plan allows you to get ten free connections per month to apply for discounts. It also includes payment protection by the hour and project-based compensation.
Membership in the Freelancer Plus plan. Unlike the basic plan, this plan involves a monthly subscription of $14.99. But in return, you will receive 80 connections per month, 70 of which are included in your subscription and ten from Upwork.
In addition, the Freelancer Plus plan allows you to be found by keeping your profile active, even if you take a break. With this plan, you can keep your earnings private and stand out with a personalized profile URL.

Where do I select/change my membership plan?
When you sign up on the platform, you can choose either of these two membership plans. The Basic plan will be offered to you by default. To switch to the Plus formula, the process is simple.

In the menu, click on Profile Picture
Select “Settings”
Click on “Membership and Connections”
Click on “View or Edit Membership Plan” > “Upgrade” to display the Plus plan. 3.
Connection Benefits
Upwork may sometimes offer you free connections in particular circumstances, including.

Upwork offers you 40 free connections when you first sign up on the platform.
Suppose you pass the Upwork Readiness Test. The test also entitles you to 40 free connections.
Suppose you are invited to an interview with a client. To be contacted through an interview, you must have applied for a job offer, been invited to an interview by the client who posted the request, and responded to the invitation. Upwork gives you ten free connections for each interview you accept.
If you earn a badge or skill certification.
As part of the reward, in fact, from time to time, Upwork rewards freelancers by offering them free connections, for example, for limited promotions. You may receive one of these offers via email as part of a partnership or an event you are participating in.
To take advantage of these rewards, click on your profile and go to Settings > Members & Connections > Buy Connections to select the connection package you wish to receive.

Connections upwork coupon code
It would help if you filled in the dedicated fields, the promo code or coupon that you will email, and then clicked “Apply” to validate your reward request and get your connection. 4.

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

Connection Refunds

Sometimes it is possible to abandon a project or remove work from Upwork without hiring a freelancer. In this case, if you apply, the connections you invested there will be returned to you purely.

The same applies if you apply for a job posting subsequently removed from Upwork for violating the Terms of Service.

Connect Refunds # Purchase Amount Refunds
It should be understood that a refund of connecting means that tokens are credited to your account for reuse, not a refund of their purchase value.

In addition, this reimbursement does not apply to expired jobs.

Is Upwork Connect free?

Upwork connections are chargeable. They are valued at $0.15 each and are sold in packs of 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 150. That said, in addition to this paid access model, the platform also offers free connections in some exceptional cases.

How do I use Upwork Connect?
Upwork connections are used to request quotes (1 to 6 connections per job). They constitute the platform’s internal bargaining chip, without which it is impossible to get a job unless the client personally asks for it.

Each posting on Upwork corresponds to a certain number of connections determined by the client.

How many connections up

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

How do I know the number of connections required to apply for an offer?

To find out the number of connections required to apply for a job, go to “Find a job” and click on the relevant job offer. The number of tokens needed is displayed in the side panel on the right.

Do I have to be connected to apply?

Connections are required to apply for jobs on Upwork. They are not essential for finding a position on the platform.

As I explained to you before, clients who send you a direct quote or invite you to apply can contact you directly. In this case, there is no need to connect.

The more convincing your profile is, the more likely you will get a job offer from a potential client.

Showing off your best work or highlighting a specific experience can help you stand out positively. Volunteer experience is also essential if you’re new to the field.

How can you make the most of your connections?

To hopefully make the most of your Upwork connections, it’s essential to optimize token management and avoid waste, especially on unserious offers and jobs that require particularly demanding qualifications.

Optimize connection management

Optimizing connection management involves defining the range of tokens you need each week.

As I explained to you before, you must consider your availability, status, seniority, and ambition.

Managing connections in beginner mode

If you are still just getting started with the platform and plan to work full-time one day, you must be prepared to invest in connections.

Early in your career, you will have a hard time finding work without a solid profile, positive feedback from clients, badges/certificates, or a substantial income.

As a result, you will have to add applications for various types of offers, which will force you to pay connection fees regularly. Even if you are slow to get your first job, you should not worry about the amount you are investing in connections. It will pay off in the long run, far beyond your expectations.

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

Connection management in professional mode

After you land and complete your first job, you will be more likely to get new jobs more frequently. You will be asked to apply for offers more and more often, and you will gradually receive invitations to go on interviews.

As a result, you will have less and less need for connections because you will no longer have to request offers from clients: they will come to you instead!

Ranking job offers by identifying the most serious ones

Upwork’s visibility and popularity are undoubtedly the platform’s greatest asset. This enables us to find a large number of offers from clients all over the world.

While this is an obvious advantage, it can work against you, as some post there for fun. Sometimes some offers are not severe.

It is important to apply only to the offers that seem the most serious so as not to waste your contact. To do this, you can base your request on several criteria.

The mission to be accomplished. It must be clearly defined and give a precise idea of the work to be completed.
Phrasing. A coherent and error-free offer will inspire more confidence.
Terms of cooperation. Depending on the volume of tasks envisaged, the deadline, and the payment, it is related to the study’s frequency.
The wording “payment verified.” It proves the client’s solvency.
The total amount that the client has paid for the tasks on Upwork. The higher it is, the more comfortable you are with the client’s seriousness.
The number of jobs posted on Upwork and the client’s credentials.
The range of prices clients usually pay. By checking if a client’s active hourly contract is similar to the tasks they want to give you, you can quickly see if they are ready to pay your standard rates.
Connecting Upward to Work
Don’t waste your connections on jobs you’re not qualified for
Some jobs require specific qualifications. When you click on the offers, they will appear in the “Preferred Qualifications” section in the lower-left corner.

If a red exclamation mark appears before specific qualifications, you do not meet those qualifications.

Therefore, it is usually not worth applying. This amounts to a waste of your connection because, at best, the customer will consult your application in the last position, and at worst, he will not even consider it.

On the other hand, if all the lights are green in front of the requested specifications, do not hesitate to apply.

Likewise, you can easily see if the client is looking for an expert or, on the contrary, if he prefers an “entry-level” to perform tasks according to their complexity. Each job opportunity below the header indicates this: Expert – Intermediate – Entry Level.

How many connections do I need per week?

There is no standard for the minimum number of connections per week. It all depends on the Freelancer’s availability, habits, and responsiveness.

For freelancers looking to work full-time on Upwork, you will need about 150 connections per week for the first month to get your first permanent contract and then 50 to 80 links to keep the flow of new contracts going.

If you are used to consulting your account and job opportunities once a week, then, in this case, there is no need to get dozens of connections per week. The ideal approach is to buy as you go.

How does connecting work on Upwork?
How does connecting work on Upwork?

Where can I see how many logins I have left?

The number of connections left in Upwork is systematically displayed at the top and to the right when you click on a job. Alternatively, check the remaining links in the “Members and Connections” section.

You can access it by clicking on your profile picture and then clicking on Settings > Members and Connections. There, you will see the number of connections you have left at the bottom of the “View or edit membership plan” button.

A little further down, on the right side, you will find a “View Connection History” button. By clicking on it, you will get an overview of your affiliated acquisitions and their complete history of use.

In conclusion

Accurate virtual currency exchange on Upwork is essential for applying customer offers. These tokens are necessary to get in touch with customers for the job opportunities you are interested in unless the latter directly invite you to use.

There are various possibilities to get connected on Upwork. That said, besides the number, it is the frequency of your applications that will determine your success on the platform that matters most.

Through this article, you will already discover some of the tips I have provided for you in this direction. All you have to do is make use of it!

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