How does an amazon affiliate work, and how to become an amazon affiliate

How to become an affiliate?

Nothing could be easier than becoming an Amazon affiliate; just open an Amazon affiliate account by filling in your data on their platform. You can be an individual or a company to participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. In particular, you will be asked:

· Your surname, first name, date of birth, and address.

· Your means of payment to receive your commissions.

· The website(s) through which you will place the various links.

Amazon will then study your registration and offer to retrieve an affiliate link on each product automatically. You can then track your day-to-day commissions on your Amazon affiliate/ Amazon partner dashboard. In concrete terms, you can affiliate with all Amazon products, whether high-tech, food/condiments, sports equipment, etc. Don’t forget that many products on Amazon come from suppliers like aliexpress.

Amazon tracking work?

Once your registration is validated on Amazon, just log in to their affiliate interface. It will offer you tools to track your sales, observe the products you have sold and suggest products to promote on your website. You can use the search engine integrated into the affiliate area to find new products. Nevertheless, I prefer to browse Amazon itself to find exciting products.

Once you land on a product you like and want to promote, you’ll find a header at the top of the site that wasn’t there before. This header allows you to get:

1. A long link or a short link.

2. A custom clickable image at the dimension level.

3. A couple of text + clickable images.

This affiliate bar now appears on Amazon and allows you to retrieve all product links to promote them.

Of course, these three elements make it possible to track affiliation. You have to place them on your website to promote them. It can be an image, a clickable link in the text, a button leading to this page, whatever; it’s up to you to see how you can get the customer to make their purchase at Amazon. I only use the short link except for a few rare exceptions. Once your visitor has clicked on the link, his cookie will fill up and signal that the customer came to Amazon thanks to you! If the latter adds other products during his order, it’s a bonus; you will receive a commission based on his entire basket. The cookie remains valid for 24 hours… which is short! Unless the person adds the product to the cart. In this case, it will be suitable for up to 90 days. But be careful. If the visitor clicks on another affiliate link, the latter will have the commission.

Speaking of commissions, you can find Amazon’s up-to-date commission table at this link.

Thus, it is imperative to convince your visitor to make the purchase as quickly as possible to earn your commission on Amazon. You will then get paid via bank transfer or Amazon gift voucher.

My Opinion on How Amazon Affiliates Works

If you are new to the internet and your traffic is not essential, there is no point in imagining yourself getting rich with the amazon affiliation. Affiliation (in general) has advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are the benefits of amazon membership :

· Very simple to set up; it’s child’s play!

· You are not responsible for the delivery or the product; you are only the person who made the product known, nothing more.

· End to end, this can make a very nice additional income.

But of course, there are also all the disadvantages:

· are low (I recently sold a product at €750, and I received €42 in commission).

· The fact that the commissions are low makes it unthinkable to advertise! An SEO strategy is, in my opinion, mandatory.

· Cookies don’t stick around for long, and the sale can be stolen by another affiliate.

There is no need to make it a profitable business using paid advertising levers like Facebook or via an influencer. In reality, the exciting strategy would be to use amazon as a compliment. Integrating amazon products can be a solution if you have a blog that you want to monetize quickly. To give you an idea, amazon affiliate represents 0.4% of my turnover. Its quick implementation and the desire to test aroused my curiosity, so I implemented it in some of my businesses. It is always an additional income, but it is better to devote time to more profitable and effective programs. The program will indeed allow you to make very nice Christmas gifts at the end of the year

Moreover, if you want to promote my marketing book and earn your first commissions, it will be with pleasure!

amazon affiliate success

If the adventure really tempts you, here are all my tips to optimize your commissions and the time spent on these programs

1. Think long-term and be patient : You need to think long-term, whether you’re building a small niche site or a large authority site. Make sure your content is good enough to stand the test of time and avoid abusive SEO practices that can earn you a penalty from Google. It usually takes 2-3 months to start getting regular sales, and in some cases, it can even take longer, so be patient.

2. Before doing so, think about what you will do. Before creating your site, make sure you have answered the following questions: Is it an authority or a niche site? How will you get the content for the site? What keywords are you going to target with your site?

3. Do some keyword research and target buyer keywords. Be sure to do keyword research before creating your site. If you’re not very good at SEO, you need to find very low-competition keywords, or you’ll need to improve your SEO skills. Also, target buyer keywords to earn more money. If your product is a laptop, target keywords like “best laptops under $1000, best laptops of 2016, most powerful laptops for gaming, most user-friendly laptops, etc.…”. I don’t recommend you choose laptops as your niche because the competition is very high and your commissions will be limited to 4% because it’s in the category of electronics.

4. Know the Affiliate Rules: You need to understand Amazon Affiliate rules or else your account will get banned and no one wants that, right? Here are some things to watch out for: Make sure you have the disclaimer “Your site participates in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to allow sites to earn money by advertising and linking to Amazon” in the footer or privacy policy. You are not allowed to mention the price in your reviews unless it is taken directly from Amazon using their API. You are not allowed to send Amazon affiliate links HYPERLINK “” in your emails.

5. Always test: You should constantly test to see what makes you more money. I was able to increase my CTR by using more images and linking them to the Amazon product . Use of “call to action” links in the text. I’m getting rid of my “call to action” buttons. (Surprising, isn’t it?). It might be different for everyone, but you should test your page layout, how you log in to Amazon , how you collect your emails, and anything else you can think of.

6. Bring value to your visitors. Although this is my last point, it is also one of the most important. You may be able to make money in the short term (<1 year) if your site does not provide value, but in the long term your site will not perform.

Some additional tips:

· Mailing lists work for some Amazon affiliate sites , but not others. Test them out and see if they are worth it for you.

· It’s best to start with a niche site , as you’ll be targeting less competitive keywords and you should make money faster, but I recommend building at least one authority site afterward, as those These are less likely to be penalized by Google and it becomes easier to make money afterwards if you have an authority site.

· Don’t waste your money on superfluous things . All you need is a hosting, a domain, and maybe a paid WordPress theme , although you could also settle for a free theme.

Good luck on your affiliate adventure with Amazon Partner!


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