How do you become an influencer and make a living?

How do you become an influencer and make a living?

Today, more than one person’s dream is to become an influencer. This desire is based on several reasons that vary from person to person. Indeed, an influencer represents a person whose status, media presence, or position can effectively convey opinions. As a result, he can act according to the consumption habits of his followers. It is an evolving activity that attracts many people. So, the question we ask ourselves is how to become an influencer? This article will provide you with everything you need to achieve this goal.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

What are the different categories of influencers?

The influencer previously named after the term “opinion leader” shares his views and passions with Internet users. For this purpose, it uses videos or posts. He can be an Instagram user, a blogger, or even a YouTuber, whose goal is to earn money by constantly trying to have more “followers.” Various methods can be used to achieve this goal. Therefore, there are several categories of influencers.

Internet Superstars: These people are very famous because they have gained fame over time. Through their posts, they attract enough Internet users to achieve a high level of visibility.

Professional Influencers: Unlike generalists, these have blogs or accounts on specialized topics. Most of their followers are people who are interested in the subject matter. Therefore, the number of their followers is not as crucial as generalists. Their approach to the topic is usually more detailed, as this is their specialty.

Celebrities: Already popular, these people are more likely to convey an opinion about a specific product. Therefore, artists, actors, and athletes can advertise for brands even if it’s not their job.

Satisfied customers: This is the type of influencer based on the personal appreciation of the product. Instead of compensation, they usually decide to share their product appreciation with others. These customers have an Internet user community just like other influencers.

Other Categories

In addition, opinion leaders can distinguish themselves by the number of followers. For this purpose, there are macro, micro, and nano influencers. The first one is the most striking. They mainly lead communities whose number of subscribers may reach millions. To build partnerships with them, it is usually necessary to use proxies.

On the other hand, micro-influencers usually have an average number of subscribers. As a result, it is easier for them to interact with their subscribers. As a result, it is less complicated and less expensive for brands to reach agreements.

When it comes to nano-influencers, their communities are relatively small. However, these communities are vital. They address niche subjects, and in these cases, volume is not the most important thing. Specific issues are better suited to those who do not hesitate to choose restricted categories of professional groups. This community is characterized by a fundamental level of engagement and is very comfortable with influencers’ activities.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

What is the influence of the influencer?

Thanks to his e-reputation, the opinion leader has a community that closely follows him. Thus, the leader builds a certain trust with his congregation over time. Therefore, this community of Internet users trusts the latter’s judgment about a specific product. Due to this relationship of trust, they are more likely to try what he offers to them. This fact is an asset for brands that wish to advertise themselves. A product suggestion from a friend is more interesting than a simple advertisement from a company.

Opinion leaders can focus on a very diverse range of areas. While others prefer to be travel influencers, some choose Instagram fashion. Still, others focus on beauty and many other places that attract followers. For the former, the job inspires people to travel through their experiences. They are among the most influential people on the web. Likewise, fashion and beauty attract many people.

Who can become an online celebrity?

Many people ask themselves this not-so-simple question. Becoming an influencer is not reserved for a specific category of people. Indeed, this role is not a goal that he can set for himself. The privilege you should give is to do well what you must insist on doing and do it with passion.

Moreover, influence is limited to the community’s size on social accounts. Not only that, several factors can make you an influential man or woman.

Becoming an influencer, especially on social networks, takes work. The real goal is to use your passion to be the best at what you do. As a result, you will eventually become an expert in your field. The main goal is to get things done. The more you understand how to do something, the more you will have. On the other hand, if you set yourself the goal of becoming influential, you may be unnecessarily going in circles without achieving it.

Being influential is a plus, not a set goal. What must be at the top of the list is his passion for something. The simpler the channel, the more followers you will share your vision and adopt you. As a result, you start to influence without even realizing it. As a result, brands will pay more attention to you and even place ads for your products.

They want to reach the audience you already have. From then on, you will become an influencer for the brand.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

How brand/influencer partnerships work

When a brand strikes a deal with an influencer, they all win, one way or another. First, brands enjoy visibility. The brand is seen through opinion leaders. A specific community follows the latter, and the brand is exposed to this community of internet users. And because the product is presented by someone they like or someone with a certain level of visibility, it attracts attention.

Therefore, it can spread quickly through the crowd by word of mouth. This kind of advertising is better than when anyone or the brand itself showcases its products. As a result, customers keep growing, and so does the company. The most important thing for a company is finding the most appropriate people to promote its products. This is not always obvious.  

In terms of influencers, the benefits are equally attractive. He benefits from the brand’s products for free because he cannot prove their quality without using them beforehand. In addition, he is paid for the visibility he provides to the company in question. And the remuneration is very variable, depending on several factors.

The influencer’s salary

In general, his income varies from 1,800 to 3,000 euros. This is an amount that does not consider in-kind benefits, such as the product itself that he receives. However, some people can charge up to thousands of euros. They are, for example, the legends of the field Norman and Cyprien. Depending on various criteria, these incomes vary considerably.

Employee social network.

The size of the follower community and its commitment.

The importance of the brand: small business or big business.

The number of partnership agreements signed.

The topics discussed by opinion leaders.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Instagram is the most influential social network, as its number of users is about 600 million per month. The users of this network are characterized by their dynamism. Almost half of them follow at least one brand. What is more interesting is that they want to buy products after they are posted. This could be a real opportunity to influence their purchasing decisions. To become an Insta influencer, several steps are required.

Define your positioning 

 This is the first thing that will allow you to better position your content. Your content may not appeal to everyone. It is then necessary to define it very clearly to attract people who are interested and will be interested too. The community will then respond to your posts faster and remain loyal.

Build your content based on a defined niche 

Once you have defined your target, you must focus on content that matches it. This is a daily task. You need to ask yourself what your followers are looking for on your page. Thus, you will know what to focus on to better engage them without straying.

To do this, the content you provide must be well researched, clean, and of good quality. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from others to change it. But remember, it is your originality that will make the difference.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

Retain your community 

This is very important if your goal is long-term. Indeed, it is not enough to have a community at the beginning. We must maintain it by giving it special attention and by keeping the frequency of publication constant. Create a friendly atmosphere by taking an interest in her. You can also use other means of communication to get closer to them. It is also not forbidden to organize meetings.

Establishing partnerships with brands

Instead of waiting for a brand to take an interest in you, take the first step. But first, make sure that you and she have the same goals. Therefore, your community needs to be both active and engaged. Brands will judge you on your ability to capture the attention of your community and act on their decisions. In addition, passion must be your primary motivator. Your followers are following you for a reason. If you suddenly change, they may abandon you. Then try to stay in the line you defined.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay any amount. It’s free to become an Instagram influencer. All you need is a page.

How do you become an influencer and make a living?
How do you become an influencer and make a living?

How do I become an influencer on Facebook and Snapchat?

In addition to Instagram, you can also become an influencer on other networks such as Facebook and Snapchat …… Despite the creation of new social networks, Facebook is still the most popular social network globally. In this sense, it is easy to find a wide variety of people interested in various topics. Likewise, it is not impossible to become a Snapchat influencer, as it brings people together.

Becoming a thought leader on these social networks requires almost the same steps as Instagram. However, some differences between these networks must be taken into account, and the community on Facebook is not as active and engaged as it is on Instagram. As for becoming a Snap influencer, this option is better suited for those looking for short-lived action.

In short, being an influencer means having the power and ability to influence the spending habits of a community of people. These leaders are different from each other depending on several factors. Despite these differences, they have in common the impact they have on Internet users. Even though it may seem attractive, this quality is not the goal to pursue. The best way is to identify your passion and develop it with special care. As a result, you will inspire others in your way and become influential. You can use Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many other social networks to do this.

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