How do I use lox on shopify?

How do I use lox on shopify?

To conduct direct marketing, it is necessary to create an account, personalize your store, configure the parameters, and add a range of goods to it. It is also important to work so that your website arouses a potential customer’s interest so that he visits it. In this sense, one of the parameters that can drive a person to place an order is the opinion of previous users. This is where the importance of Loox Shopify comes in. Discover in this article how to use look on Shopify?

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

Loox Shopify: How to use Shopify for direct marketing?

Shopify is a direct marketing platform. Dropshipping is a technology that allows you to market your products online without stocking them. The process takes place for your customers to place orders in your store. This request is routed to your provider. The latter is responsible for shipping directly to the customer and giving you the goods at wholesale prices, regardless of how much you take. Your profit is the difference between the price paid by the customer and the price you pay to the provider. This process is even more beneficial because it saves money for those who do not have the funds to carry out their business.

What to know about Loox Shopify?

Loox is a Shopify plugin for collecting customer reviews. The application can be integrated with Google Shopping or Recart, PushOwl, etc. It is the benchmark application for Dropshipping and even e-commerce. Look, Shopify is multifunctional. In the interface of the application, there is a page dedicated to all the buyer’s notes.

A pop-up window is a small window that appears in the store as visitors browse. These windows are tools for consumer reviews and can be displayed automatically. A small badge represents the sidebar. This badge is attached to the edge of the screen. By clicking on this bar, you can access all customer reviews. We call Carousel the display page layout on which the band scrolls past the reviews. The gallery is usually located at the bottom of the product description.

What’s the use of look Shopify?

Loox on Shopify allows you to add reviews of items from other customers to your virtual store. These comments enable potential customers to make a decision. Likewise, certain information can motivate the purchase of a product. Moreover, the opinions of previous customers, especially the positive ones, constitute social recognition and are a sign of trust in your business. Experience shows that potential customers are more sensitive to real photos and published feedback. Positive feedback can increase the number of orders. It’s a matter of psychological parameters. But how to use Loox on Shopify?

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

Loox Shopify: app features and benefits

The loose app is a Shopify plugin designed to allow the integration of customer reviews into your e-store. These reviews help to make your store social. In fact, after reading them, some customers can recognize your activity. Likewise, they may like one of your products. Some experts talk about inducing purchases through emotions, which can boost sales. In technical language, we are talking about increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Benefits of Loox

Its main advantage is that it allows consumers to express themselves freely through photos of their bought and tested items. The best ambassador for a brand or product is a satisfied customer. So thanks to Loox, customers give you free publicity. Look, Shopify can build buyer relationships. After they answer, Loox can also answer whether the review is positive or negative. So we can reassure the angry customer, or at least show him that his opinion matters. Look promotes a human-machine interface. At this point, it is no longer a cold exchange through a machine.

Furthermore, Loox can be used with several other applications, such as Facebook, Page Builders, Twitter, etc. In addition, it is possible to create a page dedicated to customer comments. These are social proofs that increase the credibility of the article. They boost the sales of the store. Optimizing Loox to list your products using Rich Snippets Display Engine ratings is also beneficial.

Loox Features

Look for Shopify allows adding images to reviews. After a reasonably quick installation, the application can immediately be viewed in the store. It is important to note that its structure does not require special technical skills. Naturally, as with any application, it has a language setting. It is possible to choose between different themes according to your preferences with its sophisticated design. The presentation remains lovely, highlighting dates and other elements.  

However, look comments Shopify offers the option of “medium comments.” Of course, comments are not automatically posted. This means that you can choose to post the best words to increase your audience. This option requires manually adding visible notifications. A unique feature is to program the emails buyers will receive to invite them to leave notes on the products they have tested. This programming must take into account the distributor’s delivery time. If the customer has not even received the article yet, he will not evaluate it. The configuration of the email is done from the application.

Moreover, thanks to the five-step funnel system, Loox Shopify allows more refined retention. It would help if you first acquired visitors by attracting them through social networks. Next, enable the ability to drive visitors to change their status to customer. After that, you must retain customers, which means you must keep them. Referrals are the ability to present through communication. Finally, think about his revenue, because all the strategies implemented aim to make it profitable.

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

Loox Setup

Several look Shopify tutorial videos are available on the web to configure the application. Before configuring any software, it must be downloaded.

Install Loox

You must first go to the official Loox installation page. Next, click on the “Add Application” option. The application is free to use for the first 14 days. Go through the installation with quick steps in turn.

Configuring Loox

Loox Shopify is easy to set up as Loox configuration does not require a significant technical background. Just follow the different steps in the setup. Some actions are generic and vital. These are the ones we will describe.

Review request emails: The ideal timing of emails sent to customers is 28 days after delivery. This provides enough margin to ensure that the customer received their items. Even if this never happens, it is best to take precautions. Therefore, the customer must consider his opinion in the email important. You can find standard information that can be used as inspiration on certain websites. Activate the option to approve reviews: “Review request email.” This helps to avoid receiving negative comments from competitors.

Discounts: It is configured in Loox to automatically send a good discount code to buyers who give their opinion. We recommend that you invest a higher percentage on this coupon than on your e-shop’s current promotions. An important strategy to drive your customers to buy is to set an expiration date on this coupon. Otherwise, he will ignore the gift because there is no pressure.

Comment alert: To encourage your customer to comment, this option allows you to send him a reminder email. For example, get 20% off today. The percentage to set varies from you.

Ambassadors: This is an option unique to Loox. It is online marketing. You let the buyer share a review and give a generous discount to his friends.

After configuring these options, publish Loox to your interface. First, select Settings, click Show Comments and click Themes to do this. Finally, select your theme and click on the “Integrate Loox” option.

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

Inserting comments with photos on Loox

Inserting a review is simple. You have to go to the product page and write your review. We can still divide the process into three parts. First, leave your note, import the photo of your choice, and finally, write your last name and email address. You can add them by importing multiple notifications via CSV file.

Importing CSV notifications

Adding comments manually, especially at any time, can be a chore. This boredom can be accentuated if you sell several different products, especially multiple words. To overcome this problem, Loox Shopify offers the possibility to export notes via a CSV Excel file. On the application are worksheets and tutorials describing its download mode. It is easy to add different views for multiple products. The application features are handy and friendly.

Import Aliexpress comments

You can import notes from Aliexpress. To do so, go through the “Import Review.” After that, click on “Import to Loox.” This button allows moving in the shortcut bar. It is advantageous to name favorites according to each site to find you, especially if you have more than one site. On the Aliexpress page, click on the shortcut to display the options page. Select the content you like in these comments and click on the Preview and Import option. This allows you to validate the comments one after another.

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

A personal view of Loox

I have used other applications before getting to know Loox. I can say without a doubt that Loox Shopify stands out from other applications for different reasons. Whether it’s offering promo codes or brand ambassador programs, the ease of creating reviews, and the possibility to import them in bulk via CSV …… There are many essential elements in Loox.

In addition, when there are too many applications and information, the site usually loads slowly. However, for Loox Shopify, the opposite was observed. The loading time is fast and essential in SEO. The application is perfect for getting reviews. It is the best in the field and rarely encounters errors.

Moreover, Loox gives a sense of social presence to the online store. All visitors can see the orders that have been placed, especially the satisfaction of previous buyers. In addition, on Loox Shopify, you can display pop-up windows on the site. These windows show consumer reviews.

Loox Shopify has a rich set of snippets. These are the results compiled on Google. In other words, Google considers the number of stars one of your products has received in your store. This result is displayed when searching.

Loox Shopify: a paid application

Loox Shopify is free to try for the first 14 days. For your monthly subscription, various packages are available from $9.99 per month (minimum) to $99.99 per month (maximum) for direct marketing and e-commerce professionals.

If you don’t have a minimum requirement, other free apps are available. Ryu, for example, can help you increase your website’s conversion rate. That said, it’s important to clarify that Ryviu doesn’t have as many features as Loox Shopify. Some review pages require a basic package to unlock it, even if you use Ryu.

How do I use lox on shopify?
How do I use lox on shopify?

Loox is still a more reliable and comprehensive source. It’s only $9.99, and you pay $0.33 per week. What you get in return is still very little. Even if there is only one sale, you will likely pay for the plan. There is a basic package for $9.99 and another premium package for $29.99. Likewise, a $59.99 Pro plan and a $99.99 unlimited plan are available.

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