How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. And, it is the best e-platform for SaaS today. Therefore, Shopify is the best operating software for providing complete services. Long experience and hard work in all phases have characterized the journey of this platform. As a result, the designers have better identified the e-commerce needs to provide the appropriate solutions. Apart from an online store and a sound CRM system, everything is about a better shopping experience. To have a user experience free from any glitches, the site offers you the possibility to test it. Shopify test orders will allow you better to understand the scope of the service and its reliability. Here’s how to perform this test order on Shopify.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

Shopify Test Orders: Let’s start with a short story

Shopify is a website born in 2004 out of the specific needs of designers. Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand, and Tobias Lütke had significant difficulties launching their online surfboard business. Snow. At that time, no trading site could meet their expectations for a dynamic store to enable better activity.

The entrepreneurs adopted Snowdevil, a software for managing skis online, to overcome this problem. They had to write a coherent plan within two years, taking into account all the specificities of their activity.

Thus, Snowdevil was born after two years of using Ruby on Rails. This first software, the three designers, will make it available to other commercial promoters of stores with higher requirements like theirs. By looking at the requirements, additional work helped develop a more efficient program: Shopify. Thus, the Shopify website was born two years after its parent software Snowdevil (in 2006).

This new site model offers a more extensive and, above all, more dynamic store because it is easy to handle. Therefore, it allowed online store promoters to adopt it. As a result, the number of Shopify users is increasing. Now, all they need to do is publish images to make their store viable. Having the site without the need to install hardware is an unparalleled experience. In addition, creating an online store that used to take time can now be done in less than half an hour. The software is now straightforward.

Shopify Test Orders: Set up your site correctly first

After creating a Shopify site, you must first familiarize yourself with all the site settings. This is still very important to facilitate the correct use of your website. Shopify Test Orders allows you to see the different possibilities of your website. However, a better understanding of the software will be more profitable for you. Here is a list of Shopify site parameters to know before starting a test order.

Home section  

The Shopify home page section is a dashboard that gives you, as an administrator, an overview of all orders on the site. In addition to charges, various information related to your store will be presented to you in the home section. The home page is required for Shopify test orders or multiple publications.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

The Orders section and its role in Shopify test orders

The test orders on Shopify will highlight all the features behind the charges on the platform. For this purpose, the “Orders” section consists of several baskets that customers use to place orders. The baskets remain empty during your first connection, with only one default setting. First, you must adapt the settings according to your tastes and the themes that seem attractive to you as a customer.


Products are the French equivalent of the word products. This is the dashboard of the products you offer to your customers. Thus, this space holds all the items you have to sell. Here, too, the page presentation retains the default settings.

For a good setup, the collection option better provides a good browsing experience for the customers on the platform. Moreover, in the face of the diversity of articles, the collection will allow group articles to make them visible. Better yet, it saves time for customers.


In the Shopify site setup, customers are the tables that provide information about your customers. Then, you have an outstanding possibility to make customer browsing an excellent experience. This section allows you to follow up on orders. In addition to all information about them, detailed information about all their charges can be found there. In addition, keeping relevant information in the Customer Shopify section helps to provide the best business solutions. For example, we can offer our customers personalized offers or even specific bonuses.


This Shopify command allows you to get an overview of data about all your operations through the store. With one click, you will get statistics on sales orders. The Analytics section allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your transactions in real-time.

Shopify Test Orders: Discounts section

The Discounts order displays the different discounts you will make as part of the sale. Therefore, this section is a form to inform your customers about various promotions, available discounts, and rebates.

Sales Channels

The sales channel is specified in French Sales Channels. This order from the Shopify store brings together many tools to promote business practices. In this section, you will start by shaping your store in any way you want. You can add additional pages, change or improve the theme, add images or colors, etc. Then, the Sales Channels section allows you to promote your online store more on different platforms. For example, your Shopify store will easily transition to Facebook, Amazon, and many other platforms using this command.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

Should I place a Shopify test order before or after the store officially launches?

Is the site suitable for launch? This question often comes up after you sign up on the Shopify platform. Besides her, the best time to place a test order is a question that is not easy to find an answer to. In addition, the store is open to the general public, so customer feedback after the platform goes live is difficult to predict.

There was nothing to guarantee but a good job. Therefore, it was appropriate to complete the site’s creation before executing the Shopify test order. This means selecting areas, attractive themes, and especially adding products very well. This last operation must also be impeccable. Choose to add products individually and create collections according to the items.

At the end of the work on creating the site, it is necessary to pass the first test. But this is not the current test order for Shopify. The first test will be similar to the one performed by application developers. Shopify itself is a deterministic and problem-free platform. Therefore, this test is designed to verify that all details are supported and that the platform reacts appropriately after the integration. After that, it’s time for the actual Shopify test order.

Shopify test orders: what to test?

To avoid providing your customers with a bad experience on your website, Shopify Test Orders will allow you to improve your service. To do this, we will test three things.

Order fulfillment

If there’s one thing on your website that can have a considerable impact, it’s order fulfillment. The fact that this process is unmistakable is enough to make the entire chain of activities work correctly. Therefore it is necessary to consider specific parameters.

First, you need to be able to validate orders through Shopify. This will verify the existence of the order to ensure its processing, followed by its physical execution. This assumes that the goods reach the requester who has paid the price. Finally, Shopify test orders should not overshadow the shipping process.

Therefore, to produce a Shopify test order related to order fulfillment, it will be a matter of you placing the order yourself. Then you can judge its validity. Most importantly, this will highlight any imperfections while also highlighting your store’s strengths. A friend or relative can also complete this Shopify test order.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?


Payment options are called gateways in Shopify jargon. Therefore, the first available gateway is the most classic found anywhere. We refer to gateways like PayPal, Authorize, and Amazon Payments. But before them, Shopify Payments was the gateway that integrated into the store. Therefore, your Shopify test order will include different testing gateways.


Responsiveness is a critical factor in achieving your site goals. We judge a site’s responsiveness based on its compatibility with all existing systems. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, the site must open easily on all devices. This is also true for all types of computers. If it opens easily using all of these devices, the site will be responsive as long as it provides the best experience.

Shopify Test Orders: What is the role of Stripe?

Stripe is indeed a secure payment method for online banking transactions. PCI is certified for its high level of security and has the advantage of being able to manage transactions using only its bank account without having to close the current web session. In addition, the payment system is straightforward given the many facilities offered.

In addition, customers who have made multiple transactions find themselves at ease. After the first operation, all future payments are made with a slight click. To benefit from this offer, you may not be obligated to a bank contract. All you need to do is create an account on the website, and everything disappears! Several Shopify stores also offer this payment method. The most exciting advantage is that Stripe can also use several other payment methods.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

Shopify test orders: How to use Stripe for test payments

Everything happens in a few steps! You must first go to the official Stripe website. Next, in the Developers tab in the left column, click on API Keys. It is necessary to put the account in test mode before proceeding. To do so, click on the “View test data” button. You can access the Secret key, Publishable key, and then your Panierdachat interface in the next step. In the settings of this merchant interface, activate credit card payments. At this stage, all that remains is to purchase and pay.

How do I place a test order on Shopify?

There are two ways to get there. They are free, and you can do them immediately after registering or updating the site settings.

Simulating an order

The first way to test order on Shopify is to simulate your checkout. This will also be done in a few steps.

First, you must enter the parameters of your site to select the “Pay” command. Next, you will be redirected to the “Manage” button, which allows you to disable or not disable payment by credit card. For Shopify test orders, you must disable them.

Next, the section titled “Third-party providers” appears. Select the provider in the area by using the button that will indicate this effect. After this step, select Virtual Gateway. This is the virtual gateway that allows you to perform tests. After activating this gateway, you can return to the website and place your order without paying. After the test is finished, you can restore the settings and delete the test.

Test with a natural order

Here would be a problem with placing a natural order for testing. But it will not be implemented. So, to get started, you need to make sure that the Payment Service Providers command is set up. Then begin a natural order with a credit card like a customer.

How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?
How do I place a Shopify test order for a new store?

After filling out the card information, be sure to take care of the processing. The order will be canceled before its verification. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the funds have been processed and then cancel the order. Consequently, you must return the order.

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