How do I manage invoices for Upwork?

I have received a payment from Upwork and would like to fix the part related to the invoice. I don’t know the procedure to manage activities on Upwork correctly.

Here are the billing methods to be observed towards Upwork:

The platforms do not always allow you to send invoices. This is because they may apply tax regimes for which they do not need to report costs. In any case, you must issue the invoice and ask Upwork where it can be delivered; if they give you an email address it will send your invoice by email with the identification number of the stamp you used for the invoice if they will tell you that they do not want the invoice, will keep without sending it to the platform. The Revenue Agency is an Italian public agency that deals with managing Italian tax revenues. It may carry out checks and inspections to verify compliance by taxpayers with fiscal and tax regulations. This body has its statute and specific rules… In Italian law, you must issue the invoice; if Upwork does not want it, the Revenue Agency cannot oblige you to deliver the document to the foreign customer. If they don’t give you directions as to where and how to send it, only you will keep it.

The invoice must be issued to UpWork with the amount gross of the commissions that are then withheld; for example, through the platform, you perform a service worth $ 100, even if the platform will pay you only $ 80 because $ 20 will keep them. as a cost of the service to use the platform, the invoice must be 100 dollars (converted into euros with the exchange rate in force on the date of issue of the invoice).

Upwork will in turn invoice you the commissions, on the invoices received you will have to calculate and pay the VAT.

When the supplier of the purchased service is foreign, both EU and non-EU, the invoice received must be integrated with VAT . Indirect tax that affects the final consumer. Currently it is the tax in Italy that ensures the highest tax rate. This particular type of tax is subject to European “harmonization”, this means that substantially there will be the same rules within the member countries, … Italian law which must be paid by the 16th of the month following the operation with the tax code 6493, you can find help with the compilation here: How to fill in the form F24 – Tribute Code 6493 .

In the case of purchases of goods , if the goods are purchased from an EU supplier, the invoice must be integrated as above, however if the supplier is non-EU, the VAT will be paid at customs.

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