How do I create an Upwork account?

Odesk has had a facelift and has become Upwork since 2015. This collaborative platform connects freelancers and professionals for one-off assignments in all areas of marketing, architecture, and IT (WordPress writing, translation, web development, logo creation, etc.) .) like Fiverr.

To find job offers on Upwork and advance your career as a freelancer, it is essential to create your account on the site or mobile application. Whatever your skills, a mission awaits you.

Then follow this tutorial to learn more about signing up for Upwork. At the end of this 2020 guide, you will be given a list of similar sites in French.

Create an Upwork account

To register on this e-work site, follow the following account creation procedure:

1. Visit the site

2. Then click on Register.

3. Enter your e-mail address afterward. Choose a business address.

4.Screenshot from the official site

5. Fill in the registration form with your Last nameFirst name and define a password. Also, specify your country. This site is available in 180 countries around the world.

6. Please also designate your profile: Hire for a project / Work as a freelancer.

7. Finally, accept the T&Cs and validate by clicking on Create my account (Create Account)

It is also possible to register using your Google account.

By browsing the site, you can search for assignments by category (Marketing, Administrative assistance, Mobile development, etc.), hire experienced professionals, read comments, etc.

Upwork is free. In addition, it offers paid offers to boost your earnings. You can thus subscribe to the Plus subscription at €49.99/month or the Enterprise subscription at €849/month.

Configure my profile

Once your account is successfully created, it is recommended to complete your profile to gain the trust of service seekers, professionals, or companies, of course.

For the configuration of a complete profile, consider describing your skills, adding a professional profile photo and integrating your CV.

Be aware that a well-filled profile will increase your chances of attracting opportunities. As you work as a freelancer, your clients will leave comments about their experiences with you. Please make sure they are positive reviews because that’s what will build your reputation on the site.

Upwork Mobile Registration

Registration and login to the Upwork account are also possible on mobile. To do this, download the Upwork For Freelancers application for free from the Google and Apple stores.

From your app, you can enjoy secure browsing and receive mission notifications on demand in real time.

The payment process on the mobile application is highly secure, whether by direct deposit, with Paypal or with electronic transfers.

If you have encountered technical problems during login or payment, contact the help desk at

How do I get paid on Upwork?

To recover your funds, your bank or MasterCard account name should match your name on the site, depending on the payment policy adopted by the latter.

As for bank transfers in dollars, they are charged at the price of $30 per transfer. While payment for US freelancers costs $ 2 per transfer.

Since the PayPal payment service is not available in some African countries such as Tunisia, one could use the Payoneer service to withdraw their winnings. Please note that the M-pesa service is only available in Kenya.

Reviews on competing sites

This freelance and autonomous work site gains its notoriety from the large number of international companies that support it. Indeed, Elance-Odesk was a partner of major franchises such as Walt Disney, Microsoft, Airbnb… And since then, this platform has been gaining more and more service providers and employers to count today around ten million subscribers and two million offers offered.

As Upwork is only available in English, some French-speaking users are looking for other French alternatives. If you also have trouble with the English language, the Hopwork site would be a good option for you. Indeed, Hopwork combines all the advantages of Up-Work and adds to them the fact that it is in French. Isn’t it great?

Do not hesitate to share your opinion on Upwork in the comments below!

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