How do I configure your Shopify site?

How do I configure your Shopify site?

The Shopify website is one of the options for setting up an e-commerce store. After creating your store, you will need to configure it to function correctly. For many people, this is not always easy to do. So, how do you set up your Shopify site? We will first introduce a Shopify store in this article. Next, we’ll effectively explain the mechanics of setting up a Shopify site.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?

The Shopify website: what is it?

On a historical level, creating a Shopify site was born in 2004. It was the initiative of Daniel Weinand, Tobias Lütke, and Scott Lake. They had already decided to open a store or an online store to promote snowboarding. The store, called Snowdevil, could not find the right software to build it. Therefore, the founders decided to write a computer program that would satisfy their wishes. 2 months later, the Snowdevil online store started using the Ruby on Rails computer language features. Thus the predecessor of Shopify was just born.
Later, in 2006, the promoters of Snowdevil were responsible for improving the computer program and making it available to the users of the online store. In this new model, product promoters only need to post photos of the products they want to sell. It takes them about half an hour to open their store.

The ease of use of the Shopify website has quickly increased its reputation in the world. As a result, several online sales or e-commerce site promoters have adopted it. It is also a favorite site for newcomers to e-commerce. Moreover, the site has the advantage of avoiding installation on your computer. Shopify is available in Saas. Therefore, you must subscribe and have your virtual store forever.

Finally, the Shopify platform gives you the time to create your online store correctly. Even if Shopify makes it possible for you to do it in two weeks, the online store is completed quickly. Therefore, you have the necessary time to configure your site.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?

How to create your Shopify site for the first time?

Creating a Shopify site is not difficult at all. It is one of the most accessible and most straightforward procedures to follow. You don’t need to download the application anymore. You need to go to the Shopify website and click on the Start command. This command is located on the right side and at the top of the navigation screen.

Once launched, the platform will give you a 14-day free trial period. So, you can take this opportunity to configure your virtual store fully. You can then create your store by filling in the various fields you will be asked to fill in. This is essentially your email address, the corresponding password, and the name you would like to provide for your store. Once this is done, you will be asked to click on the “Create Your Store” command.

So, you will start with something more serious. The next stage has to do with information about your virtual store. Therefore, all the information you will convey will be used to set up your store. However, you can change them later, if needed. It can be store name, password, etc.

After completing the previous step, you will be redirected to another screen. This is the site administrator interface you will have in the image below. This interface is fundamental as it allows you to set up and manage the site according to your beliefs.

Overview of the different settings for the admin pages on Shopify
Your Shopify admin page has several sections. Each of these sections has a specific purpose. The designer’s goal is to make your page attractive and easy to manage. We can cite.

Home section

The home page designates your dashboard as the administrator of your site. The home page summarizes all the information available on your virtual store or Shopify site. In addition, on this dashboard, you will have the various commands you need to make new publications or modify existing ones. The same is true for administrative authorities.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?


The Orders section of this dashboard has pre-designed shopping carts for you. These different baskets remain unfinished. This allows you to adjust them to your preferences and tastes. You will also find the orders you have already executed in the Orders section.


Products are the pages of your articles and products. At this level, you can present your papers to the public. This section also allows you to manage the inventory of your products in the virtual store and create collections. Then, each customer will be able to see, for example, the collection of products and decide to buy them. At this level, you can also create bonus offers and various gifts for your customers.


Customer” in English, a customer, is a part of the virtual store that you reserve for your customers on the Shopify website. It provides information about each of your customers. In addition, customers save each of their orders. As a result, you will consult and get the necessary details about your customers’ orders and respond to them efficiently.

Finally, the customer section offers you the possibility to link the data from your customers to other types of tools for more efficient management, the MailChimp tool being an example.


Analytics or analysis, this section provides you with statistical analysis related to your e-shop polls. Thanks to it, you can get sales and order numbers. Likewise, you will have a clear picture of the traffic on your Shopify website.


Discount means price reduction, rebate, or kickback in French. Therefore, you can get promo codes, bonuses, and discounts in this section.


The Applications section offers an opportunity to get your Shopify website up and running. Thanks to it, you will be able to download apps to improve your store’s overall appearance. For example, you can download applications to enhance the theme and colors of your e-store. By doing so, you can create a unique design.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?

Sales Channels

The Sales Channels department consists of various tools for managing and shaping your Shopify site. This department offers you the possibility to add other pages to your store. It also allows you to choose the image or color theme that best suits your needs. Finally, the Wind Channel will enable you to promote your virtual store on other platforms. For example, you can add your store to Amazon, Facebook, and many other websites.

Settings or parameters

Still called parameters, settings are the department that handles everything related to the management of your e-store. Whether payment methods or administration, all orders are at this level.

Mechanisms for selecting and installing themes on Shopify sites

Setting up your Shopify site starts with choosing a theme. This is very important because it is the first level of store customization. Then, you must access the Sales Channel tool. After entering this setup, click or tap on the “Themes” heading. From then on, you will have a great theme proposal. Among this variety, some are free (free), while others are available for a given amount (paid). The themes that require payment are more attractive and advanced than the free ones. Moreover, you can easily customize them.

As for the choice of theme, you must make sure that it considers the products to be sold and the quantity available. Likewise, you must view the image to be conveyed to your customers. Also, check the theme’s language, as some are only available in English.

To install a theme, you can first explore the free theme library by clicking on the “Explore free themes” section. This bank is usually inferior. You will find about ten themes there. Then you have to click the virtual button “Add Theme” to add the theme that best suits you.
In addition, we recommend you be creative in the selection and customization of your theme. The final design of your site depends on it.

Finally, you can change the language of the theme. To do so, you will press the “Actions” and “Edit Language” virtual buttons in turn and select the appropriate language.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?

How do I create one or more pages on your Shopify site?

Shopify site offers you the possibility to create multiple pages for your virtual store. Thus, you can create a page to showcase your store or provide your contacts. Likewise, you can have some legal notices, etc. To do this, go to the “Sales Channels” tool and press the virtual “Pages” button. Then press the “Add Page” button.

You will then have a window to enter the title and all the necessary information to be given to the page. In addition, you will also need to add the page content. Finally, if you wish, you can delay publishing this page by pressing “Hide” in the “Visibility” section and saving it.

Arranging products on the Shopify site

Categorizing products on the Shopify site
Categorizing products is very important, especially if you have to place different effects on your site. So the first level is to identify and define the different categories. For example, this could be shoes, clothing, jewelry, and many other types. Then you will have a good grouping of your products on the Shopify website. It is the virtual button “Products,” followed by “Collections” and “Create Collection” that allows you to perform this action.

Then, fill in the various information related to each collection. Also, don’t forget to add the corresponding photos using the “Upload images” button and save them.

As for collection management, you will have to choose manual control.

Shopify website: Adding each product to its collection

After creating a group, click on “Products” and “Add Products” to add different effects to their readers.

For each product, it is essential to fill in the different windows that present it. From the title to the brand, from the size to the reference price, and finally, the price on the photo. Thus, customers will clearly understand the product and place orders as needed. Pay attention to the records every time.

How do I configure your Shopify site?
How do I configure your Shopify site?

Configuration of payment methods

The “Settings” tool or parameter is a tool that allows you to configure the payment system through the Shopify website. Once in this tool, you will click on Payment Providers. Next, you will install the payment system that works for you. We recommend that you install PayPal and credit cards. These are the easiest to use for international transactions today. Credit cards are configured in the “Accept credit cards” section.

You can also activate manual payments. We talk about manual costs when the customer decides to transfer money directly to you by other means.

Delivery system setup

Setting up the delivery system is very simple. You will click on the “Settings” tool and click on the “Shipping” button. From there, you can define the delivery area through the “Shipping at checkout” and “Add delivery area” tools. As a result, customers will see the different zones and terms associated with the products you deliver.

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