How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits?

I multiplied by 3 to 7 AdSense revenue on my websites. In 3 months. At no cost. By switching from an AD agency that works only with its single ADS network to an ad optimization technology partner with a hundred ADS networks that works with the help of hundreds of ADS networks, has I used? Want similar results? See how I did it in this article.

By the following advice, your Adsense revenue per 1000 visitors, which is most likely just a few dollars, can be multiplied by two, three, or even … seven!

Create a free account now, and double AdSense revenue at your own pace – no commitment, no credit card required.

Are you experiencing low revenue of around a dollar per thousand visitors to your website? That’s precisely where I was before, with websites barely making tenths of a dollar per month, meager and disappointing revenue.

However, I managed to double the AdSense revenue on several websites, even more than double the income on one of them! All the details are below – see how it worked for my websites.

Try a website revenue boost now… or read the complete guide with business case examples!

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

How can I increase Google AdSense revenue?

Several ways can lead to a doubling of AdSense revenue. It would help if you changed the ad network you use at no extra cost to achieve higher CPM rates for your site.

What is CPM? Cost Per Mille is the average cost per thousand views of an online advertisement. Mille is another word for a thousand.

Depending on the success of your website, you may only have a small number of page views, may not be able to monetize them at all, or may not have been accepted into the Google AdSense display ad network.

There are several steps to successfully making money online with an active content website.

This article will explain how to monetize an evergreen content website properly.

It may also work for news, e-commerce, or other types of websites, and there is no need to pay for anything at any time with the methods described below. They are meant to help you earn money and not spend it.

However, before we get into optimizing your website revenue and looking at real business cases in detail, let’s start with a definition that is on the same page.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits? : Websites in different niches with payment have improved after switching to AdSense.

Websites in different niches with revenue have improved after switching to AdSense . 

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is unique and potentially authoritative content written on a specific topic that is likely to be as valuable in years to come as it is today. Once published, it may be even more timely and relevant in the future.

Definition of evergreen content: Sustained content that remains relevant after publication.

For example, suppose you’ve written an article about a topic you’ve mastered, such as the best places to celebrate a national holiday in your city. In that case, it will be valuable every time around that event.

Therefore, creating evergreen content may be the best way to add value to your website over time and share your knowledge for others to benefit from.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

What is website monetization?

You may have heard of it, but you’re not an expert yet. Starting a blog and adding evergreen content is the beginning of the webmaster’s journey.

To turn it into an additional revenue stream, a full-time job, or a full-fledged business, you need to monetize your website to reap benefits.

You may have heard of it, but you’re not an expert yet. Starting a blog and adding evergreen content is the beginning of the webmaster’s journey.

To turn it into an additional revenue stream, a full-time job, or a full-fledged business, you need to monetize your website in one of the following ways to reap benefits:

Sell your products or services, such as your knowledge with Online Course Creation or some products with an e-commerce platform.

Sell other products or services through affiliate marketing links to earn a commission on each sale you link to directly or drop shipping to make the total margin on each sale you manage.

There are many other ways to monetize your creation, such as selling links or posts, creating mailing lists, etc. However, we will focus here on monetizing traffic through display advertising, for which Google AdSense is the leading player.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google product that relates web admins who own a website where ads can be served and advertisers who want to pay to have their ads shown to a relevant audience.

Advertisers manage their ads in Google AdWords, the platform where they can create ads, choose how much they want to pay, where they want to place their ads, and the campaign budget.

Publishers place ads on their websites after being approved on the Google AdSense platform by including an interactive JavaScript code in their website.

The AdSense system can automatically display ads on the website by inserting this code. At the same time, the publisher can sit comfortably and wait for the revenue to be transferred to their bank account.

The more quality content you have on your website, the more visitors you will get and the more money you will make with either CPC or CPM, managed by the AdSense system.

There are other ways to improve your website revenue through SEO optimizations, such as optimizing your Google PageSpeed Insights score. This means making sure your website is as fast as possible. However, the best way to double your AdSense revenue is different.

Double AdSense revenue, how?

AdSense revenue is usually meager because it is a single program with a limited pool of advertisers. They limit themselves to the number of advertisers and publishers that join its platform to get family-friendly, among other things.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

How much does AdSense pay?

An average of $1 per 1000 page views. As a result, this platform’s expected revenue seems incredibly low.

If you want to double your AdSense revenue or your website has not been accepted by Google AdSense, you must change the display ad network to one of the higher paying AdSense alternatives like native PropellerAds ads.

Through their network, you can not only monetize any content with any traffic, but most likely double the AdSense revenue with their ads, but also monetize alternative content like push notifications.

You can also add a popunder system that monetizes a visitor’s first interaction with your site by displaying an ad page and getting direct link clicks that you can add in any clickable area on any medium. All clicks on that link will be monetized, and the revenue will go to your account.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits? Website revenue increased through AdSense:

  • Triple payment for a business website
  • The triple amount for a technology website
  • Seven prices for a travel website

Website revenue increased through AdSense: three times revenue for a corporate website and seven times revenue for a travel website.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits? Website revenue increased through AdSense:

  • Three times the payment for a business website
  • Three times the income of a technology website
  • Seven times the gain of a travel website

Revenue from websites increased through AdSense:

  • Triple income for an enterprise website
  • Triple payment for a technology website
  • Seven payment for a travel website 

How do I triple my AdSense revenue?

Tripling your AdSense revenue can be difficult because the programs that manage the best ads for websites have higher quality control to maintain. However, this is how I was able to triple AdSense revenue on several of my sites, as you will see below.

You need a website with 10,000 unique visitors per month or more, quality evergreen content that Google AdSense approves… And register for free on the Ezoic platform website. Most of this is easy to achieve if you’ve followed the advice above!

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

What is Ezoic?

The Ezoic placement partner is a Google AdExchange certified associate and an American corporation based in California that is selecting through machine learning the highest paying ad to display on your website by analyzing visitors’ behavior and accessing a pool of tenth of programmatic advertisement system to choose from, including Google AdSense and many others.

The more time you spend on their platform, the more money you will make, as their system can better learn how your website works, what your audience wants, and which affiliates have the highest chance to click on their ads.

The setup is quite simple, free of charge, and a dedicated human contact will support you on your way to making the most of it. It will only help you double your AdSense revenue and go even further.

Ezoic referral partner

Create ad placeholders on your site, choose what percentage of your traffic you want to send to the Ezoic referral system to start with if you’re not sure you want to try 100% yet, and that’s all you need to do double AdSense revenue for now.

With Ezoic, you can quickly go even further and triple your AdSense revenue by using one of the many unique services that are constantly expanding: Get the world’s best website analytics into their Big Data Analytics solution and use their CDN to deliver your content faster worldwide Use the Cache system to increase page speed rendering, use the Page Speed Accelerator to optimize page display speed (the latest feature includes some components for an additional fee) and much more!

What is EPMV? 

EPMV means Earnings Per Mille Visits and is a more accurate method of measuring website income per thousand visitors than RPM or CPM

If you ever get it, join the premium Ezoic plan as soon as possible! They will personally select and negotiate other deals with advertisers on your behalf for an additional fee.

You’ll earn extra income higher than you pay and get faster data processing and support response. Try it for free for 14 days and see for yourself – in any case, it’s optional.

By switching to the Ezoic referral system immediately after contacting one of their representatives, the website directly tripled its revenue in the first month on Ezoic compared to AdSense.

If your website has not reached 10,000 unique visitors per month or your content may be objectionable according to AdSense guidelines, switch to the native PropellerAds ad system to easily double your AdSense revenue.

You can do away with any website validation by simply registering with their website using the following link, adding your website and adding an on-click popunder to your website that monetizes every first click to your website, and adding push notification monetization. Over time, you earn passive income by sending ads in push notifications on your behalf. Both can be added to your website as a supplement to AdSense.

But it isn’t! If you create a direct link for native ads or just a direct click, you can monetize every click. All you need to do is get your audience to click on something. This can be a link on your Instagram page or a square in a Word document that you share. Every link can be monetized until you get to the top of machine learning ad optimization.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

How much does Ezoic pay? 

Ezoic pays two to seven times more than AdSense and can pay publishers up to millions of dollars per month. The Ezoic referral system is a technology that finds and displays the highest paying ads for your site on the Google AdExchange marketplace.

It’s even initially recommended that you don’t send all of your traffic, as it takes time for machine learning to get to know your website audience well enough to monetize them correctly. If your website monetization is a significant part of your income, you should gradually increase the result to make sure there’s no income gap between the two systems.

Regardless of how you decide to increase AdSense revenue for your website, switch to Ezoic. Once you are invited to subscribe to the premium Ezoic program, this is undoubtedly one of the best options available!

The best way to increase your EPMV is to let a third party optimize the ads on your website while speeding up your web page loading with CDN and page speed optimization for free, as they get a commission from the website Additional income you get from your website.

How did I multiply AdSense revenue for 1000 visits

In my case, I multiplied my AdSense income by seven times for 1000 visits by simply using the free Ezoic referral system and using Ezoic Ads placeholders, and following a simple Ezoic placeholder guide instead of the automatic AdSense monetization that brings nothing EPMV in my experience with millions of page views, always with the ability to stop using their system with one click without additional setup – but I never did!

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