How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

Are you one of those eCommerce merchants who understand that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great marketing tools to promote your eCommerce store and increase traffic? However, online sellers often forget that Pinterest exists. However, a social network can provide you with endless possibilities to promote your direct sales. Learn how Pinterest works with this guide and suggestions to get you started with this promising platform.


1 What is Pinterest, and how does it work?
1.1 Understanding how to use Pinterest
1.2 Tips for optimizing your Pinterest usage
2 How to use Pinterest for direct marketing stores?
2.1 Finding the right way to target potential customers
2.2 Attract a large target audience
2.3 Improve the natural citation of your website and your pins
2.4 Give your followers time to discover your new pins
2.5 Don’t put pin prices directly on Pinterest
3 Understand what followers are looking for on Pinterest
3.1 Understand how to use pinned images on your boards
3.2 Make the most of what Pinterest has to offer
4Is it possible to sell through Pinterest with Shopify stores?

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

What is Pinterest, and how does it work?

Suppose Instagram and Facebook allow Internet users to share moments of their lives and activities. In that case, Pinterest is more helpful to find inspiration in decorating, cooking, fashion and trends, planning a wedding or birthday, gift ideas, etc. This social network is like a virtual bulletin board. These users can fix photos of people or objects, cooking recipes, videos, etc. In the jargon of the platform, these selected images are called “pins.” They are listed in the table. You should know that each pin has a short description and points to a link.

Know how to use Pinterest

For example, if you sell decorative items, you can set up a “Bathroom” board, a “Garden” board, or even a “Kitchen” board. The Bathroom section will include photos of different styles of bathrooms or pictures of renovated bathrooms with before and after images. In the “Garden” table, you can combine photos of beautifully decorated pergolas with fabrics, garden furniture cushions, original furniture, etc. On the “Kitchen” table, you can put a video explaining how to modernize your kitchen without destroying yourself, a photo of a beautifully arranged table, etc. In short, the possibilities are endless.

The principle is to show photos or videos that inspire your subscribers and make them want to buy your product or service. You will then get statistics from Pinterest Analytics, which will allow you to know what your audience is and how your Pinterest account is growing (increase in the number of shows, total audience, etc.).

Pinterest works interestingly because you can pin your photos, and, in turn, your followers will re-pin the images they like to their boards. In addition, multiplying shares creates a snowball effect. In this case, your e-commerce site will get more visits, increasing its traffic and optimizing its natural citations.

Tips for optimizing Pinterest usage

To optimize the use of Pinterest, it is enough to integrate the web button into your browser. This extension will allow you to pin any photo or video found on the canvas to your board. The platform will then automatically record the link to the source of the object, respecting the creator’s copyright while getting traffic through Pinterest.

Want to sell through Pinterest? The easiest way to get started is to embed a Pinterest follow button on your e-commerce site. Understand that this is the equivalent of the famous Facebook Like or Twitter Follow. The “Follow me on Pinterest” button will allow web users to follow you. This feature enables any e-commerce site powered by you to add pins to each product in its catalog for your direct marketing site. The area in question can then associate these pins with their own Pinterest account.

How do I use Pinterest for my direct sales store?
As mentioned above, the primary purpose of using Pinterest is to get many people to follow you. To do this, they must re-target images containing your products, which will allow them to be distributed well on the Internet.

So the question is: how do you get your subscribers to re-pin your pins on their boards? The answer is simple; you must succeed in making yourself appreciated. Platform subscribers must stick to your ideas. From then on, they will be more inclined to share. Then follow these tips, and you can best market your identity to make money through Pinterest.

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

Find the right way to target potential customers.

The first rule of using Pinterest to break into e-commerce is to avoid pinning images that are not relevant to your business. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you should create your boards by focusing on topics: pinning photos of women’s faces with perfect skin, lipsticks, makeup brushes, learning how to make beauty masks, or storing tutorial videos of beauty products, etc… In other words, your audience should recognize your style and business footprint from the first glance of the pins on your page.

Granted, these pins won’t generate immediate sales, but they will encourage Pinterest users to follow you or take inspiration from your advice. When they need makeup or skincare products, their thoughts will automatically turn to you. Then you can add links to clickable images or descriptions to bring in targeted traffic!

Attract a large targeted audience

Do you want to attract as many followers as possible? One way is to fix the products you don’t sell. Don’t worry, because this is not advertising for others. Let’s use the example of selling cosmetics on an e-commerce site again. You post a photo of a beautiful designer dresser with a beautiful bouquet, a cute little mirror, makeup brushes, blenders, various perfumes, etc. You sell only facial care products for different skin types. This photo reflects the desire to pamper yourself, and making time for self-care will only inspire your followers. In other words, followers are more likely to re-enact this beauty arena than the original product. In addition, they will automatically think of you when they feel the need to purchase a facial care product. If they don’t buy right away, they will talk about your products to relatives and acquaintances.

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

Improve natural referrals to your website and your pins

To combine Pinterest and e-commerce with growing sales, do not neglect SEO. in fact, if your followers like the photos you post, most of them will want to see your online store. Therefore, it is essential to specify the address of your website to avoid the loss of potential visits.

It is also important to name the table using relevant keywords. Or, in the same example, create a table for oily skin facials or anti-wrinkle masks. The principle is to choose the primary keywords used by Internet users searching the Internet. There is no need to create catchy headlines because simple, straightforward headlines do the job well and are more effective. It is equally essential to arrange the tables in order of importance. In other words, the ones that best reflect your main activity or who you are should rank first on your page.

Renaming your pins is equally essential. If you do not change the name of each nail, the description will remain the same each time you re-fix the photo. The principle is still the same: use relevant keywords. Don’t forget to include the URL of your e-commerce site in the description to increase the chances of being recognized.

You can also add “call-to-action phrases” to the description. These call-to-action phrases can create an impulse to buy from simple visitors, which will, of course, lead to a visit to the site.

Finally, disable the index protection button in your Pinterest account settings. This will make you visible in all search engines.

Give your followers time to discover your new pins

Most e-retailers who started with Pinterest made the mistake of pinning various images to fill their boards. At first, it’s normal, but in the long run, it no longer works. It’s best to pin a little but pin regularly, not heavily every three years.

This way, you give your followers time to discover your new photos, and they will come back to you more often. It’s also important not to overload your board with pins containing your products. Social network users can quickly get tired of overexposed companies. Ideally, bet 90% of your external content on the opposition and the remaining 10% on your content.

Don’t fix prices directly on Pinterest.
Many e-merchants don’t hesitate to put a price on each pin to show subscribers where the pin’s products are sold. However, this strategy doesn’t always work. For one thing, the fact that a hook is priced can inhibit a subscriber’s desire to re-fix the pin on their board. It’s a sneaky attempt to sell to them, and they will eventually leave your page.

On the other hand, if you specify a price that is too high for your subscribers, they will not hesitate to leave your network and not even take the time to visit your e-commerce site.

Therefore, it is essential to remember that the prices displayed on pins eliminate the concept of pleasure on this platform, where most subscribers like to walk around without being attacked by various advertisements. If you don’t price the image that shows your product, people will be driven by curiosity to find out for themselves what it is or the name of the company that sells it.

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

Know what followers are looking for on Pinterest

It is important to remember again not to choose pins by chance. It is necessary to refer to the trends that your customers and potential customers appreciate. To find out, visit some subscribers’ pages and see what they are commenting on from your board and your competitors’ boards.

Know how to use fixed images on your board
Put yourself in the shoes of your followers by pinning photos to your board and trying to find out what their first impressions of your account are. So if you want to develop your campaign by combining Pinterest and dropshipping, be sure not to minimize the graphical and visual advantages offered by the platform. Then know that users are attracted to images with a unique design and good quality.

When creating a picture, it is equally important to choose the image in the foreground. For example, if you want to fix a photo of a makeup palette, avoid setting the original photo of the product. Highlight it in a beautiful setting, and do not hesitate to use warm and harmonious colors in your product image. Make your subscribers’ dreams come true with gorgeous staging. In this way, they will project themselves into a particular universe. Finally, it is recommended never to steal your competitors’ photos as well as pixelated ones.

Take advantage of the features offered by Pinterest.
Like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is designed to create communities or bring together users of your company’s products or services. On the other hand, what sets it apart from other social networks is its ability to promote products discreetly. You should know that users browsing the platform want to follow news from the world of fashion or decoration and are looking for original ideas to organize parties or gift ideas which is unusual. For these reasons, you should not publish only pins containing your products. It is ideal for fixing 2 or 3 photos of your products on each table. It is also recommended to integrate your domain name into the links of your Pinterest business account. This is an excellent way to evaluate the number of visitors using Google Analytics or Pinterest Analytics.

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

Is it possible to sell through the Shopify store via Pinterest?

Pinterest and Shopify have been working together for several years to allow companies to sell better through the Pinterest network. This partnership aims to help small and medium-sized businesses sell their products and services to millions of Pinterest users. The principle is that fixed products in your Shopify store will become purchasable pin charts. You will no longer need to create links or ask the platform to allocate or not allocate your profits.

To sell through your Shopify store via Pinterest, go to the Pinterest channel when you sign in with your Shopify account. You can also add the Pinterest sales channel to your Shopify account. Once the latter is configured correctly, each product you sell in the store will be activated to get pins available for purchase. In other words, he will receive a buy button. As a result, all orders you receive on Pinterest are automatically synced with your Shopify interface. What is the most significant advantage of combining Pinterest and Shopify? Unless you run sponsored ads on Pinterest, you don’t pay a dime to sell products on the platform.

Thanks to this partnership, your customers can also pay more quickly. If previously your customers had to click on an image in your Pinterest account to purchase an item and then be redirected to your e-commerce site, they can now check out without exiting their Pinterest account. Yes, evolution means your customers can now use their credit card or Apple Bay without having to go to your online store. If you want to track completed views, orders, and sales, go to your Shopify account in the Shopify Admin tab.

How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?
How can I sell through your e-commerce store via Pinterest?

It’s important to know that to be approved for membership in this new feature, Pinterest has set certain conditions that must be met. First, each item must correspond to at least one image. Next, a picture of each product must be posted with a description. Each product must also have no variants unless it is a matter of color or size. Likewise, products should not have digital variants. However, it can be challenging to check if every product in your online store meets these criteria. To make it easier for you, go to the account page of your Pinterest sales channel. You will then get a general idea of the products that can be fixed or unfixed.

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