When we talk about entrepreneurship, we always mention dreams. Dreams and goals that we want to make come true. And that’s fine, as long as we don’t lose sight of the fact that every venture has to make money to be sustainable. 

Today there are many ways to generate income. After the pandemic, the situation has been challenging for many people, even losing their jobs. However, the opportunities in the digital world have multiplied for all those who are willing to reinvent themselves. Every aspect of our lives is migrating to the online world, which means that those who are already here have a huge advantage. The conditions are laid out on the table for us. So how can we make money? There are many options to develop a venture or a digital activity that allows you to generate income. I want to tell you about four ways to make money with Pinterest.

The importance of making money

We all know how important money is. We spend many hours of our day earning it. Cash allows you to grow. But paradoxically, from a young age, we have been instilled with some paradigms about how negative money is. We often hear phrases like “money does not bring happiness” or “dirty money” we also demonize people who have it. I don’t know your personal opinion on this subject, but I assume that if you are here reading me, it is because you are an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs want to monetize. Always.

I don’t want to fall into truisms about how good money is in daily life; we already know that. But I like to highlight the effect that earning money has on our personal and professional development.

 As entrepreneurs, monetizing is the tangible result that what we do is working. Because it is true, we want to share and help other people with our knowledge and make a better world. But when it comes down to it, income is the foundation that sustains our venture and allows us to expand our business to reach more people.


In addition, earning money is empowering. It provides a sense of self-sufficiency that positively impacts our self-esteem. Feeling productive and creative makes me happy and keeps me motivated to continue working and helping others.

We already agree that money is more than necessary; it is essential. But how to make money?

How to make money with Pinterest

Pinterest is very noble. In addition to all the goodness it offers us, it allows us to monetize. And believe me when I tell you that the income can be pretty significant if you know how to work it with strategy. Today I will tell you four ways to make money with Pinterest.

1.- Drive traffic to your website:

The most obvious, but no less effective. Pinterest is excellent for bringing organic traffic to your virtual home and your business, which translates to potential customers who are already one step closer. While it is true that this tool is super powerful, it is also true that it is not a magic wand, so you must work with Pinterest’s marketing strategy to get the results you are looking for.

We can all make use of this tool for our businesses. If you still don’t have a Pinterest account for the company, you can see how to use Pinterest for beginners.

There are different things we must do:

  • Optimize the profile.
  • Make use of keywords.
  • Connect your website.
  • Validate the rich pins.
  • Create the boards with their respective titles and descriptions.
  • Create pins that your audience will love, and pin with strategy. You

 It must take care of several aspects, but it is not very complicated. The time you spend optimizing your profile is an excellent investment. The return is well worth it.

Of course, don’t get confused. While it is true that Pinterest is an excellent tool to bring traffic to your website, it does not work miracles. It would help if you had a good sales funnel to help you achieve conversion once your customers reach your website. Make sure that once Pinterest brings customers to your business, they fall in love with your products or services and have no choice but to buy them or hire your assistance and thus monetize with Pinterest. In addition to gaining web positioning, your business can be discovered by other channels such as Google.


2.- Work as a Pinterest Manager or Virtual Asistent Pinterest

This is a way to reinvent yourself, start your own business, and monetize with Pinterest. More and more people are looking to Pinterest as a way to grow their businesses, but not everyone has the time and willingness to manage their accounts. And that’s where we have the opportunity to make ourselves a pretty lucrative career as a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Find out if you’re ready to take on a career as a Pinterest Manager.

Both careers involve managing Pinterest accounts for businesses or entrepreneurs. The sharp difference between the two activities lies in the degree of knowledge we have of the platform. A Pinterest Manager is a person who is in a continuous learning process, understands the Pinterest algorithm, keeps informed about its constant changes, and creates strategies to make it work in our favor.

A Pinterest virtual assistant manages the daily management of the account, programming, design, and publication of pins in different formats and responds to comments. Generally, it follows the guidelines of the Pinterest manager. A Pinterest virtual assistant is in charge of the daily management of the account, which is necessary to achieve the engagement and views we all want.

3.- Affiliate marketing.

This way of monetizing you can use in different ways. You can use it as a compliment in your venture or dedicate yourself exclusively to it and make affiliate marketing your business. Affiliate marketing is a sales strategy where a company pays you for recommending its products. One of the most famous is Amazon Affiliates. However, many platforms or even particular businesses have their affiliate marketing where we can affiliate to offer their products. And this is where Pinterest is a super effective way to make money with it.

The first recommendation to use Pinterest to your advantage and monetize with affiliate marketing is to have your profile optimized so you can bring traffic to those affiliates. If we work Pinterest with strategy, the results are guaranteed. Let’s take advantage of the invaluable advantage that gives us the mentality of the Pinterest user: who enters the platform with the intention of conversion, of purchase. We can make money with Pinterest and affiliate marketing with a good strategy.

Another recommendation this time on the affiliate side is that you try to know firsthand the products or services you offer; remember that this is something like word of mouth, and it will be your name or your brand who is in the middle and who will recommend.

4.- Buy shares of Pinterest

I am not an expert in the stock market, but my intuition told me to buy shares on Pinterest, and this is what my husband and I did when in March 2020, like the entire stock market, Pinterest shares fell. However, prices have risen. They are still relatively affordable and are on the rise. 

Pinterest is continuously growing and adding more users from different niches daily. Although it is consolidated in countries like Canada and the United States, every day expands its reach. More and more countries have established Pinterest as a means of planning and inspiration for projects. Many companies now look at this platform as one of the fundamental tools in their digital marketing strategy.


So why not go a little further and buy shares of the company?

Of course, in the stock market, anything can happen. But if you have the financial ability and sense of adventure, buying stock is an excellent option, and it’s a more straightforward process than you might imagine.

You can visit Pinterest’s investor dashboard, which transparently offers the entire public to

make money

These are four ways to make money with Pinterest. Of course, the results will always depend on the focus and passion you perform them. But I know you’re smart, not afraid of change, and have plenty of desire to eat the world. Take advantage of Pinterest and monetize. While money does not give you happiness, it provides you with a quality of life, which, in turn, gives you peace of mind. And the peace of mind is priceless.

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