Here’s what a Facebook page can do for your business

Why do I want my business to have a Facebook Page? What can Facebook do for my business? What is the purpose of being on Facebook for my business? Find out what a Facebook page can do for your business and what aspects are essential to achieving the goals of your marketing plan.

We often meet clients who are reluctant to have a presence on social networks. In particular, something that surprises me a lot is the prejudices that, in my opinion, many have about the most popular social network from a business point of view. I am referring to Facebook.

I could understand these prejudices, or even a certain lack of motivation, if these comments came from people who, like me, have been working on marketing in this medium for several years. And I say this because Facebook, like other social networks, has been modifying its policies and procedures in recent years, making the profiles of corporate pages or company pages on Facebook have to work more on their content and strategies in this medium to reach the page’s followers.

However, I do not doubt that Facebook is one of the best online marketing tools that companies have at their disposal today. True, it is not the only one, but it is essential for most businesses.

Here's what a Facebook page can do for your business

Three fundamental aspects of a Facebook business page

Despite the reasons for having a company page on Facebook that we will see below, reasoning that, on the other hand, do not cease to be a benefit for the business of your brand, it is essential to take into account the following aspects so that this presence on Facebook, is an active presence that allows you to obtain measurable results.

Company page, not a personal profile

Unless your business is yourself and the objective is personal branding, the best thing for a company, no matter how small, is to create a Facebook page and not a personal profile.

Activity statistics

Company pages offer statistics but not personal profiles. Observing and analyzing the evolution of our activity through the statistics provided by Facebook is essential to achieving our objectives. This is the only way to measure and evaluate if they are being completed and to what extent. If necessary, we can redefine the strategy to follow to obtain better results.

Facebook Ads, the Facebook Advertising platform

A fundamental aspect that allows company pages on Facebook and not profiles is the option to make segmented publications and promote those contents that interest us through Facebook Ads, Facebook’s advertising platform. This way, we can target publications to our ideal audience.

Facebook Ads will help you increase your brand’s exposure and your business at a low cost. Through this advertising service, you can make visible ads both on the timeline of the page followers and those users who are not.

The procedure is relatively fast, simple, and cheaper compared to advertising in traditional advertising media such as television, radio, or traditional print media.

We can directly target our target audience thanks to the different targeting options available. In addition, ads or campaigns can be stopped if it is observed, thanks to Facebook statistics, that the expected results are not being obtained.

Here's what a Facebook page can do for your business

Proper optimization of the Facebook presence

The Facebook page must be in line with the brand’s corporate identity. All the visual details must be taken care of both in the page profile and in the publications that are made.

The page must be optimized with the keywords for which the business is trying to position itself. All the fields must be perfectly covered so that the users that arrive at the page have access to the contact information and the most relevant information about our business.

You can learn more about optimizing profiles in social networks in the article I published on the subject a few weeks ago.

Professional management of the page

The company’s presence on Facebook must be managed appropriately. This means that the purpose of this presence on the most popular social network must be taken into account. The contents must be planned according to an editorial calendar, and that comments must be answered?

It will be useless to have a presence and publish content if they are not oriented to the objectives of our business. It makes no sense, and no benefit will be obtained if the publications we make in the company do not have a strategic purpose and are not aimed at attracting our target audience, our potential customers.

Therefore, it is essential that the Facebook page is managed professionally with content planning appropriate to the brand’s objectives and always oriented to our target audience.

In short, it is necessary to have a Social Media Plan that meets all the essential points to mark the digital path to the success of our business. If you want to know how to make a Social Media Plan to attract customers, click the link.

Reasons for your business to have a page on Facebook
The target audience of your business is on Facebook
Surely you know a few people who do not have an open profile on Facebook; people of all ages, people of different cultural and socioeconomic levels, people from all over the world … Potential customers, or not?

Even if your business is aimed at other companies, i.e., it is a B2B, you have to keep in mind that employees, middle managers, directors, managers of these companies, and potential customers of yours, including staff with decision-making capacity, probably have an active presence on Facebook.

Here's what a Facebook page can do for your business

Isn’t this already an essential reason for your company to have an active Facebook page?

Here’s what a Facebook page can do for your business
Facebook can help you create a community of users interested in your products or services.
Good management of the content and publications of the page will allow you to drive traffic to your website, capture subscribers for your newsletter, or perform any other type of activity that interests you, always oriented to achieve the business objectives set.

A Facebook page allows you to humanize your company’s brand image.
Not only can you bring your business, your products, and your services closer to your potential customers, but a Facebook page allows you to publish images of your business activity, of your employees in action, humanizing the appearance of your company or your company business to the public.

If for whatever reason, it is not possible to publish images of your employees, it is more than likely that many of them have a Facebook profile. Thus, they will be able to interact with the brand’s publications and share them.

With a bit of interest and a clear strategy, your company can turn its employees into brand ambassadors on the Internet. We explain what it is and what benefits a brand can get from it in the link.

Facebook is a tool for providing good customer or user service
Note that today many users who use Facebook hardly use email or other digital media (think of some age groups or low cultural levels). However, since they use Facebook daily, it is an open channel for brands to communicate with them and attend to their doubts, suggestions, complaints…

Keep in mind that social networks have transformed the communication of companies, and now it is no longer unidirectional. Therefore, allow network users to leave their comments on your wall and respond to them. Always respond to all comments.

In the link, you can see how to set up Facebook to provide customer service through this medium.

Facebook gives you immediate feedback.
Facebook offers you statistical data on user activity about your posts and your page on this medium.

Here's what a Facebook page can do for your business

As we have already seen above, periodically analyzing the data makes it possible to know what is of most interest to your page’s followers and, don’t forget, potential customers of your products or services.

In turn, this will allow you to check whether or not the objectives set are being met and redefine the strategies to be followed.

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